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  1. Cody, the Bowie's yours if you want it, Goody past on it. Let me know for sure?

    pay pal accepted,FORD514@sbcglobal.net I'll be needing need your address also.

    happy trails Cody.


    1. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Jason, need your address for shipping knife. Will you be using Pay Pal?

      Note: The hold down thong need only be raised over handle of knife to remove

      the knife. When returning knife to sheath just return the thong over the handle

      of knife this will keep knife secure, (no adjustment of thong is required. (honest)

      Happy trails


    2. Tyrel Cody

      Tyrel Cody

      I sent you a PM with all that info and paid via PayPal last night.

    3. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Very good, I get it ready and let you know the tracking info  this evening.

      Thank you again for the purchase, please let me know what you think.

      Happy trails


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