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  1. I've picked them up in the past. The loins are usually good and one hind quarter. The Black Pine Animal Rescue will take them to feed their lions, bears, etc.
  2. Buy me the pie and I'll let you have a sliver.
  3. I have never and will never be a member of Facebook. It opened for me on my phone though. Not on my PC.
  4. As a father of a beautiful young lady, I will second.
  5. Pretty much it! Back strap baby!
  6. According to googles, there's lots of players in Arizona.
  7. We brought ours home today too! Daughter and dog now napping peacefully!
  8. I can't get my employees to do that!!! He's hired!
  9. Twenty, no, thirty years ago maybe. Hell, ground level is rare.
  10. Yep, that's about right.
  11. A picture of a picture. I had this when I met my wife. Sure do miss that car. Had a great stereo, a bored out 350 with open headers. I had Craiger rims for it but never put them on. Gave them away after I sold the car. I was 17 years old, had a good job and a 21 year old girlfriend. Hair to the middle of my back. I won't share the rest here. Good days for sure.
  12. They are a pain to mix in. If it was all you had you could reload them just fine and not have to change your die settings. Add .44 Mag to that list. Scrap bucket.
  13. Glad to be of assistance. Looks like you're missing about half.
  14. Ours goes in Thursday morning for a breast cyst. She is 11 we think. Fingers crossed and a prayer for you too.
  15. Some pics of the bolt of a model 3! My brother in law had this and a Remington in cases under an open window for years. They looked like yours. I nickel plated the bolts and the barrel of the M3. Refinish for the stock.
  16. Yelled at a FedEx driver today for speeding through my barricades while we were loading trees in the dump truck. Sumbeech flipped me off. What he doesn't realize is that he delivers to my office. Tomorrow will have at least one adventure.
  17. 97 degrees with 80+ percent humidity.
  18. Heat index of 106 here. The average age of my crew is 59. Hard to clean up after this storm when we all want to fall over. I pulled my crews early today. Early start tomorrow. Heat index only 103 then.....
  19. Deep breath. Ooonnnneee more measurement. Then we can start over with ya.
  20. He's just jealous that his boyfriend won't hold his hand like that.
  21. VID_20220613_225226615.mp4 Airport measured a 98 mph gusts on the leading edge of this tonight.
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