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  1. Colt Burgess. I know Uberti made them for a while and have one in 44WCF. This time I'd love for them to be made with a shorter stroke, more competitive, and offer them in .38 spl.
  2. SASS World Headquarters 102 E. Rochester Street PO Box 960 Akron, IN 46910 877-411-SASS (Toll free) 574-598-2987 (Local) *Effective Nov. 1 877-770-8687 (Fax)
  3. Most of us couldn't care less how you eat your grits. Hell you could bring unsweet tea with you and I wouldn't say a darn word about it.
  4. Tennessee Williams and I agree on a lot of things; this is NOT one of them. Mayo and American Cheese on my hotdogs please. Ranch dressing on the fries. Nanner puddin' for desert.
  5. Offers to Buy/Sell/Trade posted by Guests or Members not including their SASS Number will be deleted without notice.
  6. Local Corn Liquor = (Jack Daniels x Tequila)²
  7. Y'all know he can't count to 4, he had at least a half dozen helpings.
  8. Before that is was Schuetzen, so they might switch back.
  9. Yes, you should try Southern KY around Bowling Green or Upper Middld TN; need a few more BP shooters at Green River...
  10. Where'd the club that changed ranges move to?
  11. Don't they have other facilities? Doesn't Powder Inc. still make Goex BP?
  12. For those that don't enjoy standing on their head:
  13. Jump into the deep end of the pool, only get Vaqueros instead of a Blackhawk. Don't wait until you get everything, take what you have and go shoot.
  14. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/311362-cowboy-gunsmiths/
  15. Congratulations! We're 20 years behind you(25th was Tuesday 9/21).
  16. Just trying to help. Until the gun fits pretty good no load is gonna make them happy. Cut it to length, fill the stock with lead shot and put a good thick butt pad on it.
  17. Then I suggest fitting it to her and you adjust until another can be found for you.
  18. Has her shotgun been fit to her? That could be part of the problem if it hasn't.
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