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  1. One thing I've noticed in the difference between the Miroku's (Browning/ Winchester) and Uberti's is the Uberti's require you to cock the hammer separately and the Miroku's cock the hammer when you open the action. Not a huge deal except a lot of Long Range events are timed and the extra action required to cock each shot does add up. Not a scientific study, just my own observation. I own a Winchester in 38-55.

  2. I didn't look close at all, just thought it was kinda cool. The nickle plating on the cylinder was pretty rough, didn't look at the price.

  3. 18 hours ago, Hoss said:

    Those are tough! No parts, Unless you buy a “parts Gun” or find a guy that can machine a part. The model 77s were very delicate. They were called “the gunsmiths best friend”!


    i have one, and like to shoot it every once in a while, but I’m very careful with it. I’d like to find a .41 Thunderer and a .32 Rainmaker to go with it. 

    Was just at Cabelas in Rapid City, they had a 41 Thunderer in the Gun Library. 

  4. I use these.

    • Z Zicome 8-Slots Bamboo Wooden Dish Rack Plate Rack Stand Pot Lid Holder Kitchen Cabinet Organizer
    Roll over image to zoom in
    • 41eCXKz9yaL._AC_US40_.jpg
    • 412ktjU1BQL._AC_US40_.jpg
    • 51hFQbd9z%2BL._AC_US40_.jpg
    • 41pmsrJHFaL._AC_US40_.jpg
    • 51WzCk-6cjL._AC_US40_.jpg
    • 51kPOtUEIqL._AC_US40_.jpg
    • 51cshg%2B78zL._AC_US40_.jpg

    Z Zicome 8-Slots Bamboo Wooden Dish Rack Plate Rack Stand Pot Lid Holder Kitchen Cabinet Organizer


    Price: $9.99  & FREE Returns
    • Made of natural bamboo, smooth to avoid scratching
    • Great kitchen cabinet organizer for plates, dishes, pot and pan lids, saucers, baking sheets and trays, cups, glasses, cutting boards, bowls, etc
    • Hold them for easy access and save a lot of space
    • Plenty of 8 Slots, the spacing between the slots was 1.3"
    • Easy to put together: It comes with 4 pieces parts, two long racks and two pegs, each rack have two holes; To make sure it will connect each pieces more tighter, it is minus tolerance design
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  5. I had one in 45/410, shot a rattle snake with it in my driveway, twice, it just pissed it off. Went and got the 12 ga and finished it. Called Bond and told them the story, they asked what size shot and hull length. I told them 7 1/2, 3 " shell, their response was that doesn't work very well. Yeh, really. Advised 2 1/2" personal defense load. I bought some and took it out to the range, the 3" 7 1/2 would put about 6 or 7 bb's on an 11x17 target at about 5 feet, the personal defense blew a nice big hole about where I was aiming. Got to try it on another snake a month or so later and it pretty much obliterated his head.  Sold it though, it was just too big too carry for only 2 shots.

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  6. Got this from Double Alpha

    HI Bob,


    I hope this finds you well.


    Yes, we have something in the works for large primers, but it will be more of a manual operation, not fully automated. This should be available later this month/early next month. Keep a look out on our webstore.




    Josh Lentz
    Sales & Technical Support
    Alpha Dynamics USA

    2908 Betz Court
    Orefield, PA 18069
    Tel: (610) 366-9752


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  7. OWB, I like this for my Sig P365. You can adjust the cant to your liking. I wear it cross draw. Tege is the mfgr.


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  8. It'll certainly work, but at 1180 fps, it's 200 fps faster than the Low Noise/ Low Recoil commonly called Featherlites. Your shoulder will notice the difference.

  9. 22 minutes ago, largo casey #19191 said:

    I still had your address .They're in the mail.



  10. 11 hours ago, largo casey #19191 said:

    Bob I was looking back & found where I sent you these plans 2 yrs ago.I will send them to you again.


    Thanks, I must have lost them.

  11. 2 hours ago, evil dogooder said:

    I have one similar.   How level the ground is greatly impacts the speed of the plates falling.  I tend to have the front a little higher than the back.  If it's the opposite it really slows a fast run down. 

    Like anything could slow you down.

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