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  1. Had my right wrist done back in the late 80's, imediate relief.
  2. Well in a broad sense, yes. Both are costuming categories and specify not only what you can and can't wear in each category, but also what guns you can and can't use. See Shooters Handbook pages 7,8 and 9. Welcome.
  3. I reload Winchester AA's . I load a very light 12.1 gr of Clay Dot, grey claybuster wads and 7/8 oz 7 1/2 shot. I have used factory Winchester Low noise/ low recoil with no problems. Yep you'll need to shorten the stock so you can get a good throw on the lever and lever HARD.
  4. Missouri Bullets https://missouribullet.com/details.php?prodId=238&category=20&secondary=17
  5. The hospital kicked Cap out , I think he was over his limit on smooth talking nurses. He's home and supposed to rest, yeah right, good luck with that. Prognosis is looking very good.
  6. Cap posted a video from his hospital bed this morning, they're gonna do some tests, but he was looking pretty good ( well as good as an ornery ol cowboy can)
  7. 12.1 gr of Clay Dot, 7/8 Grey Claybuster Wad, AA hull. This is a #21 Mec bushing.
  8. Actually the only reference to and similarity to SASS Long Range and the NRA BPCR is about optical sights. Match directors can add categories . From pg 31 of Shooters Handbook. . Single Shot and Buffalo Single Shot firearms must be originals or replicas of single shot rifles manufactured during the period from approximately 1860 until 1899. All rifles MUST have exposed hammers. The caliber and cartridge rules for the “Rifle Caliber” firearms noted above under basic rules also apply to Single Shot and Buffalo Single Shot rifles with the exception Buffalo Single Shot rifles must be .375" bore size or larger. Buffalo Single Shot competition has further restrictions requiring original or replica rifles to be a design of US manufacture. Spring-loaded ejectors are also prohibited, except for Springfield Trapdoor Rifles. The Optical Category firearms must meet the above restrictions with the following optical rules: - No length or power limitation on the scope. - Scope tube body to be 3/4" or less in diameter and any ocular or objective lenses and adjusting or assembly rings to be less than 1" in diameter. - No internal scope adjustments for windage or elevation. SINGLE ACTION SHOOTING SOCIETY Shooter’s Handbook Copyright© Single Action Shooting Society, Inc. 2020 Version 24.1 33 - Mounts are to be of a traditional style of the period and contain the windage and elevation adjustments for the scope in either, or both, the front or rear mounts. No click adjustments in the mount. Either dove tail mounting or scope block mounting is allowed. - Original scope mounts of either the Cataract or Malcolm style or variations thereof or replicas or derivative scope mounts conform to the criteria of paragraph above. (Note: these rules are identical to the NRA BPCS Rules on optical sights).
  9. Did some 3 2 1 ribs last week, man they were good. https://www.traegergrills.com/recipes/3-2-1-baby-back-ribs
  10. Been shooting a pair of Performance Center Schofields since 2001 only had to send one back once for operator error problem. They do take some getting used to.
  11. Missouri Bullet and Bear Creek make 165gr, I've used both in my wife's 44 Spec. Bear Creek is a hollow base with no crimp groove so you can adjust the OAL easily.
  12. Sorry if this has been mentioned, but have you thought of trying a lighter bullet? There are 185 and 165 gr bullets out there.
  13. It was kind of interesting in they talked about how they were poorly made and went in to some detail as why they'd blow up. Wyatt had to show the Indians what would happen if they tried to fire them by wedging the gun in some rocks and using a piece of rawhide to pull the trigger. One brave wouldn't believe him and had another fire a different one with the same effect.
  14. Watching an old Wyatt Earp series, this episode involves unscrupulous gun sellers selling fake Buntlines to the Indians. They all blow up. Interesting.
  15. Welcome. While I don't load 357 I can tell you that 357's use a small pistol primer, not a large. Some will tell you they use magnum primers at our low velocities believing they give better consistency, others will say reg primers are fine. I use regular primers in my 44's 45's and 44-40's. There really is no need for using 357's over 38's 38 brass is cheaper, cheaper to reload and does the job. I'll let the 357 loaders tell about bullet weight. Ballistic products has once fired AA hulls for sale or buy a case of Winchester AA Low Noise / Low Recoil and reload those when you fired them. 3/4 oz load refers to the weight of the shot, not the powder. Wads are matched to the weight of the shot. Many cowboy shooters my self included use a 7/8 oz load. Claybusters are a good choice for wads. 12.4 gr of Red Dot with a 7/8 oz shot is a relatively light load, others will chime in with their favorite. I use 12 gr of Clay Dot, very light recoil and takes down all the knockdowns. I use Federal or Winchester shotgun primers, but any will work. Good luck.
  16. Many states have banned lead wheel weights, the stick on ones are typically used for aluminum wheels that are too thick for the weight to clamp on to and to not scratch them.
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