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  1. I’ve found adding Black Powder to this mix works even better…
  2. Very handy tool! That reminds me I need to use it soon so I don’t have a repeat of TN State a couple years back when I bought said tool…
  3. I double cock when I draw them and then alternate cock after the first shot. I change leads and crossover as needed. I figure out how I’ll shoot my rifle and shoot revolvers exactly the same way(unless the stage instructions are different for them).
  4. I’ve never slip hammered, but used to have a lot of Ruger-Go-Rounds. Lots and I mean LOTS of practice fixed it for the most part; then I bought short stroked revolvers and fixed it completely… My problem back then I think was short thumbs and not getting the hammer pulled back far enough.
  5. Absolutely! I’m hoping the North Alabama Regulators will go one step further and take payments as well. They already use it for AL State and Southeast Regional and it’s pretty awesome that I can login and see who is on my posse AND change posse if I wanted too; plus scores are up pretty quickly as well!
  6. As long as they’re using a processor and not saving credit card info it’s pretty secure. Myself I don’t like sending checks in the mail. If the wrong person gets that, there’s your checking account info which could be used to clean you out.
  7. According to the Jedi Gunfighters web page that number is taken; I’m not going to mention a name because I don’t know it’s been announced.
  8. Nope speak for yourself, I’m still a young 49… BUT, having been married for 28 years, I have learned that she’s right 99.836782183% of the time and to NEVER mention the .163217817% when she’s not right(NEVER EVER EVER EVER, say she’s wrong).
  9. Nope, works just fine. https://www.sassnet.com/sass-clubs/find-a-club-near-you
  10. A VAST majority of us shoot 38s NOT 357s so how would that shut us out?
  11. “Shooter standby”… Beeeeep!
  12. Great family. Cap’n BB is pretty ok too, though he may need a bigger hat with everyone braggin’ on him.
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