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  1. I agree, but I'm sure they aren't allowed to touch him.
  2. Sad what this country is coming to. There are a couple of freshman in my daughter's school that claim to be cats and one boy acting like a dog took a dump in the gym floor. Yes, we've spoken to the school board.
  3. I can look at poison oak and get it, so no way I'm wearing short in the woods. It's so bad that I'm thinking about wearing long sleeve shirt next time.
  4. We're ALL here for FUN(ok well 99.94322147% us are.).
  5. Slater out in East Tennessee does a great job setting up 87s too; just thought I'd mention it.
  6. Switch to Black Powder and never worry again...
  7. Maybe. A lot depends on availability; you might not find a Uberti cheaper than a Comanchero in stock.
  8. I'd personally get the Uberti from Taylor's so I could get a Cowboys & Indians short stroke kit put in it, but that's me. More upgrades available for Uberti.
  9. I use it in my shotguns, works great. I use a Lyman 55 BP measure to dispense it as a separate step between the 2nd and 3rd stations on my MEC steelmaster. I've always understood it to be a mix of 1F,2F, and 3F.
  10. Just send me $200 and I'll send you a special stamp for it. There will be an approval process that takes 90 days(or possibly 365 days) and you can't use it until you receive said stamp.
  11. Let's not. Let's compare it to a bone stock 1873 or 1894 or even an 1892; all of those are hands down better rifles for this game and 2 of them are cheaper than a new HBB. Also, for a vast majority of us when that beeper beeps we're running that rifle as fast as humanly possible. I'll say it again, Henry Big Boys are fine rifles, just not suited for this game. I've seen too many frustrated HBB shooters to even consider it as an option at this point. All they've done is add a side loading, so until they completely change the internals they're a jam waiting to happen.
  12. Meh, it's more due to the design of the action. Great guns and fine if you operate methodically, but most of us don't do that after the beep.
  13. Pretty sure the gunsmith is Slater in East Tennessee. He can make them a little more CAS friendly.
  14. Well here's my opinion: 1. Uberti 1873 2. Uberti 1866 3. Winchester 1873(lower because no ss kits and harder to find parts) 4. Winchester 1866(same as 73) 5. 1894 Marlin 6. 1892 Rossi/Winchester/etc. 7. Lightning pump(Uberti/Pedersoli) 8. 1860 Henry(Uberti or Henry) 9. 1883 Burgess replica 10. 1865 Spencer(Chiappi or maybe the real thing) 12. Throw rocks 14. 1894 Winchester(pistol caliber) 99. Henry Big Boy w/side gate or not.
  15. Prayers for rapid healing and full recovery.
  16. I wouldn't get the short stroke in your case. I WILL encourage you to bring your rifle to a match and join the fun
  17. Have friend(Shawn) up in West Virginia that had a stroke yesterday, his 2nd in the last 2 months, prayer's are appreciated. Shawn has been moved from the Hospital to a rehab center nearby. Still having some trouble talking but improving somewhat daily. Thanks all for the thoughts and prayers.
  18. IAC, and especially the IAC Coyote Cap specials ate the China made ones that ate decent 87s; PW 87s are junk in my experience. I'm thinking you could find a PW87 cheaper than that to learn on but don't let it get to you if you can't make it run fast; only Lassiter and maybe one or two others have had any success fixing those. Good Luck!
  19. I don't disagree, BUT I sure as hell don't want any clown(sorry to all clowns) from Washington doing anything to any of the bill of rights; best thing they could do is learn to read them!
  20. I think it's calculated based on how many Likes, Thanks, HaHas, and Confuded emojis your posts have gotten from others.
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