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  1. 1 hour ago, Make do said:

    Where can someone find a stiffer hammer spring - all I see online are lighter springs (Wolf) or stock springs. Or how about a gunsmith that is putting in cap guards?


    Longhunter might.


    The only other one I know of that does it, takes FOREVER.



  2. I'm assuming your not going to try this method at a match?  Because I think you scare the bejesus out of the other folks there if you did that and you can't put the caps on before you go to the loading table.


    I use an antler tip and don't push real hard; then again I use Rem #10s and Slix nipples. Don't use the hammer to seat them, bad idea.


    It's pretty simple to install a cap rake if you have a drill and a dremel.


    Are you using stock hammer springs or lightened? 

  3. 1 minute ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    No, I just said 'a man's 29th'.  Unfortunately it will be my 59th, though I'm sure everyone thought 29 was real.


    It'll be your 30th anniversary of your 29th birthday...


    Trust us you don't look anywhere close to 29 :ph34r::lol::lol:


    If I can remember I'll bring you a nice cigar and a cold brew.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Doc Shapiro said:

    I would suggest that we can trust shooters to use good judgement. We have the right safety rules in place regarding the 170, as well as rounds over the berm. 

    I also have a fair bit of anecdotal evidence to support this. 

    In my opinion, I think you’re expecting that if it’s allowed, and there is a stage written for it, that there will be issues. I maintain that I believe shooters will make good judgments about their abilities and limitations. 

    I don’t believe that this argument is valid. 


    You're a LOT more trusting than I am, but I'm starting to come around.  

  5. 45 minutes ago, Doc Shapiro said:


    Indeed.  Especially a change like this that's been ingrained since the beginning.  And one where all of the arguments to keep it are specious.

    Out of curiosity do you know of any clubs outside of SASS that have allowed shooting on the move? Did it increase attendance when they did so?

  6. 23 minutes ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    I think those primers have my name on them!

    The box might, but I predict someone else gets the actual primers.


    But just in case you do win  I've got a deal with Randy and we're gonna swap them out with 2 boxes of once fired primers...

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Cypress Sun said:


    I don't think that SASS membership is required to start an ISO or WTB post in the Classifieds. SASS membership (in good standing) is required to offer items for sale in the Classifieds.


    Welcome Slewfoot and good luck finding your guns.



    And you would be incorrect.  


    "Offers posted by Guests or Members not including thier SASS Number will be deleted."


    Offers meaning For Sale OR Want to Buy.  

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  8. 7 minutes ago, Slewfoot said:

    I don’t have a number yet. Are only FS ads prohibited by non-SASS members and WTB/WTTF are permitted? I really don’t want to get sent to the Principal’s office when I’ve finally started speaking up in class, but it would possibly get me up and out there faster to be searching amongst other cowboys and not the usual Armslist crowd for sure.


    You need a SASS number to start a thread of any kind in the classifieds.


    Where in Tennessee are you from? Visit one of the many clubs  around before you buy anything else; might find what you need there.


    Our State match is coming up soon, June 2-4 in Watrace, TN.

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