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  1. Ya know wemen can't tell East from West or turn right/left fer directions, but they know where the jeweler shop is. Then again ifen she became a S.A.S.S. shooter she might be a looken fer new guns on Christmas mornen. What's the rest of the story might just fix it. :D

  2. Mom said when her uncle told them about the attack, no one had any idea where Pearl Harbor was and had to look it up on a map. Mom also said she had a pin pal living there and had sent her a letter on Dec. 6th, but never heard from her again. She also said her pin pal was of Japanese descent. Years ago I tried to locate her friend with no luck.

    R.I.P. The Greatest Generation

  3. CK, you sure we can't talk you out of that tree, would make a real nice spot for a pond.


    Calamity usually passes out around 4-6am, then the boys can rally around the tree. (In a whisper voice)

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