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  1. Dillon will get nothing but good reviews from me. 1) A part broke on my powder measure, looked up the part and ordered it. When I got it, it didn't fit. Called Dillon, they said my measure was an old one that they didn't have parts for anymore. They said send to it all back in and they sent me a new powder measure at no cost. 2) A piece of the ram arm broke, I looked up and ordered the part. Had to take the press completely apart to replace it. Once I had done that I wasn't happy with the way it felt. Called them and asked how much to refurbish it. I think they said 69$ and this included shipping back to me. I boxed it up and paid for shipping to them. Gave them my phone # and ask them to call when completed and I would pay by credit card. Less than 10 days later a Dillon box was on my porch. Opened up the box to find what looks like a brand new press, couldn't have been mine. Looked at the receipt because they hadn't called me. It said I owed them "0". That's hard to beat.

  2. I'm one of the lucky ones, I can step out my back door and shoot out to 900 yards whenever I want. Today I shot the SW 2" model 19 and SW 642 at paper. I can get out steel targets and place all over and use whatever I want at whatever distance I want. I have a couple great nephews who are just getting into shooting. We get out everything 22s, 38s, 45s, 223, 308, 30-06, 45/70 their eyes light up. I just have to limit what I take out, they'd shoot up everything I have. They may never get the chance to shoot as much as we have.

  3. Go with a Bond in the caliber you like and reload them. You can reload some pretty soft loads. You ask about accuracy, at Paradise Pass we shoot them at the long range side match. You will be surprised at what you can hit, you won't know if you don't try. It's all about having fun at Cowboys.

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