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  1. permit holders in Montana don't have to have a NICS check either.
  2. It appears as though a new bolt and spring are going to solve my problem.....it only lasted 20 years of shooting.....guess they wear out on occassion. I bought it used and have put a mountain range of ammo through it....wonder how many that is anyway????? Will probably replace it's mate as well as I am at it. Bugler
  3. Will do a deep clean on the revolver tomorrow after a military funeral I am playing at. Results will be reported.....on the gun, not the funeral! Bugler
  4. No slip hammering, I shoot Duelist, so far has happened once. Will do some more test firing and see if I can replicate. The gun is bone stock. Bugler
  5. Only one cartridge was struck off center....will post a photo. I shoot duelist so I am not an overly aggressive shooter while cocking the revolver. Bugler
  6. I have a set of 1873 clones made by ASM , one of which seems to have a timing issue in that while there is a solid strike on the primer from the firing pin, it is about where a rimfire would strike. The round did NOT discharge...... How do you determine that timing is off and what do you do to remedy that? Bugler
  7. The wind at the match today here in Billings was so bad it blew the front sight off my revolver!! Bugler Actually, my front sight blew off the gun on stage 2........it's on the range somewhere. Ended up shooting the remaining stages with NO front sight and did better than I thought.......missed three pistol targets before noticing sight missing, the rest of the match was clean....maybe I don't even need that piece of metal after all!!!
  8. Buy all of them! I refuse to have a firearm be primer specific.......... Bugler
  9. I AM one of those people that picked up and reloads 9mm........a friend of mine that scoffed at my doing so sheepishly asked me if there was any chance he could buy some 9mm brass....."John" I said, you made fun of me all of this time for picking it up and reloading and now that you cannot get any from any store you want me to bail you out? Ah, yeah, sorta........Said, let me think about it....... Next morning I handed John a bag of about 500 casings........How much he asked? Merry Christmas, you old scallawag, you owe me lunch! I later learned that it was for the members of his church's security detail......John works the gun counter at a local gun store. He took them home that night and ran them through his Dillon 550B. I noticed that he did NOT ask about primers or bullets....... Bugler
  10. I have seen this done at a club in Montana, where each club member bought 2 targets and then donated them to the club. This could be extended to non club members as well. The NRA Grant request is also a great idea, Assassin is to my memory a great grant writer, perhaps he could guide you on this. Your state Fish and Game dept. also have Pitman-Robertson funds that you might be able to apply for. Lastly, if there are clubs that are defunct, perhaps they would sell at a great price or consider them a loan to YOUR club. This worked very well when West Yellowstone and Grassy Butte closed up. Hope you find a good solution....... Bugler
  11. Bugler

    TO question

    Would pass to another T.O...... Bugler
  12. They are infected with Covid-19...............in quarantine..........small attempt at humor. Bugler
  13. Hey guys, Refresh my memory as to who makes the large brass bead front sight for my Marlin 1894c? Drawing a blank here. Bugler
  14. Aerosol sight black works well for me....spray it on before the match and will often go the entire match...if not....over to the safe area and re-spray. Have also used my carbide sight black lamp (Gunsmoke) with real carbide...left over from my NRA Service rifle days....gets things REALLY black and is non reflective as well....folks DO look at you however! Bugler
  15. Thanks Marauder!! Didn't know Milburn Stone sang with Harry James......know all about Ken Curtis and his singing in the Sons of the Pioneers and with Dorsey.....what a voice when he was singing....not all the hillbilly ridge runner voice when he was in character. Bugler
  16. In 197 there was an episode called New Doctor in Town in which Dr. Chapman (Pat Hingle) was replacing Dr. Adams ( milburn Stone)......my real question is what happened that Milburn Stone was not in a number of episodes and then returned? Was there a medical issue? A contract issue? etc.... 2nd question...how many episodes was Harrison Ford in?...I know of 2 but there are probably more.... Bugler
  17. Sometimes it is about the challenge in front of you.....I hope you exceed your wildest expectations! Man made it at one time, so another one can do the same.... Keep us posted on your progress. Bugler
  18. Koolaid... That is exactly the SxS I have been using for the last year.....If Hoss doesn't borrow it you are welcome to try mine out. It is also a Johnny Meadows gun.. Bugler
  19. Have used One Shot since it first came out.....totally satisfied with the results!!! Bugler
  20. Another reason that I love Montana!!! Bugler
  21. Bugler

    Spotting scope

    One of the best values for the money is the Konus 20x60x80 spotting scope. Many of my smallbore and NRA High power rifle shooters are VERY pleased with the results. You can see bullet holes (.30 caliber) at 200 yards if you are using the black bull. In the white I can see .22 holes..... Might work out for you as well. Bugler
  22. Am going to use my Uberti '73 in 44-40 next year on a friends ranch.....seems to have a good number of mule deer living in his alfalfa fields....usually less than 100 yards.... Bugler
  23. Resembles an old Fekker scope to me........ Bugler
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