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  1. I started out with a Stoeger. The gun was heavy, thick and slow...and didn't shoot to point of aim.

    I switched to a Baikal which is, in my opinion, the best of the low budget side by sides.

    Finally, I switched to an SKB in 2014. It was the single best move I've made in SASS to improve my times. The SKB fits me so well that one would think I had the gun customer built. The fit combined with the light weight and true point of aim has made follow up shots a thing of the past. But don't take my word for it. Get out there and borrow one for a match or two and make up your own mind.

  2. Wider, your point almost answers itself. RP takes stage difficulty into account to a certain degree. If you were fastest yet just one miss cost you 10 rank points the stage was undoubtedly a simpler stage or one where an inconsistency would affect you more.


    Anyway, RP or TT, I ain't about to quit or even slow down. This is the best damned game I've ever played!!!

  3. I prefer rank points for this simple reason, they favor the more consistent shooter. I've been at matches where I wasn't the fastest shooter but at the end of the day I was most consistent (no misses, no Ps) and won top gun. A good example would be Wyatt Earp. Not the fastest gun but always hit his target thereby proclaiming him the WINNER!


    I do respect and agree with the safety aspect of the OP though, and agree an MSV might need to carry more weight under any scoring system.

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