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  1. Thanks, the few pics of the Wickliffe I found all had external hammers, this one doesn't.
  2. Found this at a not so local pawn shop, I looked at it a couple of weeks ago, but it kept calling my name.No markings on it. Tag said 38-55 and my Highwall loads do chamber, nice 6 power Malcolm scope. I thought it was a Ballard, but I've never seen one with internal hammer. Picture is a little out of whack cause I couldn't be still enough for a Pano shot Added a pic of the receiver next to my Highwall.
  3. 98 pieces of new Starline 38 S&W brass $38 shipped to lower 48 .
  4. My wife and I enjoy shooting the long range matches at many events, like previously stated it all depends on the range. We've shot distances from 50 to 675 yds. Like SASS it's addictive and FUN. Start saving your money for a quality single shot rifle, big bore lever, good sights, shooting sticks, spotting scope, etc.
  5. I contacted Ahlmans last Winter about repairing my CC 87. i was told they would look at it, but had no parts.
  6. Mine is scheduled for early Nov, hoping it won't put an end to my Sharps 45-70 days.
  7. I bought a pair from AZ grips for my wifes 32's. She's very happy with them. https://www.ebay.com/usr/arizonacustomgrips?_trksid=p2047675.m3561.l2559
  8. I’ll have to take it and bring it home for inspection, it may take a while.
  9. Have a local former Remington Marlin worker her and according to him, the 1895 uses the same screw, so i went on line and found they have them in stock for $4, alsoJack First in Rapid City (where I live) now has stainless steelones in stock, there is a guy on Gunbroker who makes his own and finally there are some used ones on EBAY. Good Luck

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