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  1. Anyone have experience with this plate rack, or something similar. I'm looking for something like this for our club. https://custommetalprod.com/tombstone-rack-c02
  2. Load recipes can be posted, you can search and find a great number of posts with this question, but I doubt you'll find anything in the single digits.
  3. My post was not aimed at you, the responder said he "was not sure of the rules", I was merely pointing them out for him.
  4. I followed all the rules.  It is not a commmercial posting.  It is not an auction...it s for sale at a fixed price.  I merely answered a question of a guest...I cannot e-mail him and he cannot e-mailme because he is a guest.  I am not going o post my e-mail or phone number...gunbroker will allow him to contact me thru their site.  If you have a better solution as to how he can contact me, please let me know.

  5. The rules are clearly posted on the headline of the Classifieds section. Unread Content Mark site read Home SASS Forums SASS Wire Classifieds SASS Wire Classifieds Following 195 The SASS Wire Classified is for NON-COMMERCIAL POSTINGS ONLY. Offers on the Classifieds may only be posted by a SASS Member (you may not post for someone else), in good standing, and must include his/her SASS Number. Offers posted by Guests or Members not including thier SASS Number will be deleted. You may not sell reloaded ammunition. Commercial Posts from merchants or dealers will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned from the SASS Wire. Auctions, raffles and fundraisers are not allowed and will be removed immediately. SASS in no way endorses or guarantees any information posted on this page. Postings will automatically be deleted after one week. ***BE INFORMED*** It is mandatory that all firearms sales are done through the proper FFL channels. Other agencies read this Wire and you are strongly advised to abide by the law. If you are not sure of the laws for firearm sales and transfers, learn before you buy or sell.
  6. I just retired my 1872 S&W #3 Russian, I still shot it, just not in matches.
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