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  1. Hi Bud,


    I am super happy to see you might be shooting again.  I hope to shoot with you soon.  


    Kid Drover

    (Used to be Mountain Drover, then Knob Creek Drover, and now Kid Drover)


    P.S.  Brandin A Bovine will be happy to hear you are backe!

    1. Bison Bud

      Bison Bud

      Sorry to be so long in responding, I just realized you posted this on my profile.  Anyway, great to hear from you and I had recently asked Brandin about you anyway.  You two were always awesome posse pards and would be top choices for my ultimate posse if I were to put one together!  Anyway, I would indeed like to return to shooting cowboy again, but I really do have some problems getting around these days.  This is primarily due to a knee implant becoming infected that after 4 more surgeries pretty much left me disabled, ended my working career, and most of my recreational activities as well.   I even had to sell my motorcycle and the fishing boat, because I just couldn't make good use of them anymore!  Anyway, I can walk un-aided for short distances, but generally use a cane and I do wear out quickly.  Frankly, there will be no more "Run & Gun" for me and the competition was one of the things I really liked about cowboy action.  Still, shooting for the shear pleasure is attractive to me and I am trying to get back to it, but I guess only time will tell the tale.  In any case, great to hear from you and I hope things are well with you and yours.  Do you still shoot regularly down at Knob Creek?


      Bison Bud

      AKA:  Phil/Bud Compton


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