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  1. SASS support update The Wild Bunch has met and discussed this match. They have come back and said: The Board discussed your proposal at great length at our last board meeting. To summarize, we feel this isn’t necessarily a “new” concept. Just the same, SASS is not interested in playing a role in this endeavor. Equally, we will not discourage or denounce the match concept should you bring your idea to fruition. We wish you the best. I am very happy with their response. It will not be a "sanctioned match" as in a SASS state, regional, national, or world championship. That was understood. Hopefully we can figure out how to pull this off together. Sincerely, TJD
  2. There is no black powder requirement. There are 2 categories. "Black Powder" and "Smokeless". Sorry for any confusion. Black powder includes substitutes.
  3. The plan is for nice prizes at every level. Nice door prizes (everyone gets whatever it is, range bag, gun case, ....) Great raffle items (everyone who enters gets whatever it is gun cart, reloading press, firearms,....) Nice winner prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd. Guns, Knives, leather, etc., (not Jeeps))
  4. Hi all, Please remember this thread is all about gathering information. Currently: (Subject to change based on feedback) As far as big prizes are concerned..... Plan is to have great raffle items Yule Lose Gun cart Leather Firearms (more than 1) Plan is to have great door prizes (everybody gets one) Range Bag Gun carrying cases Nifty break down cleaning and squib rods Screwdriver sets etc. Still gathering great ideas Plan is to have great awards (depending on funding) Good Buckles for top 10 Great buckles for top 3 Awesome buckle for 1st. And depending on funding laser engraved rifle, pistol, shotgun, derringer, Damascus bowie knife, etc) to go with the buckle. No, I am not going to really buy the winners jeeps. Plan is to have no overall winner. 60 year olds don't need to compete with 30 year olds, Duh. Plan is to limit categories (still working on this A LOT) Male - Female Ultimate (must shoot gunfighter, duelist, and traditional), Traditional, Duelist, Gunfighter Black Powder and Smokeless We will have fewer age brackets depending on who signs up. (Something like; 0 to 15, 16 to 49, 50 to 65, 65+....) No B-Western or Classic Cowboy. Everybody has to dress to meet those category requirements. Plan is to incorporate derringer, pocket pistol, big bore, into the match itself. Plan is everybody gets to shoot every day for a solid week. No Wild Bunch, Costume contests, Side matches, banquets Plan is for everyone to have a GREAT TIME !!!! Fellowship and Shooting to preserve to culture and history of the American Old West. Please keep those comments coming. I am reading all of them. Sincerely, TJD I really am working on a information web site..... It is slow as I still have a real job...
  5. In response to the question about lots of big prizes. I haven't seen big prizes as shooting awards myself. But I have seen lots of high value raffle prizes, door prizes, and auction items over the years. I have seen as raffle items; a colt pistol at a raffle at EoT (with red stag grips and gold inlay), and a Sharps heavy barrel buffalo rifle, a gold engraved marlin, mernickle rigs, ..... I agree with Rainmaker that Winter Range has beautiful trophy's and a raffle everyone can enter and over the years great door prizes (range bag, gun cases,...). Other shoots I have been to have had firearms as door and raffle prizes and as a shooter prize where everyone is automatically in the raffle (aka a shooter prize). What I have seen over the years is fewer raffle items, fewer door prizes and fewer shooter prizes. Without sponsors (Colt, Marlin, Ruger, Cimarron, Taylor's, Bond) and/or large entry fees and/or a lot of shooters the funds for prizes goes down. Not all sponsors can afford to donate outright, some offer a dealer or wholesale price. Thanks again and please keep the constructive feedback coming in. It really help the focus to make this a success.
  6. Hi everyone, I have someone designing a web site to pass out information and I am also putting together a survey. Please, hang tight...... First off, this will go nowhere if the SASS main office comes back and says they will not support this type of match at all. The last thing I need is to get all this started and have SASS come out and say they not only don't support but actively are against this. What I am hoping for is diversification that helps our sport grow; just as Wild Bunch did. If you aren't keeping track, match fees go up and attendance keeps going down year over year. Also about big prizes..... When I ran the Daggers and Derringers Soiled Dove and Parlor House madam contest I gave away a Bond derringers to the two winners and custom Damascus Red Wing Daggers to second and Third place. I paid for these myself, I got a great price thanks to Bond, Taylors and Company, Cimarron, Red Wing, but I still paid for these. The very last year of the event we raised $10k for the SASS scholarship fund by raffling off other derringers, rifles, shotguns,..... So, I am a fan of quality prizes and quality raffle items. Nor do I want to turn this into an IPSC match. I want a lot of people to attend. A lot of people to get to shoot every day for a week. A lot of people to have a good time. So my idea about "big prizes" are; 1873 rifles, a pair of pistols, a shotgun, derringer, maybe a leather rig, .... Also high quality belt buckles. I am also looking for you all to post here what you think a high quality prize should or could be. I see the complaints but not a lot of suggestions. Please provide constructive feedback that will help us plan an awesome match. (This is a match for all of us, not me) I have been playing this game over 25 years. I have received over the years; paper certificates for 1st place, cheap belt buckles, little Olympic medals, dime store trophies. And I have also received; an awesome breakdown cleaning rod (Comin Back at Cha), A great range bag (Winter Range), Gun bags, squib rods, Well crafted trophies (EoT), Gorgeous Belt Buckles (EoT and Comin Back at Cha). I've seen door prizes where you get a ticket to enter a raffle and door prizes where everybody get one. And matches where they did both. What do you all want for door prizes, raffle prizes, match awards? Please let me know. I will keep everyone posted as we go along. Sincerely, TJD
  7. I appreciate all the feedback. I have no idea what a big prize would be. It won't be paper certificate, made in China belt buckle, or Olympic medal out of a cracker Jack's box. I seriously doubt I get enough funds for jeeps, hummers, and pickup trucks. I am hoping for awesome door prizes, great raffle items and winners prizes you will be proud of. Sincerely, TJD
  8. Hi there, Thanks for the feedback. All of this is still in concept and feedback. I want nicer awards than paper certificates or cheap quality buckles. Doubt we could actually afford a jeep. People do want quality awards, door prizes, and raffle items. Thanks again, I appreciate it. TJD
  9. I never said "gunfighter or nothing". Nor do I believe it is 'Classic Cowboy or nothing". SASS has so many categories that I simply combined everything together; age, powder, shooting style, and costuming into something I feel I would really enjoy. B-Western can shoot gunfighter, now can't they? I've played this game close to 30 years now. I've shot traditional with old style Vaqueros in Colt 45, open top 38's, and about everything in between. I've used Lightening's, '73's, '66's, Marlins. I've had dropped loop and belt high holsters. Hammered doubles, closed doubles, '87's, '97's. And a 34" barreled 10g double (trying to find an 8ga double I can afford). Tricked out guns and out of the box guns. I've won my category and EoT and failed miserably. I've won and lost plenty of times in plenty of categories all across the USA from California to Georgia to Wyoming. I've been a cowboy since I was 4 years old. I have the photo to prove it. This is what I love and I want everybody to enjoy it as much as they can as well. I hope everybody gets the opportunity to shoot however they want to; just to enjoy shooting at stuff, playing cowboy, and hugging all those pretty cowgirls. I married one of them. My wife, Shotglass, was the first Classic Cowgirl of the Year. I believe in SASS and I believe in preserving the culture and traditions of the American Old West.
  10. I don't shoot CC. But, If I could shoot gunfighter I would in a New York minute. Senior, Black Powder, Classic Cowboy, Gunfighter for sure. I have a TTN and 1887 as well as a '73 in 38-40 (an excellent BP cartridge)
  11. I'll take them. Please PM me your PayPal account info. Or I can mail a check.
  12. I am on the same page as you all. It's a no call. I've been shooting gunfighter too long.
  13. For sure no call once the match is over. Interesting and most excellent point that a traditional shooter may shoot duelist. I think you are right SHB page 5 OPEN AGE CATEGORIES Open age categories have no age parameters and carry the following guidelines: - May use any main match revolver. - Revolvers may be shot in any SASS legal shooting style – EXCEPT Gunfighter SHB page 45 Two handed shooting style – aka “Traditional,” or shooter holds a single revolver with two hands
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