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  1. I use one for stainless cylinders, & it works well to mostly remove the crud on the front of the cylinders. I also used it for the assembly of the forearm on an SKB that fixed a problem for me (SG came apart twice on stages at the Southeast Regional). I started with Simple Green, but it removed the anodizing on the carrier of my wife's 1873 rifle. The carrier still works fine & looks like a titanium carrier now. I switched to another solution on Amazon that specifically stated it could be used for guns.


    I haven't been comfortable running my entire Rugers thru it, cause I don't want to disassemble them to re-lube. But, I know experienced, fast cowboys who do their entire guns. And, as others have stated above, having two tanks wouldn't be a good idea. Make sure you get one large enough to accommodate an entire gun.

  2. On 12/2/2022 at 3:48 PM, Captain Bill Burt said:

    So with all seven clubs on board, I think it makes sense to go forward with it using rank points, with seven adult buckles and two junior buckles.   I'm waiting to hear from my source for pins @Buck D. Law, SASS #62183.  We'll need at least 30 people to make it work.  I'll come up with a deadline once I know how much lead time I need, but for sure before the Ides of March by at least several weeks. 


    Right now it looks like we have 

    @John E. Law Little Shyster, @Badlands Bob #61228 @Palmetto Traveller Bogus Jim, myself, Shootin Sharyn, Iron Cowboy,@Fox Creek Stitcher Fast Eddie @Fretless Justified, Uncle Ethan. Cahawbakid. @YohanSaphire Rose @Max Payne Ophelia Payne Bushrod. @Tennessee williams 20!


    Maybe @Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646,  @Dang It Dan 13202 @The Outlaw Travis James


    I think we can hit at least 30.  If we don't I'll be mailing checks back.

    I know I can beat Yohan. I beat him by at least one-half second 51% of the times we shoot together!

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  3. On 11/18/2022 at 3:34 PM, Krazy Kajun said:

    You don't have to use the pins to get the brass clean.  I tried the pins the very first time I got my Frankford Arsenal wet tumbler and sure the brass came out all shiny and stuff but it took me forever to get those pins out of the brass.  I tumble with the fired primers in the brass.  I kept finding pins inside the brass when I tried to reload them, depriming pin found most of them for me.


    Now I tumble using a little Dawn and a small amount of Lemishine and my brass look brand new when finished and there are no little pins scattered all over to deal with. You can use whatever soap and wax that you want.....choose what works for you.  But you do NOT need to use pins to get very shiny and clean brass.



    One of the things I learned is to not be stingy with the Dawn. I thought since dishes don't take much (my wife told me), the brass wouldn't either. It makes a big difference. I'll squirt the Dawn "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi", & that seems to work out GREAT! Doesn't take a lot of Lemi-shine. To be precise, use a Skosh, or maybe even a smidgion.

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  4. I used the pins for a long time, & then tried it without & got the same results. This pins are a perfect size to get stuck in the 38 case & break your decapping pin or your hand. And, you can never get all of them out before you're ready to use the cases.


    KISS means no pins, a long squirt of DAWN, a touch of lemi-shine, & run in the Frankford Arsenal for 2 hours minimum. I usually run it for 3-4 hours as I'm usually cleaning guns or making ammo at the same time. You can get 1200 cases in the FA, & it doesn't make any difference that it's filled to the top. Dry them on a towel overnite with a fan blowing on them, & you're ready to rock. Use the time saved for something else.

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  5. 16 hours ago, Sixgun Seamus said:

    Mernickle with the elastic canvas loops. Holds them firmly but they pop right out when you need them. I have one of the early ones that Bob made. It has 24 loops. Enough for any stage.

    Plus one on the Mernickle with elastic loops. 12 doubles=24 shots. That'll handle any scenario except maybe a kn farm.

  6. 2.7 grns works great! I worked up a load with the chronograph not long ago for a friend. I didn't write down the fps & pf because I don't shoot Red Dot, but I look for a PF in the 65 or so & about 600-650fps. I know it was in that range with the pistols. And, it was with 125 Grn 38sp coated tapered flat point bullets.

  7. When you replace the pins, be sure to check the length with a micrometer against stock pins. Years ago, I bought some titanium pins from a very well known SG smith, & still had a problem. As a last resort, I mic'ed the length, & they were actually shorter than stock. I bought some new stock pins, & everything healed up nicely.

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  8. I personally HATE trying to print the scores in a format that I like. You know, scores, misses, p's, etc. in one line across the page. I readily admit it could be just that I don't know how to do it, BUT, I can safely say it is NOT User friendly. But, to each his own.

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  9. I have two of the Frankford arsenal vibra tubes. They hang up about 5-8 times while I'm loading 100, & I have to take it apart each time & straighten it out. I've tried everything from holding it at different angles, tapping it on the bench, using silicone spray (don't do this one), whatever I could think of. I even bought the 2nd one thinking maybe it was the one, but the new one does the same thing.


    This machine is a pain, but it's better than using the pickup tubes.


    If I knew the Hornady works perfectly, or close to perfectly, I'll spring for the price.

  10. Obviously, the best advice will come from the known fast guys, like Deuce & Junky on this topic.

    However, I can share my experience in my own evolution, & I have decreased my stage times significantly over the last year, & that year over the previous. Here are some things I have learned:

    If I try to shoot fast, I jack a round. If I think more about fast than hitting every single target every single time, I'm going to jack a round.

    I decide on a cadence, ESPECIALLY for a dump, or 4+ shots on a target that is safe for me, & it isn't as fast as I think I can shoot.

    I practice, usually 300-400 rounds/week. I'm fortunate to have a setup in my backyard with a mountain as my berm.

    If I have a misfire, I give the mainspring a quarter turn tighter.

    If it's a cold day (like 35 degrees or colder), & I'm at a shoot where I don't get a warmup stage to test everything, I'll tighten the mainspring a quarter-turn anyway, cause I know it's more likely to misfire on a cold morning.

    Even if it's a dump, focus on every single shot hitting the target. If you do that, & if you practice at least once/week, the speed will take care of itself.


    It's a lot like golf, as others have pointed out before. If you try to hit the ball hard, it doesn't work out. If you swing smoothly & correctly, you'll be amazed at how far the ball goes & how well things turn out. That's the only thing I learned at golf, because even though I played regularly & faithfully once a year, I never got any better.

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