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  1. I took the bolt out of the action and cleaned it as it had been shot in at least a dozen matches, my problem is that the bolt went all the way forward so that I cannot insert the lever, nor can I seem to get the bolt to retract far enough to insert the lever.....


    What do I do to retract the bolt in order to re-insert the lever?




  2. Was asked about this by a .36 caliber cap and ball shooter....."Can a shooter request the targets be re-painted so as to ensure that hits are easily distinguished"?


    Cannot find anything on Manuals that answers that.


    What do you all say?



  3. 10 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:


    It is all but impossible to accurately measure the inside diameter of your revolver chambers with calipers. You need a set of telescoping gauges or pin gauges to get an accurate measurement.

    I don't understand your statement......please explain this. My calipers are measuring the side to side distance of the chamber. Why is that an impossible measurement?



  4. A friend of mine in Idaho has a real original Henry in .44 rimfire and a case of 200 rounds of ammo in an unopened case that I guess is worth much more than the rifle.

    I always admired his Henry.....wonder what it would take to have a manufacturer make a run of 44 rimfire? Sort of like they have done on the old 5mm rimfire.

    With today's technology it can't be that difficult..



  5. On a whim, I decidaed to actually measure the cylinder diameters for 3 of my 1860 Army revolvers. Two are Pietta and one is a Uberti. To my surprise I was getting measurements all over the place....none were anywhere close to the .451 diameter usually suggested, more like .438 to .445.


    No wonder the .451 balls are so hard to seat. .454 would be near impossible unless you had a long cheater bar.


    What are you serious Cap & Ball shooters using? Does anyone bore the cylinders so that each and every one measures exactly the same? ie. maybe .450 for all?



  6. A side note to my comment above is this....Many of you know that I am a real deal bugler sounding TAPS for deceased military and their families graveside. I was told that on my last service that I HAD to wear a mask.......I then asked the funeral director how expected me to play? He had a silly look on his face....I then told him that he has a choice, I can mask up and NOT sound TAPS or forget the mask and do what I came here to do.....you pick.


    As the service as starting in about 2 minutes he decided that it would be OK for me to NOT don a mask.




    PS. Now all Memorial Day services are cancelled......what an insult to our veterans deceased or not!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Aerosol sight black works well for me....spray it on before the match and will often go the entire match...if not....over to the safe area and re-spray. Have also used my carbide sight black lamp (Gunsmoke) with real carbide...left over from my NRA Service rifle days....gets things REALLY black and is non reflective as well....folks DO look at you however!



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  8. Thanks Marauder!!


    Didn't know Milburn Stone sang with Harry James......know all about Ken Curtis and his singing in the Sons of the Pioneers and with Dorsey.....what a voice when he was singing....not all the hillbilly ridge runner voice when he was in character.



  9. In 197 there was an episode called New Doctor in Town in which Dr. Chapman (Pat Hingle) was replacing Dr. Adams ( milburn Stone)......my real question is what happened that Milburn Stone was not in a number of episodes and then returned?


    Was there a medical issue? A contract issue? etc....


    2nd question...how many episodes was Harrison Ford in?...I know of 2 but there are probably more....





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