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  1. Evil Roy- evilroy.com Boomstick Jay often has used guns ready to go. As Phantom suggested several gunsmiths will get the guns and slick them before sending them. I know Barleycorn Outfitters will also send his to a gunsmith of your choosing for you, so talk to the smiths.
  2. No and I hated shooting in it and wouldn't have had I not dropped $1K+ in gas/hotel/match fees.
  3. For real BP I use: Gold Remington STS Hulls Claybuster 7/8oz gray wads 45-48gr of Real BP 7/8oz #7.5 lead shot I use a MEC Sizemaster press and a Lyman BP Measure as a separate step, no powder on the press itself. I'm too lazy to mess with roll crimps and fiber wads. No need for 1-1 and no need for more than 7/8oz of shot IMO. Whatever amount of sub that equals 45-48gr of BP is plenty of power; sorry can't remember where a conversion chart is.
  4. Did you not see water sloshing everywhere? When the timer goes off few are going take time to make sure water goes in and stays in the bucket; I'm sure not.
  5. Hard pass. Fine with the targets and movement, but wet hands = slippery grips and dropped loaded firearms.
  6. http://www.pagecustomknives.com/knives.html
  7. 2 - .45 Ruger New Vaqueros 5.5" for sale. One is a 510 prefix, the other is a 513 prefix. No trades and really don't want to split them up(shipping seperate adds to shipping costs). $1600 shipped CONUS(CA add $125). SOLD
  8. Where are you getting this info? SASS seems to be gaining steam East of the Mississippi and the sky sure ain't falling in the South...
  9. Congratulations!!! Well deserved.
  10. Ok who's the &*%$$×** that left this on stage 8:
  11. Seamus, I sure hope you danced counter-clockwise around your trailer, remember everything in Bamalama is bass-ackwards...
  12. Some of y'all should be in politics... Not me, a more humble person you'll never meet and I certainly don't have an ego. TW, it hurts that you didn't mention us BP shooters at all. We should've been at least number 2 on that list. Since you forgot all about me and my fellow Soot Lords(and Ladies) I'm gonna eat that nanner split I was bringing you later today...
  13. Several "Country" music singers are pro-gun too. Maybe we should figure out how to get Travis Tritt to Georgia State and/or SE Regional since he lives near Atlanta.
  14. FYI, a 12ga shotshell won't fit in a 44WCF rifle either...
  15. There was another very short thread on these last year(I think). As was mentioned there, the guns look like they set up higher off the ground than I'd be comfortable with. IF I were going with a stroller I'd either build my own from a jogging stroller OR get a rugged gear; I personally don't like strollers though. @Scarlett do you still get discounts on Rugged Gear?
  16. @Buck D. Law, SASS #62183 tell Barkeep to have that ready for me at 5pm sharp You sure do have a great team. I started in 2011 at Wartrace and then met you at Hoover I think that was 2014, Mustang Lewis(Cody) still remembers you well. I keep saying I've got to get down that way more often because those two clubs are just excellent.
  17. I like it a lot! It does need a couple of things though: 1. Android support 2. The ability to subtract time myself, just before I approve it
  18. @Buck D. Law, SASS #62183 Y'all put on a great match. I don't know how Ambush and Tennessee State both seem to get better every year, but they do. Keep up the outstanding work and thanks ahead of time for what I'm sure will be the best match I've ever been to.
  19. While that is a great reason to be 2nd in that chart I was curious about the uptick in participation that year. Still fuzzy though, could be The Triple Crown(last leg) or could be getting to shoot with Alchemist Belle...
  20. 2019, 2020, and this year is/was the Southeast Regional, was it before then or was it AL State Match? What was special about 2013?
  21. Nah, I think you're on posse 12 with several of the fine folks from Wartrace. They probably put you there to keep Tennessee Williams in line.
  22. yeah agree I typically just type into whatever browser's address bar something like: site:sassnet.com sass wire shotgun the prefix https://google.com isn't really needed and only use quotes if you need something exactly
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