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  1. Well...incased in a plastic shotshell, perhaps the plastic shot-cup, or wad, may be less of a chore to clean out of the bore, for some. From watching a friend of mine try to clean his bore, after a day of shooting his shotgun with black powder, and plastic shot-cups, made me not want to go down that road. For him, it was a chore...not easy at all. That was back in the 1980's, so perhaps there are better cleaning products out there now, than there were then. Black powder burns at a higher temperature than smokeless powder, however, so, at the time, I figured that made the difference. About 1945 is when Winchester started putting in a cup wad over the powder that was made out of plastic. In the 1960's Remington started using plastic shotshells with a "power piston" wad. Plastic shotshell cups, or wads, are banned at the shotgun ranges at the N.M.L.R.A. contests. Of course, most of those contests are with muzzleloading shotguns, however. Using black powder, whether in a muzzleloading shotgun, or in a self-contained shotshell, I would not use plastic cups or wads at all. That's just me. I make my own paper shot-cups, for my shotguns, when I am using blackpowder. Sometimes I soak the paper in potassium nitrate, let them dry out, the same way as I do the paper cartridges that I load for my cap and ball revolvers...before I form them into a paper shot-cup. I do use the over powder, cushion, and over shot wads, when reloading the shells, and I may, or may not, put a paper shot-cup in the shell as well, on top of the cushion wad.
  2. Yes...I have read, and seen that black powder burns differently (hotter maybe?) than smokeless powder, obviously, and that the plastic shot cups, or wads, just tend to melt, and build up in the bore. I have never used plastic wads, or shot cups, when loading with black powder, but I bet it is a chore to clean the bore of all that melted, hardened, plastic.
  3. Every Soldier, Marine, or Corpsman, or "ground pounder", should have a picture on their wall, of Gatling...or a tatoo of him, in an honored location.
  4. The company, I used to work for, had quite a few meetings, to try and convince us that we mattered, and what we thought was important. They emphasized that we need to: speak up, if you have an idea, or a suggestion, or perhaps a better way of doing something. We were born at night, but not last night. We knew better than to speak up...all that would lead to was a buttock-chewing "meeting" with your supervisor, who was afraid to make waves, and afraid that what we said would make him look bad. All they were doing, was trying to make us think we had an actual input in company decisions. Horse S....err...feathers! All they care about is their perceived image, and to keep some Federal bureaucracy happy, and to stay off their radar. The managers and supervisors, in our company, all went to the biden school of leadership, I have to believe. Some of them even fell asleep during meetings.
  5. Ode Number 3 to Singin' Sue (you see). We hope, and we think, and yes, we pray, That you'll show up in the Saloon today, To tell us of your adventures there, And listen to your words, so fair. As we pretend to taste your stew, And wonder what our appetites could do, If we had a front row seat at your table, And ate until our innies, became our outties navel. The beans are on, and the coffee's hot, Outside its cold, but inside it's not. The biscuits are golden, high, and fluffy, We forgot to wash up, so I know we are scruffy. But you welcome us all, never-the-less, And receive us Pards, as honored guests. You treat us better than we treat our exes, 'Cause you have a heart as big as Texas. Well, we can't be there, to see your bright smile, Or hear your voice, and visit for a while. All we can do is sit here and moan, While wishing for your stew, and eating corn pone. Don't make us beg, and don't make us crawl, 'Cause when you get excited, it brings out your Texas drawl, This little ole ode, is just for you, 'Cause you are important to all the crew, That reside in the cyberspace Saloon, And long for your presence, and hope it is soon.
  6. I see that typing out some responses, seems to elicit a different spelling response, that I don't recall being there before. What is confusing, is...that words that I know are spelled right, are getting highlighted. Is anyone else experiencing this??? Are am I alone in this here boat???
  7. So Hodgdon says. I'd like to hear from other than just one perspective...other than the ones that made the decision, and other than the ones that also produce other propellants, and a blackpowder substitute. Then put it on the market, and sell it, or give it away, since it is not "making a profit" anyway. Let someone else see if it can be profitable, or not. If, (not where) there is a will...there is usually a way. The difference between good, and great, is: effort. The operative word here is: "IF". Thankfully there are other products out there, besides Hodgdon. They made a choice, and happily, so can I...and...I will.
  8. I don't roll crimp my black powder shotgun shells, and definitely do not star crimp them. I don't crimp them at all. I trim the once fired paper shotshell to the correct length. Not sayin' to use only paper shotshells, just sayin' I prefer paper, in this case. I have used plastic, as well. Then I put in the ingredients...2F black powder; an over powder wad; a cushion wad; sometimes another thin wad, then the shot. Then I put in an over shot wad, to hold the shot in place...or really it is a thin disk, or so it reminds me. Then I take a dab of "water glass", also known as sodium silicate, and put a drop here, and there, on the edge of the over shot wad/disk, to keep it in place, resting over the shot. I have a Parker double, with damascus barrels, and also an 1887 Winchester lever action, both in 12 gauge. I want to be as careful with those two ole Girls, as I can, especially the Parker (yes, I do give names to my firearms...especially the older ones). I have heard, and read, and listened, to those that say NEVER put a star crimp shotshell in a shotgun with damascus barrels, unless you want to risk ruining the shotgun, and/or yourself, in the process. Of course, when I use the few 12 gauge brass shotgun shells, that I have, this is also how I reload them. But the article was right, in that...IF you do crimp...use the roll crimp (never the star crimp). So...I don't crimp at all...when reloading my shotshells, with black powder. Too bad they chose to close the Goex plant. Old Eynsford won't be made anymore, unless some Patriot steps up to the plate, and buys the plant, rehires the fired employees, and makes it again...(and...does the RIGHT thing!!!) Maybe S.A.S.S., and the N.M.L.R.A., and the N.R.A., and N.C.O.W.S., and some firearms manufacturers, and sporting goods retailers, like Cabelas/Bass Pro, should step up, and buy the plant, and reopen it. All of the above organizations, and more, have a vested interest in having the Goex plant re-opened. The demand for black powder, is there. That means profit/gain will be there, as well....IF done right!!! My Two Bits... W.K.
  9. Old enemies... Now good friends. That's the way it should turn out...and it did.
  10. One can buy a device for the AR that does this on purpose. A binary trigger, as it were. Pull the trigger, it fires, release the trigger it fires. You have an added selector switch for this. 1. Safe; 2. Fire; 3. Select. A lot of AR's have a position that is not used, on the selector switch. The trigger assembly for the binary trigger replaces the existing stock trigger assembly. According to BATF it is legal. Other than being out of stock, they are available to purchase. You do the work yourself, or get a gunsmith to install it. So...if my Colt AR did this, on its own, that would save me some money. So....if they put the recall on mine, I will ignore it.
  11. There is a saying, around here, that if a person has just one best friend, in their whole life, then he/she is rich. Never had a best friend, but I have been acquainted with a lot of folks, over the years. I guess that means I have never been rich, but maybe I can consider myself as "middle class".
  12. I do really appreciate any updates on availability of what we use, and need. Keep the information coming. While I won't pay those obscene prices, I do want to know if things are coming back in stock, and perhaps that will, hopefully, be a trend of things to come. I figure it will be 2023, or 24, before these shortages may approach some sort of "normalcy", but then again, that will depend on a lot of things. As time goes by, I figure there will be less and less excuses, as to why the shelves are still bare. The latest "we are working 24/7/365" doesn't seem to be getting much done....if the bare shelves around here, are any indication. They will have to work overtime to think up different excuses, in the days, weeks, and months, to come. Meanwhile, we wait, and if we need/want anything, we have to pay out the kazoo, if we can find the item(s) at all, that is. Thanks again, for the updates, and info.
  13. I reckon they ain't figured out that you can go to hell for stealing, same as you can for murder. Time ain't on their side. I despise a thief...I don't care if they come in and steal cobwebs...I still hate a thief. They steal your money, yes, but they also steal the precious, limited, moments of your life, that you spent working, in order to earn a wage, so you can buy things. They steal your life. I hope all thieves lose a hand, get it replaced by an iron hook, and then get a severe case of jock itch.
  14. I have to believe that, like that idiot in California, he will not be thankful, and think he dodged a bullet. He will think, even with a paper thin win, that that means he has a mandate to continue doing what he has always done. He will not only carry on, as usual, he will be more aggressive, than before. He "won" so he won't see this as a near miss. Typical stupid marxist-liberal-socialists thinking.
  15. Don't forget the Virginians elected a Lieutenant Governor. A once active duty United States MARINE. In the campaign, this former U.S. MARINE posed with an AR-15 on one of the campaign posters. A conservative, Republican. The now elected Lieutenant Governor, of the State of Virginia is named Winsome Sears. Lt. Governor Sears is a black woman!!! So much for the stupid theory of some sort of "white backlash", or blaming it on racism, as per msnbc, and cnn. What stupid networks they are. No wonder their ratings are barely there. Their lies are so bad no one believes them, unless you don't have a working mind. We need more U.S. MARINES, and more folks like Lt. Governor Sears. May God bless her, and guide her. Take that, traitor joe !!! Sorry, go back to sleep.
  16. A beautiful ship, and an awesome branch of the service.
  17. The photo of the revolver is showing that it is a revolver with a "black powder" frame, the screw keeping the cylinder pin, in position, going in through the front of the frame, and also a "bulls eye" ejector head. According to Cimarron, Uberti/Cimarron revolvers, on a black powder frame, are the 4-click model. However....the description of the revolver states that it is: "An Uberti 1873 Cattleman II". The Cattleman II would be the 3 click model. One thing I have picked up on is that a lot of the ads, for this revolver, state it is a "new model", and that may very well mean 3 click. The photograph of the revolver, above, is not clear enough to show if the firing pin is, or is not, sticking out of the frame, with the hammer resting at the full forward position. HOWEVER, looking at other sources, on-line, of the Dalton, that give a closer, more detailed photograph, it does show the firing pin protruding through the frame, when the hammer is fully forward, which indicates a 4 click revolver. But....the positive thing is...that you can change it from a 3 click to a 4 click, so the condition IS reversible. (Of course, nowadays, that will depend on if the parts are in stock, or are backordered, to make the change.) You will need a 4-click hammer, and a normal trigger assembly, to make the change. BUT...I just checked Taylor's Firearms website, and they DO show they have the parts in stock, to change from the 3 click to the 4 click. HURRAY!!!!! As far as the bushing, I have a removable bushing on all my Uberti clones, and I have bought one in the last 2 years. But, again, this Dalton edition is a special one time run, so, perhaps a call to Cimarron will clear up the questions, unless a Pard has one, and will share the information. We are getting conflicting evidence here. A "type II Cattleman" is a 3 click....but....this Dalton is on a blackpowder frame, and other photographs, of the revolver, show the firing pin in the traditional position, when the hammer is fully forward, meaning it is a 4 click. Clear as mud.
  18. The warning is concerned about "cancer, birth defects, and 'other reproductive harm'", as per the warning label, at the top of this Post. I don't mind (too much) a warning label (I even appreciate a warning from a rattle snake), but as has been stated, if it covers tons of things, then, given some time, it is likely going to be ignored, and that is, evidently, what has happened. I see warning labels, all the time, stating that California has determined that this product, or that product, may cause cancer...yada, yada, yada. Obviously, since I do not live there, and will never live there, I could not care less about what "they" determine. Let's just hope that they don't expand their "concerns about cancer, birth defects, and 'other reproductive harm'", to the born, like they have to the unborn! As the old song, by Hank Williams, states: "No matter how I struggle, and strive...I'll never get out of this world alive".
  19. I had an RCBS, but replaced it with a Frankford Arsenal one, and I like it much better.
  20. We had a Spanish mule once (a cross between a donkey, and a Spanish Mustang) that knew about snakes. I guess he could smell them, or hear them, or or perhaps see them, depending on where he was in relation to where they were. He would avoid them, but not rare up and buck. He would pick up the pace, and try to avoid it, however, if he sensed one. He could turn on a dime, and give you change, so you'd have to be ready, or else you might find yourself on the ground...perhaps with the snake!!! I guess this one knew enough to keep a distance. I don't think he had ever been bitten, but I am not sure. I figure he had had some sort of negative experience with a snake, or snakes, to make him act that way. But donkeys, and mules, seem to be smarter than horses, in some ways, or so I have observed from the one's we had. I made a deal with snakes, many years ago. They leave me alone, and I won't kill 'em.
  21. My adopted grand-son is finishing up at the Navy nuclear training school, out in Carolina. He will then be stationed aboard a ship, like as not, a carrier. We are all so very proud of him. The young men, and women, who volunteer for the service, are keeping my faith alive in this country, despite the traitors that are in political office, and despite the stupid ideas that are going around now (like defund the police). I know when I was in the military, I did not particularly like it, or want to be there, but I was determined to do what had to be done, and also I had it in my head that we were helping to keep a people free from the slavery of marxist-communism/socialism. We were either bored, or scared, but we were all determined, never-the-less. May the Lord bless and keep our service men, and women, who can be in harm's way in an instant. May the sacrifices they make be honored forever. May those traitors who abandon, and sacrifice them, for their own disgusting "reasons", be brought to justice in this life...as they will surely be brought to justice in the next.
  22. I have been going to gun shows since the 1960's. In all that time I have bought maybe ten firearms. I have bought far more on-line, than at a gunshow. What you related to us, is what we all have experienced. I do look at on-line gun sites every day, and I pretty much know what something is going for, price wise...not that I agree with what they are asking. The prices, nowadays, are just obscene. Gun shows really are not a place to go, to necessarily find a bargain, or even what you are looking for. For, me, I discovered that finding something I really want, at a descent price, at a gun show, is the exception, and never the rule. At least on-line, you can put in what you are looking for, and if there are any available, you will know. Going to a gun show, you never really know what might be there, or might come through the doors, with a customer. I like some gun shops, but some of the salesmen don't know squat, or are jerks. Also, it is a pain in beau-tocks to have to listen to the person, at the gun show, behind the table, speak to you like you don't know which end of the firearm the projectile comes out of. I am looking for a realistic price, and I want to examine the firearm, and the bore. I ain't lookin' for an opinion, or for them to tell me how knowledgeable they pretend to be. You know...I figure if anyone that is selling at a gun show, or shop, is over 33 years old, then I MAY listen to him/her. Why 33 years old?? Well, as a human, Jesus lived to be 33, so if that person outlived Jesus, then maybe he/she may know what they are talking about....maybe.
  23. 20 inches on my hammered Rossi.... It beats trying to swing the 30 inch barrel on my Winchester 1887.
  24. This type of thing is not unique to GunBroker. In an attempt to maximize profits, to (they say) keep afloat, to make things more efficient, to increase upper management, and middle management salary's, they have initiated computers to handle the front line calls, and reactions...thus making it more difficult to talk to a human, and try to get some answers in a timely manner. Why pay a human a salary, benefits, vacation, stock options, a 401(k), when you can get a programmer, from B.F. Egypt, to write a program for a computer that will "interact" with the customer. I think they justify this by calling it "inevitable progress". A few months ago, when I was battling covid, and feeling like death eating cow patties, I finally was able to get to the water department, and paid a late fee for my water bill. I was one (1) day late. I paid extra because I was one day late. Then a week later, I got a letter from them saying I need to pay up or else my water would be cut off. The letter was, obviously, computer generated, and also obviously, the person, at the water department, that I paid my bill to, is unwilling, or unable, or too ignorant, to stop the letter, and the threat of having my water cut off. You will notice that a lot of places will not give you a phone number to call, just an e-mail address, or some other nebulous thing, so it will be more difficult to get in touch with them. It is simply bone-headed management decisions, by people that don't, and never had a clue, or training. I have a revelation for them....if they put the customer first, the money will be there. If they put money first, sooner or later, the customer will not be there. I cancelled a credit card, just yesterday, for that very reason. They don't care, because losing my business won't put any dents in their profit margin, but bottom line, I will spend my money elsewhere, and I will be happier. They can kiss my grits!!! Even better...I had a surplus on the credit card, so they owe me $140.00 !! I wonder if I should send them a letter and threaten to charge them a late fee!!! What we need are servant-leaders...not bone-head leaders, and bone-head decisions, that we mostly have now.
  25. I went to a gun show, this past weekend, and the ammo, and primers, were still as scarce as hen's teeth, and the prices would make a billy-goat barf. The so-called "sporting goods" stores, around here, still have empty shelves (but plenty of clothing, and other yuppie stuff). ----I was wondering if this is just here, or are you Pards experiencing the same thing where you are???---- Not too many weeks ago, we were inundated with videos, from the manufacturers, about how they are working 24/7/365. That is good, and I appreciate that, if indeed that is true. I have no proof that it isn't true. So...is all this because of transportation problems now, or folks buy up every thing in sight....or....what? Just wondering if I am alone, in this here boat. Your thoughts please, and thanks for the input. Yer Ole Saddle Pal... W.K.
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