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  1. Prayers up for Cylenderella and her family. Take care Charlie
  2. Congratulations Special K! Great shooting with you and Charlie. Vic and Kat
  3. Congratulations Caboose. Great seeing you and talking with you...as always. Vic and Kat
  4. Congratulations on some great shooting! Nice spending time with you on Posse 5. Vic and Kat
  5. Kat and my condolences to the Ahlman family. A family that has done so much in southern Minnesota for CAS has lost family. Gunsmoke (State championship / Regional championship) has been shot at the Ahlman Range for nearly 2 decades. Rest In Peace Larry Ahlman.
  6. Thank you everyone for the kind words. I was happy to have guns strapped on and to be shooting. Kat and I got home safe and sound with the "War Wagon" yesterday afternoon....last trip for the War Wagon until next year. Shooting with Posse 5 was fantastic with cowboy and cowgirls from near, far, and very far (AZ as a matter of fact). Many things to learn from those "AZ Gun Hands". We had another great experience being with the Cedar Valley work posse (Posse 13) for our sixth year helping with our Regional Championships. It feels "right" to give back to CAS for the many smiles and campfires with friends for the last 20 years. Big Thanks to Deuce, Carty, and JB Kidd for putting together an awesome match! OM Graybeard, sorry we didn't get to visit more also. Things were really busy. Everyone take care and stay healthy! Vic and Kat
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