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  1. The last who's coming was Monday. Typically don't know posse assignments til Thursday, but maybe this year we'll get them early. I'm ready to smoke up NAR!
  2. I sure hope so, @Barkeep Casey can ya help a fellow Vol out with that?
  3. You must be using common core math now, two weeks is not 7 days when the fun begins! You are gonna buy me a beer for my birthday right? My predictions are: Capt. BB beats TN Williams by .666 seconds. Cracker Crew, Vols, Peach Posse. Kajun VooDoo fails miserably against Tennesse hex...
  4. If it were me I'd offer $50/1K. That gives him a little profit, and you a big discount. If I were guessing I'd say when primers become available again they'll land somewhere between $50-$70 / 1K
  5. Yes, but they're calling yours louder... Hear that? TEXAS LIZARD, buy me! Good 0l' Joe was an my posse for my first 2-3 Tennessee State matches shooting those bad boys; I'd love to have them, but then I'd have to sell some other toys to pay for them, lol.
  6. I really wish y'all would quit bumping this up or someone would go ahead and buy them and remove the temptation...
  7. I don't know exactly how fast he was going but I can remember an uncle doing wheelies for quite a long distance and not going fast. Also seen him do them on a bicycle and I'm sure he wasn't going 15mph on those. That was around 35 years ago. He could do anything on a motorcycle he wanted. Rode a wheelie for probably 3 miles at least once
  8. In case this isn't clear to everyone, it simply means the top 5 shooters from Florida, Georgia, and Alabama need to slow down this year so they fall into the 6-10 shooter bracket; just trying to help everyone out
  9. I'll add my prayers in with the posse, hope you get better soon.
  10. Superglue and tylenol/ibuprofen(and whiskey after shooting is done for the day). Oh and fix whatever is broken with the trigger ASAP(bad spring?).
  11. Yes, I'll PM you my PayPal address and handle all that for you. There will be a small handling fee though...
  12. Because he's an obnoxious jack@$$ that thinks that somehow makes his truck sound and look cool?
  13. The last person that possessed it(not me, I'm scared to even look at the thing) said they left it on the bench in front the Livery. @Tennessee williams you might want to go find that thing and dispose of it properly; There's a full moon on the 20th, hope you know the right incantation.
  14. Won't work. In his efforts to become his idol(Davy Crockett; remember he killed 103 one year) he's been spraying himself with bear mace and become impervious to it. He thinks he's supposed to wear the mace like aftershave, but that's not really how it works; small wonder he ain't been mauled yet... Y'all need to quit messing with them chicken feet(and white possums) though, something bad's gonna happen. Heck Tennessee or Alabama might slip in and win the trail driver award or something crazy like that. I think I better get Scarlett to sprinkle some special anti-hexing dust as she flies over the range.
  15. We're trying to figure out who put the chicken foot on Leadbone's cart? He found it at the livery and shot better the rest of the match.
  16. Can't pull one over on y'all, I don't think I'll get there in time for the BP match, so good luck! Remember only one hand on revolvers for Frontiersman
  17. I concur; it's disappointing too(not that I want Georgia to take it all either) If you'd like to cheer me up and get me a birthday present(10/21) I'd ask that you and Branchwater trade ammo for one stage at Ambush; that ought to get TW 3-5 seconds on you and it'll help me gain a few seconds on BJ...
  18. Hey Bama got beat last night, anything is possible...
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