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  1. Call me at(763) 878-2800 or email me atgentjack@tds.net 

  2. Stretch:  Sorry to stick my nose in where it don't belong but take my advice, don't get her a 20 gauge.  A 12 gauge with winchester Low Noise, Low Recoil 7/8 0z. loads will make her much happier and be way more comfortable to shoot.  In addition, if she decides she doesn't like it, which I doubt, once she meets the people in SASS it will be much more marketable.


    good luck.

    1. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      And to have more to chose from when on sale. 12 gauge a better choice partner.


  3. If could do $900 shipped I'll take them.   Thanks, Shaddai

  4. Dutch. It’s a great cool Shotgun I can no longer compete due to old age  or whatever. Talk to Coyote Cap for Info. It works flawless but it could be modified to open farther. I realized early on that I would only be half fast. It’s a really  nice piece 

  5. Typically you would measure 2 inches below the waist for a gun belt.  But with the different cuts of ladies jeans i.e.. Low Rise, High Rise, etc. that can vary some.  Also it will stretch some with wear and the amount of stretch will vary depending on thickness of leather, lined versus unlined.   

    1. Ginny Hinny

      Ginny Hinny

      Thank you for that information.  I am a pretty high waisted lady with a long, narrow hip so i am a hard fit as it is.   I had my chinks belt custom fitted and had to go with a youth yoke.  So that wasnt much help in fitting my gun belt.  We do have a good fit on it now and i see years of great fun with this rig!  If i order any others, it will be worth my while to take a trip to the craftsman for fitting. 

  6. Send me an email with your info and phone # and we'll work out the details. Email gentjack@tds.net. Phone 763-878-2800. 

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