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  1. With all the Iowa-class retired, they might need her guns for offshore fire support. I wonder if she could be fitted with cruise missiles? Visited her years ago. Fantastic experience!
  2. Col. Robert Scott wrote the book titled, "God Is My Co-Pilot". Bud Anderson and Chuck Yeager were pretty close friends, though I think Bud had more kills. RIP, Sir! Thank you for your dedicated service! RIP! | | |
  3. Another call from "McAfee". Still asked me to download something., I told the Indi-sounding person if they charged anything against any account/card, I'd report them to the Federal Trade Commission. Then I hung up!
  4. She does need to be careful that the teeth she collects are not still attached to the shark! Mortunatly, that big one isn't around either!
  5. According to Col. Doolittle's co-pilot, he forgot to put the flaps down to takeoff setting! They managed to get off anyhow. Doolittle was one hellova pilot, having done racing before the war. As a general, he later replace Ira Eaker as commander of 8th AF.
  6. I guess Geek Squad doesn't love me. I haven't gotten anything from them....yet. But I will be on the lookout!
  7. I received an email stating that my membership renewal in McAfee was being renewed for $350. Since I haven't used any McAfee anti-virus or anything else in at least 15 years, I wanted to be sure they knew I didn't want it. But to cancel this, it said to call an 888 phone number. Foreign-sounding individual answered told me I had to go to an "Awesun" website, and they would step me through the cancellation procedure. I followed along until it told me to download an .exe file. If you do that it will put some unknown execute file on you computer. I told the guy on the phone there was no way I would do that, and hung up and logged off all of it! That is the second time something similar has been attempted this week. I contacted my credit card company to be sure any charges were bogus, and they said no such charge had been made on my card! In other words, the whole thing was an attempt to get me to put something nasty on my computer. Be aware of such scams. Also, report any such attempts to your credit card's fraud division!
  8. The original .45 Colt cartridge had a rim that was very narrow. It worked fine in SAA's, but when the DA revolver with the swing-out cylinder came out, the rims were too narrow to reliably get hooked by the star extractor. So the ammo companies came out with a version with a larger rim, and that may have started them labelling the ammo ".45 Long Colt". (The original gobmint cartridge, with the narrow rim, may have been the reason Winchester didn't offer the '73 in .45 Colt's.)
  9. Now you've really upset me! I've had an original M1885 HiWall, originally chambered in .45-80, but somebody lengthened the chamber to 2.4". Very accurate. Now, I've got shoulder problems and doubt I'll be able to shoot it ever again! No, I don't want to sell it right now, but... I also have a Uberti HiWall in .40-65 WCF that I haven't shot. Was given to me by the wife of an old shooting pard who has Crossed the Divide.
  10. The "sheep, wolves and sheepdogs" analogy is interesting. I have heard it before, from an Air Force general speaking to a bunch of former missileers (ICBM launch and maintenance people). He said (paraphrasing), "You are the sheep and we are the sheepdogs., keeping the wolves (and Russian bears?) at bay!" "Pappy" Boyington may not have been the most sterling character in his personal life, but by-God he was where we needed him, when we needed him, and fully deserving of being honored by his alma mater! To those students or whoever they are who object to such honor, I say, the ONLY reason you can act (peacefully ONLY) the way you do, is because Greg Boyington and millions of others kept that right from those who would have and would now deny us all those rights put down in the U.S. Constitution. God Bless the Sheepdogs!
  11. Had a member of my veteran's post who was a WSO in P61's in the Pacific. He and a bunch of other pilots and WSO's were being transported by LST from one island to another around Okinawa when the ship was hit by a kamikaze! He was blown overboard and wounded slightly. Was rescued about six hours later. He always claimed he got his Purple Heart from the Navy, although he was AAF. He stayed in and retired as a BG. Sadly, we lost him a few years ago. Great guy and friend! RIP BG Gordon.
  12. I haven't reloaded anything in about two years. I mostly use Universal in my .44-40's, and have a few pounds left, which at 8.0 gr. per round would last me for quite a while. BUT, I now have arthritis in my right thumb and right shoulder...mild so far, BUT don't know if I will be able to shoot duelist with my right hand for some time, if ever again! I probably won't be able to shoot anymore high-power rifle or 12 gage shotgun, so it may be time to "thin the herd"!
  13. The problem with the jet-powered flying wing was stability. The B-1 has the same problem, as will the B-21. The difference is the latter two have advanced stability augmentation that wasn't available with the earlier ones. Jack Northrop's flying wing was just too far ahead of the technology that made the B-1 and will make the B-21 work. The Convair YB-60 was essentially a jet-powered B-36. But with the B-52 on the drawing board, USAF didn't go with the B-60.
  14. Legitimate students violently threatening or attacking anybody...expulsion and prosecution. Outside agitators who are doing the same...3-7-77! (Montanans, you know what that means! )
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