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  1. Well guys, as I said I pd $1250.00 for this jacket and it is amazing as stated. I priced it at $450 because it will cost me $50 plus for Priority Mail shipping. It needs to go so I’ll reduce the price to $400 shipped, or make me a serious offer.
  2. If I was still underweight and skinny, it wouldn’t be for sale. I’ve been hanging on to the dream that someday I would be again for about 20 years but it’s time to accept reality and let someone else enjoy it. But thanks for the bumps guys.
  3. I have a custom made beaded fringed leather coat for sale. It is a 42 Long but fits a little larger. It is made from really fine leather and is buttery soft I ordered it from 5th Avenue leathers in Scottsdale. I paid $1250.00 for it at the time of purchase and it has very little wear. Asking $450.00 including shipping. I have never seen another one of this quality.
  4. I have a Town Coat in fine worsted wool, 2 wool vests and 2 pair of trousers for sale, they are very well tailored and well made. I purchased them from The Old Frontier Clothing Co. at one of the last End of Trails held in Ca. I am asking $300.00 shipped for the lot. The coat is a real dark charcoal with a barley discernible pin stripe. One vest is in a wool stripe and the other is a medium gray double breasted. One pair of Black trousers and one pair of grey and black striped. The coat is a 44 long or extra long the vests are xl and the pants are a 38 long with about a 35 or 36 inseam.
  5. Marshall: PM me your email I have an outfit you may like. Coat with 2 matching vests and trousers to go with. Ill take and send pictures if your interested. The coat is 100% worsted wool and the vests are also. its all like new. I purchased it at end of trail in Ca.
  6. I have a Fringed Beaded Leather Coat for sale size Mens XL Long. It fits as a 44to 46. I believe I only wore it once to an annual banquet. Its virtually like new. $225.00 shipped to your ranch. Email me at gentjack@tds.net, or send me a PM.
  7. Rudy, it can be worn either way. I wore it on the right. If you wear it on the left the buckle will be tang down with the keeper above.
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