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  1. So sorry to hear of your losses Doc. I can sympathize. We lost ten within five years of graduating high school. Four in one house. I try not to think about it anymore. Kinda numb to it now.
  2. I may try to make that this week or next. People will find out it's dangerous to let me have too much time on my hands!
  3. Catching up on my bullet casting while I rest my hunting grounds a couple days. Got 1000 200 grain TC's for my .45 ACP done and 500 RN 125 grainers for my 9mm. I'll work on .38s tomorrow. My wife will be delivering supper shortly I believe. I just realized I haven't eaten since breakfast. Tilled the garden, raked leaves, cleaned the gutters. Dumped all the potted plants today too. I'm wiped out. Overdid things a bit.
  4. My son should have got this badge when the mouthy kid in the troop called me a cripple behind my back. He demonstrated the will and ability immediately and to good effect. The Troop Leader just turned and walked away. Didn't see a thing. It was several years before I found out why and how that kid hit the ground so hard.
  5. I grew up with an epileptic brother. Scary stuff for sure. Glad this is available for folks. And no dog alive beats a Golden for bringing good cheer to a house.
  6. Tried to buy back a FN FAL that I sold a friend years ago. He ain't parting with it. I offered double what he paid me. Other than that I'm good.
  7. I see deer at work all the time. Love it.
  8. Off for two weeks regardless. I need a negative test to return.
  9. I don't know where I went wrong raising my little girl. She watched a seven pointer at ten yards for 30 minutes. Glad we don't need that venison yet.
  10. My wife has mentioned bullet wounds recently also.
  11. Not when we were in the shop. None of us did. When we left to any other parts of the building we did. It's our lunch area too.
  12. We usually sleep separately because I tend to toss and turn and bit....talk a lot in my sleep so hopefully that helped.
  13. I just hope I didn't infect my family before my boss got his positive test. Not concerned about me at all.
  14. Not in the slightest. I do too.
  15. Kaya is in her stand too. I usually get to be an innocent bystander when that happens!
  16. Here as well. There is a season for trapping but you are allowed to kill them if they are harming OR ABOUT TO HARM PROPERTY. Shoot on site is the norm. Kaya and her .243 have proved particularly effective.
  17. I haven't seen a flame thrower mentioned yet.....
  18. So Friday I was informed that I was exposed to the Wuhon crud. I was sent home for a two week paid vacation and told to quarantine. Ok, not a problem. I called home to spread the good news........ then called the County department of health to get tested. Today at 2:00. Results Weds. When I got home, Kaya was already getting the camper ready for my stay. Food, clothes, etc. As I was told to avoid contact I requested all my hunting clothes too. After all, there ain't nobody in my stand with me, right?!? Two weeks off during the early rut to hunt! Yee haw!! But, here's the reason for this post: 1. Look at your camper and think about if you had to live in it. Is it big enough to be comfy? Is it well stocked? 2. Put away the new guns. YOUR WIFE WILL SEE THEM IF YOU LEFT THEM OUT! 3. Thank your God for giving you the family around you. My wife is a strong woman and providing me with everything I need even before I know I need it. My daughter knew what gear I needed to hunt and even got my 1911 for me to keep in the camper. My son is keeping tabs on me because I will hide it if I need to go to the ER at some point. 4. The Saloon is a wonderful place to be. Keep the posts coming. It gives me something to do while I'm in prison..... There's more but I need to take another nap. Talk soon!
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