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  1. A dear friend has a 97 with a problem I don't understand.....when loaded with 6 rounds for a Wild Bunch shoot the only way he can run the slide bar to chamber a round is to cock the hammer first, which he must do for the first 4 rounds and then he can run the gun normally on the last two rounds.


    Any suggestions my eagle eyed 97 guru's?




    PS. Who is doing 97 work these days? Seems so many of the tried and proven have retired.

  2. Here in Billings during sight in days where I am a Chief Range Officer, the Vortex Razor dominates......see an occasional Nikon, Leica and Swarovski.


    I personally use the old Kowa TSN-1 angled 25x eyepiece, have used it since 1989 when I shot NRA Service Rifle....still a fabulous scope.



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  3. In 1971 or so we bought my dad a Navy Arms replica of the Yellowboy in .38 special...........fast forward to last summer when the rifle slid off the bench and broke the rear sight.

    Anyone have an idea as to what dove tail Navy Arms used on these......I believe most, if not all dimensions were metric.


    The sight seems to have a much shorter distance from the dovetail to the back of the receiver. I have some Winchester 94 and Marlin sights that are too long. Is this known as a short shank sight? Where can I purchase another?


    Thanks to ALL!!!



  4. Not this year, I have a badly injured leg.....was moving my new gun safe in I fell backward snapping all three tendons from the top of the femur, while my left foot was snagged under the axle of the cart.

    The surgeon was able to surgically re-attach all three without any cadaver tissue.........all of my summer events are put on hold while I recover.



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  5. Aerosol sight black works well for me....spray it on before the match and will often go the entire match...if not....over to the safe area and re-spray. Have also used my carbide sight black lamp (Gunsmoke) with real carbide...left over from my NRA Service rifle days....gets things REALLY black and is non reflective as well....folks DO look at you however!



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  6. Thanks Marauder!!


    Didn't know Milburn Stone sang with Harry James......know all about Ken Curtis and his singing in the Sons of the Pioneers and with Dorsey.....what a voice when he was singing....not all the hillbilly ridge runner voice when he was in character.



  7. In 197 there was an episode called New Doctor in Town in which Dr. Chapman (Pat Hingle) was replacing Dr. Adams ( milburn Stone)......my real question is what happened that Milburn Stone was not in a number of episodes and then returned?


    Was there a medical issue? A contract issue? etc....


    2nd question...how many episodes was Harrison Ford in?...I know of 2 but there are probably more....





  8. One of the best values for the money is the Konus 20x60x80 spotting scope.


    Many of my smallbore and NRA High power rifle shooters are VERY pleased with the results. You can see bullet holes (.30 caliber) at 200 yards if you are using the black bull. In the white I can see .22 holes.....


    Might work out for you as well.



  9. Anyone know how many episodes had both Dennis Weaver AND Ken Curtis in them? I have seen about 5 but I think there are more than that....


    The supporting stable of cast members was extraordinary.....I liked the nickname Sgt. Holly ( Forrest Tucker) had for Marshall Dillon....Marshall Big Fist!



  10. Wow! Does everyone have a Brinnell hardness tester? I have NO idea as to what the real hardness level is on my own cast bullets......


    I have been using smelted isotope balls (whatever hardness that is) in my cap & ball revolvers and my all of my 44-40 revolvers and rifles with GREAT success.


    Anyone know what hardness isotope balls are?



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