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  1. Was the full auto selector switch engaged? Bugler
  2. State better than my response.....and totally accurate.
  3. Suicide clause in an insurance policy not being paid?.....if the policy is past the two year exclusion period, it is paid. Yes, I was an insurance agent for 24 years............. Bugler
  4. These used to be everywhere and like so many things are near non-existent. This was imported by Remington from Zastava and was know as the Zastava MP22 and CZ 99.....NOT the CZ99 by CZ,Charles Daly also imported them under the Superior 2 label. I am also looking for magazines for my Winchester 131/Sears 2C. It is a 7 round magazine. eBay has one for around $70.00.....won't pay that price however. Let me know if any fellow members might want to sell. Bugler
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