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  1. Pennsylvania State Championship match is a great match to attend . The pot luck dinner is always good, who knows maybe Nawlins 's jambalaya might another appearance.Hey Waimea as you know I will have something special waiting for you.
  2. The shooter I dealt with thought it was a real big hoot to make as much noise as possible!!! What I'm getting at is hopefully more shooters don't go down path let's make as much noise as possible and not worry about any consequences in how it may effect their fellow shooters. Nawlins
  3. Phantom said " I also find it fascinating that so many folks just seem to poo-poo the issue of someone going out of their way to have as loud of a SG as possible " is right on . When spotters standing possibly 12 to 15 ft behind the shooter and are putting their hands over their ears with hearing protection, one would think the SG blast is really making too much noise. I'm NOT for advocating some new rule about making to much noise. Instead how about some consideration for your follow shooters ( with hearing protection on) that would not like to injure there hearing!!! What would happen if the posse members decided that no one would be a spotter for shooter with the big 10 ga.who makes their ears hurt ???? Nawlins
  4. Your right!!! I timed him for all 10 stages at the state match. On one stage he shot it around 60 seconds. When I gave him his time he tells me is that all , how can I have fun shooting that fast!!!
  5. The range where I was the TO has dirt sidewalls. He was not inside or under any roof, and the noise level was really bad!!!! If he was to shoot that SG in a building someone hearing would gotten injured from the noise. Nawlins
  6. Another idea is to see if there is a RO instructor in your neck of the woods that could come and give a re-fresher RO class for the club. Enforcing the rules properly is not being a hard-ass!!! just my $.02 Nawlins
  7. Yes his loads have been addressed. It got to a point that spotters started to stand further away from the line because of the noise. It was not pleasant and there were times opening the SG was a chore for him. And your right about the SG blowing up. That was why I stood a little behind ( 3 ft) to the side just in case.
  8. I like to keep a copy of the SHB close by. Also maybe a hard copy for the range would help.
  9. I've have been a TO to a shooter who has a short barrel 10 ga. who really like his SxS to go boom. Even standing three ft away to the side with hearing protection it hurt my ears!!! It may be cool to you having a " BIG " boom not so much for other people. STAY away for using Magnesium . Sure it will give you sparks but you can start a fire. And it there is some wind blowing the wrong way sparks could hit a fellow shooter. The sparks could burn holes in their clothes or land on their skin and your fellow shooters will not be very happy . Nawlins
  10. Glad to hear, will you be coming up this year?
  11. It's about time WW!!! You will make a great Classic Cowboy. Nawlins
  12. Years ago for style points I would shoot one hog leg (10 inch barrel) in the left hand and a Schofield in the right hand. ..
  13. When I joined I was already shooting 44-40 in a rifle. Most folks were shooting modern and less shooting traditional. I put together my outfit (CC before it was official) in a way I thought a cowboy would dress. I have changed some of the outfit over the years, started out as a Nawlin's gambler and for the last nine years a working cowboy. For me it's dressing the part shooting large bore guns and having a lot of fun. I'm not as fast as lighting but I'm faster than molasses and I do look good shooting. It's also fun meeting people in your category that feel the same way! Nawlins
  14. This picture is like saying I have a bone to pick with you.
  15. Sorta gives you a feel in how it felt like when you had to reload in the old west during an attack. Nawlins
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