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  1. As you know, it's: "condition, condition, condition". From looking at the gun web-sites, on a daily basis....I would say, if it is in good shape, for it's age, and the bore is good, with no corrosion...then a minimum of $1,300.00. My Two Bits. W.K.
  2. Love a pocket watch, and have encountered the same problems. if a manufacturer is going to put a pocket, on their pants for a watch, the least they could do is design a functional/accessible pocket. I don't expect to be challenged to a fast draw pocket watch contest, but I'd at least like to get the watch out of the pocket without looking like I have poison ivy, and I am trying to scratch. As it is now, it is so slow, to get the watch out of the pocket, that you can time me with a calendar.
  3. That looks almost as flat as west Texas. Parts of west Texas are so flat, that if you got up on top of your pickup, and looked at the horizon, you could see the back of your own head. Parts of west Texas are so flat that it would make a pool table look like you were in the middle of the Rockies. But it sure looks good for a place to shoot. The old saying: "be sure you know what is beyond your target", looks to be no problem here. Saying: "I love to shoot so much, that I could shoot 'till the world looks level"....well...that applies here. Looks like a ton of fun. Wish I was there, and traitor-joe had a feather up the kazoo. We'd both be tickled.
  4. In my case, I did not get what I wanted.... I got what I deserved !!!
  5. Top Four: 1. Sharps Model 1874 - any caliber 2. Colt Single Action - any caliber 3. Hawken .54 cal. 4. Colt 1911 .45 a.c.p., made in 1918.
  6. I always liked costumes of Morticia, and Gomez, from the Adams Family. Not too scary...not too boring.... Halloweenie, but not enough to scare the curds and whey out of the little ones.
  7. If you ever go M.I.A. again, I will write a ballad to you, this time. I need my daily fix of the former Waxahachie Gal. The operative word is: "need". You are a gift. I do love your western dress up outfits. Wow. Thanks for this post. Yer Ole Saddle Pal... W.K.
  8. The only comedies I ever cared for were: Laurel & Hardy; the Three Stooges; some of the Marx brothers, and some of the Ritz brothers, and some of the Bowery Boys, and Abbott & Costello. Speaking of Laurel & Hardy...I remember when Stan found out he may be an heir to a million dollars. He ask Oliver if a million dollars was as much as a thousand? Oliver replied:..."why...it's twice as much!!!" SO....for me...a western, or a horror film, or a war film, or a cop film, or a sci-fi film, is something that I can't seem to get in to, as a comedy. I never watched but a few minutes of Blazing Saddles. I just could not get into it. In this case, for me, my preference would be the film with Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing...two of my favorite actors...and this movie, even though the story-line is unbelievable/nonsense, it is based in a fictional reality, and the characters take the events seriously.
  9. The old cliché, and weary saying: "where there is a will, there is a way.", though tiresome to say is still, none-the-less, true. Yes, it was done once-upon-a-time, and yes...times, and circumstances, and situations change. What does not change is the will, and the desire. With the tons of talent, and common sense, this group, these Pards, and this organization, has, then there is a way to do this. It can be figured out. Maybe trial and error, with a heavy dose of error, but nothing ever worthwhile was ever easy...again...another worn out old cliché...but worn out or not, it is true. Let's face it...many celebrates love the money, but they also crave, and some live for the accolades they receive. Perhaps some have passed the zenith of their careers, but still love the attention they will undoubtedly get, if they show up. Perhaps getting to them, without going through a ton of their handlers/yes-men, might work...if indeed one could talk to them directly. Obviously, some religiously believe their own press, and may think their sun will never wain, fade, or set...but it does for the majority of the celebrates, at some point-in-time. I have to really believe they have no idea, or clue, how intensely popular their presence would be at an event. Yes, for some, "hero worship", the best seats on the plane, or at an event, tons of autograph seekers...and they get it in their head they are entitled. Those folks can stay at home...we don't want, or need, their bloated ego's. This can be done!!! If things are not tried, then they are not done. And if things are not done...then why are we here on this earth???? W.K.
  10. There is demand for black powder, I have read (whether true or not) that more folks are turning to shooting black powder firearms, since they have had problems getting self-contained ammunition, and primers, and such. With muzzleloaders, you "roll your own", as it were. If that is true, then the demand for black powder will be increasing. With all that said...I am hoping someone(s) will buy the Goex facility, re-hire the soon to be laid-off employees, and begin production again. The demand is there, and, like as not, growing. On the surface, anyway, that sounds like a win-win. The present owners of Goex must be kin to traitor-joe, in the decisions they are making. Once upon a time, they talked about, what they called, a "trickle down economy". Perhaps today, with things like this happening, we may have "trickle down p/poor decisions!" Maybe the N.M.L.R.A, and S.A.S.S., and the N.R.A., should combine forces, and purchase the Goex plant. Maybe some of the gun manufacturers could kick in some moola too...not to mention Uberti, Pedersoli, and Pietta. The interest is there, the demand is there. If those two statements are correct, then potential profits are also there. The thing is, there is a demand for firearms, for hunting, plinking, target shooting, re-enacting, and just plain fun. The demand will only go up, over time....providing we retain our freedoms, that is. With (a lot of) Americans, it is a RIGHT that we claim, via the Second Amendment. For the leftists, socialists, marxists, progressives, globalists, and gullible university students...they don't need to re-write the Constitution. They need to re-read it, along with the writings of our Founding Fathers. W.K.
  11. Down this way it's Aggies. For instance...why doesn't Texas A & M have ice on the campus? Answer: they lost the formula. Did you hear that I caught an Aggie wolf in my trap the other day? How did you know it was an Aggie wolf? Because... It had chewed three of it's legs off, and it was still trapped. Why do so many Aggie men have moustaches? Answer: So they will look like their mothers. By the way. We tell Aggie jokes, because we love the Aggies so much. What we love, we joke about. Gig 'Em Aggies!!!!
  12. it is great news that they are expanding. Great for them, and for us, as well. Knew a guy from Wisconsin, while in the military. He was an avid hunter and fisherman, and thus I just presumed that Wisconsin is a big firearms, and fishing State. Since Henry is expanding there, I would hope that is the case. It's on my bucket list to visit there, someday. If the people are as nice as the guy I knew in the military, then I can't wait to visit. I think I remember he said they may have some pretty good cheese up there. Was that a rumor of cheese, or was he telling me the truth????
  13. The article said he was an "anti-gun" person. He is an actor, makes movies with firearms, which makes him lots of money, so it just stands to reason he is anti-gun. Some are not, but a lot are. He broke two fundamental rules, that us firearms enthusiasts know and do. First: always presume the firearm is loaded, and act accordingly. Second: always check to see if the firearm IS loaded. If you put it down, and then pick it back up, check it again. Even if you do not put it down, check it, now and then, to make sure. But never point a firearm at any person, unless it is a matter of life and death.....yours, or an innocent bystander. Always be totally aware of where the firearm is pointed. Now, he will have to live with this, for the rest of his life. I do not envy him that. He broke two important rules, and he is responsible. Like as not, he will blame the guns, and insist we need to eliminate them. To leftists, and socialists, and anti-gunners, that is the easiest solution as far as they are concerned, and it takes no deep thinking on their part (presuming they can think, that is).
  14. Years ago, my grand-dad's brother woke up in the middle of the night, and heard an armadillo rooting around near his house. He had no air-conditioning, back then, and with the windows up, one could hear things very well, out in the night. He eased up, grabbed two shotgun shells, loaded them in the double barrel, and eased to the door. Outside he drew a bead on the armadillo, and pulled the first trigger....nothing. He pulled the second trigger....nothing. He went back in the house, turned on the light, opened the shotgun, and removed the shells. Then he knew....in the dark, he had loaded two of this wife's lip-sticks in the shotgun.
  15. We will pray for you forever, and, we will love you twice that long.
  16. I put in two cans, to see what that would run. Two cans, plus shipping, plus haz-mat fee, plus tax, is an even $100.00 bucks...to get to me. Two pounds...a hundred bucks!!!!!!!!!! I have about 12 pounds of Goex, about seven feet from me, right now, on the shelf in the closet. So...I do not need any black powder bad enough to pay that much. Not saying I won't pay that much, at some point-in-time. Maybe I will. I am just sayin' I ain't that desperate yet. I have a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun, that I can shoot, if push comes to shove.
  17. Okay....If we have to be nit-picky about a joke... Most folks are too ignorant to know what the real budda looked like, and most could not care less. They have a mental image in their minds, historically accurate or not, of the statues of a little fat, short, man, that they have seen in shops, on the media, and in movies/television, or in the dorm room, put there by their room-mate, and they also have a mental image, accurate or not, about what a Greek "god" looked like. If the joke was historically accurate, it would not be humorous in the least, if, indeed, it ever was. S#*& Fire!!! I am done with this post. Color me gone. .
  18. My soul-mate...I was 20, she was 19, passed away before we could get married. At 26, after the military, and after graduation from college, I got married, and that was 45 years ago this past May. She would argue with a stop sign, but she doesn't mind me buying firearms, so even though she is not my soul-mate, she's a good Ole Texas Gal. She's half Cherokee, half Irish, all hard-headed. She told me once, as she was brandishing a baseball bat, that if I mess with her too much, I had better not ever go to sleep again. I think if islamic terrorists men had married a Texas woman, like the one I have, they would not be terrorists any longer, they would have no intact knees! Their "holy writings" indicate their men can beat their wives, if they displease them. With a Texas Gal, like I have, they would do that (maybe) once, and then the next day they would be permanently in a wheel chair. There can be a kinda "fear factor" in marriage. Be nice, or risk injury.
  19. Gotta have the former Waxahachie Gal daily fix....don't cha know.
  20. A kid went to his dad and asked him where babies come from. He said: Adam & Eve had babies, and and their kids grew up and had babies, and so on. The kid went to his mom, and asked her where babies come from. She said, well. we started out as goo in a river, and over a long time we grew to be apes, and later apes became humans. The kid rushed back to the dad and said you lied to me, and told him what mom had said. The dad then said, no, I did not lie to you. Your mom was talking about HER side of the family!
  21. My friend told me he had the body of a Greek god. I had to explain to him that buddha was NOT Greek!
  22. Is Google male, or female? Female....it doesn't let you finish a sentence before making a suggestion!
  23. Teacher: Okay kids, what does the chicken give you? Students: Eggs and meat. Teacher: What does the pig give you? Students: bacon! Teacher: What does the fat cow give you? Students: Homework!!!!
  24. A man was on one side of the river, and a blonde was on the other side. The man shouted to the blonde, that he needed help to get to the other side. The blonde shouted back..."you ARE on the other side!".
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