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  1. Hey Rudy, I bought one to quail hunt this year and can't hit a damn thing with it.   I finally pattern it and it shoot dead on.  Not good for a rising target but great for cowboy.  Anyway, I love the gun but I might sell it, not sure yet, BTW it's a 20 ga.  

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  2. 2 hours ago, C.N. Double said:

    Congrats, Trego Kid! I attended 4 state WBAS matches (NM, TX, MO, OK) over a 6 week period in Aug-Oct, and every one of them were extremely well-produced and well-attended. Wild Bunch is alive and growing, and it's attracting a lot of new shooters from more modern disciplines.


    Until SASS affords the same modernization to the WBAS wire as they have here, I think the SASS Wire is an excellent place to discuss anything related to SASS, including WBAS or CAS.

    You are soooo right CN.  This past year, World Championship, National Championship, several state and even a Regional in Oklahoma.   Wild Bunch is alive and growing stronger everyday!!!!!!!!!!  Congrats Trego Kid!!!!!

  3. To All Indiana and Kentucky Wild Bunch/Sass clubs:


    The Kaskaskia Cowboys, Sparta, Il will be hosting the 2017 Illinois State Wild Bunch Championship on April 29/30 at the World Shooting Complex in Sparta Illinois.

    We are appealing to your club to host your state Wild Bunch Championship at the same date and facility as ours.

    This is how it would work. Our entry fee is $65.00. The State of Illinois currently charges $8.00 per shooter for the facility and the Saturday night meal is approximately $15.00. Thus, we would deduct $23.00 per entry, leaving your club/state with a net total of $42.00. YOU WILL KEEP THIS AMOUNT for every entry from your state. However, you must order and present your own trophies for your state. This should be your only expense.

    We will take care of returned entries and organize the shooters list. We will also write all the stages and print a shooters book.

    Your obligation, other than the trophies, is to request your state’s acceptance with SASS as the 2017 State Championship host club.

    I know it would be a hassle for your shooters to travel to Sparta, Il. but it really is a great facility with a lot of camping and hotels in the area.

    Hopefully this attempt will strengthen our Wild Bunch Action shooting sport. Please give me a call or e-mail if you have any questions or suggestions.


    Back 40

    2017 Illinois State Wild Bunch Match Director




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