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  1. I make 45 acp Wild Bunch mag pouches. They run 25.00 each for a double mag pouch. You can see them at www.whyteleatherworks.com  Thanks, Springfield Slim

    1. Straight Stock

      Straight Stock

      I like what I see there. Is there any wait time for manufacturing, and how would I go about placing an order / paying for some items?

  2. I do knife sheaths that look more cowboy than what most come with nowadays. You can see some of my work at www.whyteleatherworks.com  Thanks, Springfield Slim

    1. Cibola Al

      Cibola Al

      Thanks, I'll take a look! 

  3. I make a snap on/off leather wrap. I like to take mine off when I clean my guns as I shoot Bp and don't want to get water trapped under the wrap. Easier to install than most wraps, just snaps on.  9.00 shipped to you. You can see a pic of one at www.whyteleatherworks.com  Thanks Springfield Slim

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