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  1. 18 hours ago, Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L said:

    Not the best of news. My cordisone shot has worn off in my right shoulder, so I won't subject it to the punishment of shooting a match until I'm new and shiny.

    Life sure can throw you curves, you just need to be fast enough to dodge them.

    Johnny M.

    Tried to send you a PM, but got a message you can't receive them.

  2. On 11/12/2021 at 6:05 AM, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

    I'm sorry but rap music doesn't belong in a Western.  Maybe I turned it off before it got good, but I wasn't impressed with the first 5 minutes.  

    This, for me. Couldn't get through it.

  3. We shoot cowboy long range at a few clubs in AZ and in the Midwest,generally pistol is 50 yds, pistol caliber rifle 100yds

    big bore lever anywhere between 150 to 300, single shot out to the same, but at Enderlin ND for the ND/SD State Match it's out to 675.Rio Salado has long range, ACSA had long range at Ben Avery when they were shooting there,hopefully they'll do it again when the move back, Yuma has a great long range held in conjunction with The Territorial Prison Breakout and The Dusty Bunch has a really good long range event during their annual gathering of the Posses. One event that has been added to some of them is Take No Prisoners 5 shots with the pistol, 5 shots with the pistol caliber rifle, 5 shots with the big bore lever and a single shot from your single shot rifle.  Our pistols I use the same load as a cowboy match.my pistol caliber rifle in 44-40 I up the from 4.3 to 6.5 Red Dot, the others i have loads worked up for. SASS long range rules are in the Shooters Handbook pg 29. There are a few differences, some matches allow you to stoke your big bore lever, some you can only load 5 and the rest is on the clock. Quigley matches I've shot are generally 3 shots offhand,no help from spotters,most of the other matches allow spotter help, but some like HOW don't allow any help. Usually they tell you up front what the distances are. It's really a lot of fun

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  4. So very sorry to hear that, we used to shoot with him back a LONG time ago in MN and he reintroduced himself at HOW a few years ago. a genuine nice guy. RIP

  5. 21 hours ago, SouthwestShooter said:

    I decided to take the dust off the reloader and make 32s once again  but can't find my formula.  I was loading 78 grains with Vita Vorie 310 OR 320 ,,, I forgot which.  Might anyone have a formula or suggestions!  I checked the   V V reloading book and no luck for cowboy loads.  thanks.

    Check with Mike at Thunderstick, he gave me a copy of VihtaVuori Cowboy data a while back. 

  6. 11 hours ago, G W Wade said:

    Altamont Grips has a more affordable replacement,   Eagle if you want thinner and do not mind the extra bucks   GW

    Altamont has been "out of stock" on these for over a year. I had AZgrips on EBAY make a set of thinner ones for my wife's Single Six 32's, very nice, but it's not a stock item (the thin ones) for them and it took a month or so.


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