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  1. Why would it be a P trap for gunfighters?


    Same reason it might be for a rifle. There is no break while retrieving second revolver; continuous fire as both revolvers in hand and loaded.

  2. I was going to give a wise ass reply in a different thread (Surprised? :D ) and an interesting question came to mind.


    Nevada sweeps don't have to start on an end target, they can start in the middle. What would be your reaction if a stage called for the shooter to use the rifle to perform two separate Nevada sweeps, both starting in the middle and going in either direction?


    You'd have to remember to double tap the center with the fifth and sixth rounds. I think that would be pretty cool with pistols, but think it might be considered a P

    trap for rifles.

    Or gunfighters...

  3. If anybody has actual knowledge on how this could be made to happen, maybe let Misty know. I for one do not have enough computer skills to suggest a fix.

    The developer that worked on the recent issues should know how to do it; I think his name was James. I run one now and have been administrator over several forums and

    tweaked code for several different kinds of forum software. Most of the time it is a matter of turning it on and letting the code know where to upload the

    images/attachments in tandem with granting permissions to the users. I know it's possible with the IP Board software we run here because I am a member of another

    forum that uses the exact same software; they allow you to attach up to 10 items(.jpg, .png, .pdf, etc...) to a post and insert them into the post.


    There will be a collection to pay for the recount?


    Yes, send your donations to:



    P.O. Box 23

    Ripyouoff, TN 37000


    I'll make sure those funds are put to good use :lol: :lol:

  5. I use the Tombstone leather 'Tupelo Bandoleer & would never go back to a belt.

    Interested if someone may have a picture of Doc Nopers ?

    I had him do 6 12ga loops at the top, then 4 44-40 bullet loops, then 8 12ga loops at the bottom, and finally 8 12ga loops on the back.







  6. I first post a photo on Facebook, then here. Easy peasy.

    • Right click on the FB photo.
    • From the pop-up menu, select Properties.
    • Copy the address.
    • In the text box here, click the square Image Properties icon.
    • Paste the address there.


    I do not know why we cannot post directly from our PCs. That question has been asked many times.



    Not all FaceBook photos are equal, some can be shared and some cannot. I think part of it is who owns it. And I have seen it where folks with a FaceBook account can see the pics and those that don't can't.


    The reason we can't upload directly is that the site administrator and/or developer has not set it up and/or enabled it.

  7. I wish we could post direct. I've tried the photo bucket route, no joy. I can post pictures direct to Facebook, craigslist, emails etc, why not direct to this forum? I've heard it takes up too much bandwidth....whatever that is..... but I don't really know. Seems like if we can send a man to the moon we ought to be able to fix this. If its a question of $$$$, I bet most of us would pony up a few bucks a year to pay for the privilege.


    What say you SASS?


    Seems like our annual fees should take care of that, but what do I know.


    Photobucket has become unusable of late. I could never get dropbox to work in tandem with the SASS Wire.


    Imgur works pretty well. There may be other sites as well,

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