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  1. 1 hour ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    So now the pitcher has 18 seconds with a man on base instead of 20. 
    15 with nobody on.

    I haven’t watched a game in years is the pitch timer thing tolerable or am I just gonna hate it?


    I read the NL has DH now too?



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  2. Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter here.


    .38’s: 18-20gr of Schuetzen FFFg under a wonder wad, dab 50/50 beeswax/crisco lube and 125gr  coated bullet.


    12ga: 45-50gr Grafs Reenactor, pink claybuster wad(the 3/4oz one) and 7/8oz of lead shot in Remington STS green or gold hulls.


    I never really figured out how to get enough BP and shot in a 20ga with a wad to make it work right.




  3. 5 hours ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    It is!



    Wonder which matches everyone is shooting?


    Midnight Rider and I are sending out apps today to:


    1. South Carolina State(just me)

    2. Alabama State

    3. Mississippi State

    4. Tennessee State


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  4. 57 minutes ago, Mad Major Shelton said:


    So I know there is a CAS range, South River Shootists, about 2 hours away from me on the southern side of Atlanta near Covington GA.  Is there a website that shows different ranges that host CAS matches?  There are several commercial ranges nearby me here in FT Eisenhower (formerly known as FT Gordon) but I have never heard of any hosting a CAS event.  Anybody can point me in the right direction?

     Might be some clubs in South Carolina not too far from you as well, Belton Gun Club comes to mind.

  5. 8 minutes ago, bgavin said:



    Small lots, shallow setbacks, zero lot lines and high density housing.




    Can't really speak too much for Maryville, but when we drove through a month or so ago it looked like some of that was going on there already. It sure is in my little hometown about 3 hours from Maryville; seems as though a now liberal Nashville is spreading North and East and we have an influx from other states as well for some reason.  We bought some land about an hour south of Maryville on the lake with plans to move in a couple years so I really hope that area can stay small and without all that mess.



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  6. 11 minutes ago, Tennessee williams said:

    Fun fact. Widder used to have dark colored hair. But, one year I loaded Widder some shotshells to use at the TN State speed shotgun match. Well, there was 1 out of about 500 I put some super high powerful blackpowder in. His hair had turned white about 20 minutes after he fired that one. The TO got the shakes and 3 soiled doves found Jesus and took up a mission trip to Zimbabwe.

    This has to be true, not even a State Champion liar could make up something that good…

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