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  1. 20 inches on my hammered Rossi.... It beats trying to swing the 30 inch barrel on my Winchester 1887.
  2. This type of thing is not unique to GunBroker. In an attempt to maximize profits, to (they say) keep afloat, to make things more efficient, to increase upper management, and middle management salary's, they have initiated computers to handle the front line calls, and reactions...thus making it more difficult to talk to a human, and try to get some answers in a timely manner. Why pay a human a salary, benefits, vacation, stock options, a 401(k), when you can get a programmer, from B.F. Egypt, to write a program for a computer that will "interact" with the customer. I think they justify this by calling it "inevitable progress". A few months ago, when I was battling covid, and feeling like death eating cow patties, I finally was able to get to the water department, and paid a late fee for my water bill. I was one (1) day late. I paid extra because I was one day late. Then a week later, I got a letter from them saying I need to pay up or else my water would be cut off. The letter was, obviously, computer generated, and also obviously, the person, at the water department, that I paid my bill to, is unwilling, or unable, or too ignorant, to stop the letter, and the threat of having my water cut off. You will notice that a lot of places will not give you a phone number to call, just an e-mail address, or some other nebulous thing, so it will be more difficult to get in touch with them. It is simply bone-headed management decisions, by people that don't, and never had a clue, or training. I have a revelation for them....if they put the customer first, the money will be there. If they put money first, sooner or later, the customer will not be there. I cancelled a credit card, just yesterday, for that very reason. They don't care, because losing my business won't put any dents in their profit margin, but bottom line, I will spend my money elsewhere, and I will be happier. They can kiss my grits!!! Even better...I had a surplus on the credit card, so they owe me $140.00 !! I wonder if I should send them a letter and threaten to charge them a late fee!!! What we need are servant-leaders...not bone-head leaders, and bone-head decisions, that we mostly have now.
  3. I went to a gun show, this past weekend, and the ammo, and primers, were still as scarce as hen's teeth, and the prices would make a billy-goat barf. The so-called "sporting goods" stores, around here, still have empty shelves (but plenty of clothing, and other yuppie stuff). ----I was wondering if this is just here, or are you Pards experiencing the same thing where you are???---- Not too many weeks ago, we were inundated with videos, from the manufacturers, about how they are working 24/7/365. That is good, and I appreciate that, if indeed that is true. I have no proof that it isn't true. So...is all this because of transportation problems now, or folks buy up every thing in sight....or....what? Just wondering if I am alone, in this here boat. Your thoughts please, and thanks for the input. Yer Ole Saddle Pal... W.K.
  4. Vaccine - Noun - A substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies, and provide immunity against one, or several, diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, it's products, or a synthetic substitute treated to act as an antigen without inducting the disease. I am NOT saying you should, or should not, take the shot. That is your personal decision, and freedom states we should not be punished (such as being fired from our job) for making a choice about taking it, or not taking it. Looking at some facts... ---Does the shot provide immunity from covid? - No. In the County of Waterford, in Ireland, 99.7% of the adults have had the shot., yet, Waterford has the highest incidence of covid in Ireland. A study in Sweden shows that after 210 days there is zero efficacy against symptomatic infection, after which there seems to be negative efficacy. That means you have some resistance to it, for a while, and eventually the resistance seems to be negative resistance, or in other words, it attracts the disease! The Swedish study also stated that the effectiveness of severe illness seems to remain high through nine months, although not for men, older frail individuals, and individuals with comorbidities. ---Does the shot stop transmission of the disease? - No. United Kingdom data is showing that those that have had the shot are infected at a greater rate per capita, and in some places, at twice the rate, for every age group over 30. For those ages 40 to 80 years old, the "vaccinated" were more than twice as likely to test positive. A recent article in the publication "Nature" stated, that "the spike protein of SARS-Cov-2 Variant A.3 is heavily mutated and evades vaccine-induced antibodies with high efficiency". There is a lot more, but what is the point to all this??? The point is that, by definition, this is not a vaccine. It may only address the symptoms, and those that have had the shot can still get it, and also still transmit it, and can also still die from it. That there are places that have had nearly 99.7% vaccination rate, and yet the cases of covid have risen dramatically in spite of that. Looking at the arguments for, and against, taking this shot, it is clear that the jury is still out, if, indeed one looks at all sides of the issue, with some sort of an open mind. Also, reading and hearing both sides, it should become pretty evident as to why some take the shot, and some are still not convinced it is living up to the official hype. You have conflicting information about whether this shot works or not, or whether taking the shot makes matters worse. Whether I like it or not, or whether you like it or not, there IS conflicting information. It boils down to fear. Fear for some, at not getting the shot, and fear for others at getting the shot. Who is right, and who is wrong? As the old cowboy once said..."that remains to be saw".
  5. My fa-vo-rite .357 is my S & W model 27-2. Many years ago, I ordered, and put on a set of specialty wood grips, that were designed by Skeeter Skelton (who was still with us, back then). Even though it sports a 3 1/2 inch barrel, it seems to be heavy enough to handle the .357's without punishing me. My Colt Trooper is lighter, and I pretty much confine it to .38 specials. It has a 4 inch barrel, and a smooth action. It was made in the 1960's, as a cheaper version, I suppose, to a Python. The best .357 I ever shot was my brother-in-law's Thompson Contender single shot. I never got around to buying one, but I wish I had. My Two Bits. W.K.
  6. "I am happy to feed ANYONE who stops by. Door is always open, and coffee is always hot!" That statement is typical Texan...as mis-located from Texas as you presently are. But, you are an awesome ambassador.
  7. I may be schizophrenic.... But at least I have each other.
  8. Ode Nr. 2 To Miss Singin' Sue (and her stew) Ya know I will swear, And it's a hard thing to bear, Knowing you are out and about. I'm thinking it's wrong, And it has been way too long, Of that I don't have a doubt. I really have to say, We look for you every day, And when you are gone it's a shame. Your words lift us up, Taking our minds off the stuff, That crowds our thoughts once again. Your food is sublime, And we know you're a cooker fine, From seeing that great bowl of stew. It's tough to be jealous, For the rest of us fellas, And our hunger is making us blue. You have winter there, There's snow in the air, And fall knocks on your door. We sit here and wish, For a taste of that dish, And long for a little bit more. You cook for ole Shandley, And that is quite dandy, He's as happy as happy can be. Great food, and good wine, He's anxious to dine, While the rest of us are without glee. You show visuals of your stew, To the Pards that you knew, On the website cyber saloon. We lament and we cry, For a slice of that pie, Who's aroma will soon fill the room. So, we are all in a tizzy, As you make magic in the kitchen, We are simply left wondering why. You can really cook wonders, And never make blunders, My stew tastes like pasture pie. So come back here soon, To the cyberspace saloon, We're hopin' to be reconnected. You're busy, we know, Feedin' family in your home, But we're just feelin' neglected.
  9. Maybe they should have put it to the vote, and let the people of the whole State, decide if they wanted to change the name. Then, if the majority of the people wanted to change the name, then have a State-wide naming contest, and let the people decide. Naming a sports team, so as not to "offend", ain't easy in this day, and stupid time.... Let's see... Cleveland Crackers....nope...might offend the "white" people. Cleveland Engines....nope...might offend those that think the internal combustion engine is the anti-Christ. Cleveland NDN's....nope...not spelled the same way, but pronounced the same way. Cleveland Cutthroats...nope...reminds too many people of politicians. Cleveland Crusaders....nope....would offend muslim terrorists, since it reminds them of the crusades. Cleveland Cows....nope....cows, according to some animal groups, are exploited enough, as it is. Cleveland Crows....nope....reminds some of jim crow laws. Cleveland Krakens....nope....the city is too far from the oceans, to identify with a sea creature, and besides, like a concerned politician, it is a mythological creature. Cleveland Crabs....nope....it would remind too many people of their youthful risky behavior. Cleveland Cleavers....nope...."progressive" moms would say that is glorifying an edged weapon. Cleveland Native Americans...nope...there are no "native" Americans...everyone is likely aware that our early ancestors came from some place else, so that would be deceitful. (better???) Cleveland Cats....nope....again, the animal rights groups would point out that cats are too exploited as it is. Cleveland Dogs...nope....that name may reveal how good the team is playing, that year. You know...if the Cleveland baseball team, and the old Esso gasoline company, could have gotten together, they could have named their team the Bee's. Yep....they could have been called the Cleveland Esso Bee's. W.K.
  10. Any roller derby event is mostly a lot more entertaining than most baseball games. I loved playing baseball, but it can be boring to watch, at times. Some sports seem to be more fun to play, than to watch. I hope the roller derby team wins, but I bet the baseball organization has more highly paid lawyers, so it may not be too difficult to see where this is going. Sometimes, I think it is the one's with the most expensive lawyers, that get the win. They should have not caved, and been so weiner politically correct. There is zero negative connotation in the name "Indians". Having "native-American" ancestors, I find no fault in the name. I am proud of it. Someone, somewhere, somehow, is going to have their wittle fweelings hurt, and be "offended", no matter what. Get over it, and get a life, for crying in a bucket!!! Grow a spine, and do something useful, instead of complaining. Just my own B.G. opinion. W.K.
  11. It is probably more accurate to say: "gunfight near the ok corral".
  12. It was 87 here today, and dry as a popcorn kernel breaking wind! The frost was NOT on the punkin', this morning, nor on the cow patties, either. I am putting off making a pot of Texas Red chili....until maybe January. Instead, I may have to do as the old song that Jimmy Dickens used to sing: "I'll take an old cold tater, and wait". W.K.
  13. Chilly???? It was 87 here today. The frost was NOT on the punkin' around here.
  14. Hey Miss Sue....do you still have your Texas drawl??? Just wonderin', since you've been living in the far(therest) west, for quite a spell now. Of course, it don't matter, just curious. We will love you forever, regardless.
  15. Gave my 1969 made Hi-Power to my daughter-in-law, last Christmas. I don't need a crystal ball to see one of these new ones in my future. John Browning was, indeed, a firearms genius. I have several firearms, that he designed. Now to re-add a Hi-Power to the list. Happy news that a new one is...hopefully...coming to a store near you, or a web-site near you...at some point in geologic time. Of course...right now..."out of stock"; "backordered"...yada, yada, yada....same song, ten millionth verse. W.K.
  16. Good to know. It would be nice if all 50 states had an official firearm.
  17. I wonder what other States have an official handgun? I bet I can think of a few States, that don't, and would never consider it....considering their present mind-set. More's the pity. W.K.
  18. Got my monthly copy today of the T.S.R.A. (Texas State Rifle Association) magazine. It stated that: Governor Greg Abbott has signed a Concurrent Resolution declaring the Colt Walker revolver the "Official Handgun of the State of Texas". Wow...I did not see that one coming. Makes me wonder if any other State as an official handgun. I can probably think of a few that don't. Anyway...there ya go. W.K.
  19. Just got my monthly copy of the T.S.R.A. (Texas State Rifle Association) magazine today. What got my attention was: Governor Greg Abbott signed a concurrent resolution declaring the Colt Walker revolver the "Official Handgun of the State of Texas". I did not see that one coming, but....wow!!! Anyway...that was news to me. Glad I bought a clone of one, a while back. W.K.
  20. Yep.... I figured it was because we ate so many of those crackers that Billy Graham's fore bearers invented. Growing up we ate as many as Mom would bring home from the grocery. Slather a bunch of peanut butter and grape jelly, between two of them, and it was a treat. I guess now they eat them mostly as an ingredient in S'mores. Of course we do not identify ourselves as being "southerners"...much as non-natives would like to label us as such. I guess that is why I never remember being called such a thing...and I have been in the State for 72+ years now.
  21. This one pictured is a (copy?) 2nd model Colt Dragoon. The Second model, has a square back trigger guard, and rectangle cylinder stops, with a lead-in....which this one has. The First model has oval trigger stops, with no lead-in, but also has a square-back trigger guard. The Third model has rectangular cylinder stops, with a lead-in, and also is the only dragoon model with a round trigger guard. All "five" dragoons (if you count the Walker, and the Whitneyville) were in ".44" caliber, although you use a .45 caliber ball, or conical bullet in them. I prefer a conical paper cartridge. Easy Peasey...
  22. Love 'em. Just purchased 600 paper hulls to trim and load up for my Parker, with damascus barrels. I use 'em in my Winchester 1887 as well. One person's trash is another person's treasure. As long as I am alive, and able to shoot, there will always be a market for them.
  23. I recently bought a chicken to make sandwiches. It didn't. It just poops in the floor.
  24. In regard to handguns... Basically...back in the 19th century...Smith & Wesson, Remington, Merwin Hulbert, and any other revolver manufacturer, were really all vying for Second Place....behind the Colt single action, in particular, and Colt in general....if one looks at the numbers of firearms manufactured, during that time. I guess one "reason" was, Colt had a head start, and lots of folks "grew up" shooting the Colt percussion revolvers, and made the transition to Colt in the metallic cartridge era (but many old-timers just stayed with the percussion revolvers, out of familiarity, and habit, and the cost of buying a new firearm, and metallic cartridges).
  25. Love me some 20 gauge. But, I gotta say, my 20 gauge double kicks like a Missouri mule...even worse than my 12 gauge double. I am sure it is because it is lighter. I shoot it, occasionally, just to check if I have any loose fillings. But it is a different story, since I started reloading my shells with black powder. If you love the 20...and it's C.A.S. legal, then go for it. The foundation/bottom line, of C.A.S., is having fun. It's easier to have fun if you are using something you love, and prefer.
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