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  1. I’ll have to take it and bring it home for inspection, it may take a while.
  2. I use Chrome and see no change.
  3. Not a frequent looker,but it appears to work now.
  4. 96 pieces of one fired and cleaned .32 S&W brass and 75 80 grain Bear Creek bullets. $35 shipped.
  5. If you use FBDEAL in the checkout you get 10% off.
  6. Well according to a former Remington/Marlin worker the 1895 uses the same screw so I went on Rugers Website and they have them in stock, 2 are on the way.
  7. Have a local former Remington Marlin worker her and according to him, the 1895 uses the same screw, so i went on line and found they have them in stock for $4, alsoJack First in Rapid City (where I live) now has stainless steelones in stock, there is a guy on Gunbroker who makes his own and finally there are some used ones on EBAY. Good Luck

  8. Tried all of the usual and unusual sources. My wife's Marlin spit it out at our match on Sunday Thanks
  9. Vihtavouri load data http://merlin555.free.fr/pn/Vihtavuori_Cowboy_Data.pdf
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