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  1. Just saw the update and am so sorry things did not go as we all wanted them to. Condolences to you and your family.
  2. The grips are OK, not but not a professional fit. The backstrap is good, the front strap is better near the top, but the grips are a bit small front bottom, and the bottom is visibly shorter then the gripframe. Nothing pinches the hand, though, like my Elk bone Opentop grips do. (a project I will do someday).
  3. Bought separately this would run about 750.00, but I want 550.00 shipped for it. I looks and works great but not great enough for me to buy another one to use as a pair, so I am letting it go. Comes with only the conversion cylinder, no C&B cylinder, and includes the faux ivory steerhead grips. I will ship the cylinder separately. I will include 50- 200 grain Big Lube bullets and 50 C45S brass cases. Check/MO or PP+4%.
  4. .380 245 grain Big Lube bullet over ffg Blackpowder. I use full length brass but I had to ream out my Buffalo Classic before I could the larger proper sized bullets. Works OK in my converted Winchester 30-30 to 38-55 also.
  5. I wish you had posted this 2 weeks ago, and I could have come over and taken measurements in person, as I was visiting my family in Chandler/Mesa.
  6. I have a Damascus bladed knife that I bought from The Sportsmans Guide, so pretty sure it is etched. I use it for SASS, it looks good and it picks brass out of a chamber as well as anything else, would never use it as a serious knife.
  7. Is it normal to mix centimeters with inches there? If it was me making them I would want a measurement the same tightness you want the cuffs, so "not tight" might be better.
  8. And to answer your question, I shoot 165s all the time from my 44-40's with Blackpowder, and my son shoots a different 165 from his 44-40 smokeless guns. Difficult to go much lower though, as the bullets get too short for a toggle action gun, depends on the bullet design.
  9. I assume you want to shoot these in Smokeless. In any case, Accurate Molds are head and shoulders better than LEE molds. I have at least 15 of each and use them all, and when I can afford it buy the Accurate equivalent of my LEE's as they are so much better. Better quality cavities, better aluminum alloy, and you have a choice of mould block size to better match up the bullet size you want, whereas LEE just has the one mould block size, used from .32 to 45-70. So the LEE .32's can be difficult to heat up and the 45-70 mould can easily overheat. Also, the alignment pins on the LEE tend to loosen up over time if used for great quantities of bullets, where I can't remember if any of my Accurate Molds having done so. For that matter I don't think any of my NOE or Mihec moulds have done so either, also great quality molds.
  10. Sorry Saul, my money is on it's way. I am not really a fan of highly embellished guns, but I showed this to my son and he really liked it. So, I think it will be a present to him. Not this Christmas, as I think I will make a nice presentation/display case for it first.
  11. Too bad they don't even know their own rules, but then, they are usually pretty gun ignorant. I shipped a SXS once, and had it broken down to avoid damage. They made me open the package because " it looked like a rifle might be inside" and then the fool behind the counter told me I couldn't ship it "unless I took the bolt out". I took my package to another Post Office I knew wasn't quite so stupid, didn't have any problem there.
  12. Tucker; I assume you told them what was in the box? Otherwise, how did they know? If it is leagal then all they need to know is if it is flammable, fragile, or potentially hazardous, you don't have to tell them what is inside.
  13. Sorry, if you look close you see a small puff of smoke near his hand and another one behind the customer to his left as the bullet tore up the floor.
  14. Ask yourself this: If it broke, would you be able to get parts and fix it, or is it down for the count. Never take anything in a boat you aren't willing to lose, never shoot anything you aren't willing to break. I have antiques I have shot once, just to do it, with very light loads and careful shooting, but would never shoot them in a match. I do shoot old L.C.Smith shotguns all the time, and I shoot my old Trapdoor in matches, but both are common enough that I can get parts if need be.
  15. SPF I have 15 bars left from a batch I acquired. All the 2 lb bars are gone, these are all less than 2, but not much. I can ship up to 5 bars for 8.00 shipping in a USPS SFRB. All bars will be cut in half to fit box. Please post here to avoid confusion.
  16. Go to www.castboolits.gunloads.com Lots of moulds come up for sale there.
  17. I had the 205-M made for me. More lube than the other 2, and I felt the 215-C nose was a tad too long for toggle action rifles. It certainly won't work in my Remington pistols, as they have shorter cylinders than Colts. And Sedalia is right, most any BP lubed bullet will work in revolvers, it's rifles where they can run out of lube. I'm too lazy to be swabbing barrels during a match, or carry ice packs in my guncart. I'm busy enough helping run the timer and keeping my wife and kid's guns running .
  18. J-Bar: you never had any problem with the lube on the bottom of the bullet contaminating the powder? I usually load a few months worth at a time and would be afraid of this happening. Seems like a bit of extra work also, especially since I load for 4 shooters in my family.
  19. Which number mould is he calling the 44 MAV equivalent? I love my Accurate Molds but last I checked he did not cut lube grooves as deep as the original Big Lubes.
  20. Might want to check out www.castboolits.gunloads.com also. Casting bullets is not rocket science, it is 90% pouring lead in a hole. But it is the other 10% that can make your life easier or a big trainwreck.
  21. Makes me glad I have 2 550's. Don't seem to hear of this happening to them.
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