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  1. Actually I've shot in much colder weather, in fact the weekend before we put up the car port and nearly froze to death, a couple of the workers left early because of it.
  2. The grip frames on my wife's Single Sixes are aluminum and looking pretty bad. I bought some Birchwood Alum Black but thought I'd see if anyone has a better idea.
  3. Queen Foraday shoots her NM Vaqueros in 44 Spec and one of my favorite revolvers is my 396 S&W TI in 44 Spec
  4. Picked up 4,000 CCI Magnum SP primers from my LGS today, $32 a 1,000.
  5. For one of our fallen cowboys, Marshal Cotton https://www.firehero.org/fallen-firefighter/dwain-franklin-hudson/
  6. No problem, thanks for letting me know. I do have a question if you'd be kind enough to answer. You said they were slicked up by Shotgun Boogie, does that work include removing the transfer bars and adding a half cock? Thanks. Still looking.
  7. Hmmm. I sent you a PM a few days ago. I'll try again. If you don't get it tonight please send me your email to schofieldbob@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, I'm trying to hold out for a pair of 4 5/8". If I can't find them I'll contact you.
  9. Are these the "Old" or new models? From the KBNV designation I assume they're the old models, but wanted to make sure. Thanks
  10. What are you asking for them? Thanks

  11. Does it do that with reloads or factory ammo, or both? My two Miroku 73's are VERY finicky about ammo and I chamber check each reloaded round. Mine are both 44-40.
  12. Yeah, sorry, my brain evidently was still asleep. That's fine. Just PM me with the address where they go,
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