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  1. Sorta gives you a feel in how it felt like when you had to reload in the old west during an attack. Nawlins
  2. Are your talking about my " Incredible Quickwit" dang one would think that would be a plus. Thanks for the advice, its nice to get this info from someone who wears funny hats!!
  3. I think we need to talk about this over Margaritas at the Pa.State match .
  4. I joined in July of 2001 and I' m still a junior member.
  5. +1 You are right. At a state match years ago a shooter came up to to about the penalty he received. I told him that the verbiage was in the SHB, I asked when was the last time he looked at the SHB? He told me "it was years ago" and then preceded to tell I was just like the BP who gave him the penalty a SOB. In case you are wondering it was when a shooter was not be able to pick up drop ammo. I'm thinking once he got home he went online to look at the SHB!!!! NK
  6. Thanks for posting great video !!!!
  7. Years ago I purchased a used Navy Arms/Uberti. At the time I used it in matches shooting DD. They do have a learning curve but they are fun to shoot. In one local match I shot the Navy Arms and my original SW model three. It was fun and the other shooters thought it was a hoot to watch me shoot the pair, talk about style points!!!!
  8. Howdy, When it came to the summits ( I attended a lot of them) all of the TG's could vote. If a TG could not attend they could give their proxies to a TG who was attending ( I would have a fist full) or they could send in their proxies to the SASS office. So there was no reason for not voting. At most of the summits there was less than 75 % of the clubs did not vote. If memory serves me right one had about 62%. Some folks are talking about membership voting on line , one has wonder how many SASS members actually visit the wire and would they take the time to vote. I'm all for any new ideas that could help SASS and make it grow. It also means that all members should take an interest. If your club has a TG who is in name only then replace him/her. If the TG idea is going to be revamped or replace for something new it still may not work why, unless the large majority of members "really" take an interest. The next system could also fail. I remember hearing complaints that rules were being voting on by less the 2/3 majority by the TG's. How would the membership feel if less say only 40 % of the membership voted on line. Just my $.02 Nawlins
  9. Congrats to Serenity National Classic Cowgirl Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nawlins
  10. A few years ago I had about 40 primers ignite in my Dillon 650, after my ears stop ringing I could hear my better half upstairs asking if I was ok. What the picture is the primer tube from the machine. Not only that the "blast" destroyed the tube it "welded" primers to the rotary primer disk.
  11. Trying for page four. Since the coat was staged was the pocket open and empty after he retrieve the SG shells ? Nawlins
  12. I started to have issues with seating primers. Tried the alignment tool . I just replaced the small black cam diver and the majority of the problems have gone away. I purchase an after market one with a roller that someone on the wire talked about. It seems smoother now when working the 650. Nawlins
  13. Thanks. I do use a Stainless spring and follower. My safe has the heating rod and I use two de humidifier plastic containers and my house has air conditioning . It just seems that my magazine tube on my 73 has a problem. Once I get it back together I will be working on the mises Marlin . With all the snow outside I'm not be able to go shoot.
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