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  1. Our version of March Madness is about to start up. That is when most folks register for the match. See shooters list at top.
  2. Tittle says it, I am looking for some 375 Ruger Brass.
  3. Sorry for the delay, I have been to the SHOT show and then the Safari Club International show. Drake is doing good, he is walking with out a walker and only uses a cane some of the time. I believe he is being released from assisted living next week.
  4. Drake normally does that on our Facebook page. I will see what I can do.
  5. Shootout at Cavern Cove The SASS Alabama State Championship The Match will be held this year May 2nd through 4th. Our registration is open and ready to go. Our theme year will be Cows With Guns. You can find the application on our web page. https://www.northalabamaregulators.com/copy-of-ambush-southeast-regional The schedule as looks right now is: Thursday 7:00 am 9:00 am Breakfast Available 8:00 am -5:00 pm Registration open at the Pavillion 8:00 am - 3:30 pm Cowboy Yard Sale at the pavilion 8:00 am - 3:00 pm RO1 and RO2 Classes - short lunch break` 9:00 am Black Powder - Stages 1-4 9:00 am Warm-up Match Stages 7-10 9:00 am PCC Match at the Action Bays (past stage 10) 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Long Range (between stages 5 and 6) 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Lunch available at the pavilion, $10 Barbecue Sandwich and sides 12:00 - 1:30 pm RANGE IS COLD 1:30 pm Wild Bunch Match- Stages 7-10 Warm-up Match Stages 1-4 1:30 - 3:30 pm Long Range (between stages 5 and 6) 5:00 pm Posse Marshal walk-through - Meet at stage 1 5:30 pm Barkeep’s Saloon is open at the pavilion Black Patch Distilling Tasting 6:00 pm Potluck Dinner 6:45 pm. Planning something? Friday 7:00 - 9:00 am Breakfast Available $5- $7 Biscuits or breakfast plate 7:00 - 8:00 am Registration open at the Pavillion 8:00 am Vendors Open 8:30 am MANDATORY Safety Meeting at the pavilion 9:00 am Shoot 5 Main Match Stages 11:00 am - 1:30 pm Lunch available $10 Hamburgers, hotdogs and sides 5:30 pm Barkeep’s Saloon is open at the pavilion 6:00 pm Dinner at the pavilion $20 Brisket or chicken and sides 6:45 pm Side Match Awards at the pavilion Saturday 7:00 - 9:00 am Breakfast Available $5- $7 Biscuits or breakfast plate 8:00 am Vendors Open 9:00 am Shoot 5 Main Match Stages 11:00 am - 1:30 pm Lunch available at the pavilion, $10 Barbecue Sandwich and sides 4:30 -6:00 pm Costume Contest judging at the pavilion 5:00 pm Barkeeps Bar is open 6:30 pm Awards Social with Dinner (included in shooter fee) at the pavilion. Door prizes, costume awards, and main match awards Who is coming to the match. And here is the list of shooters by posse: ALIAS POSSE Appalucy 101 Cat A Tonic 101 Copperhead Joe 101 Drake Robey 101 Horse Doc 101 Long Wolf 101 Loose Cinch 101 Marshal TKD 101 Mister Badly 101 Pecos Pete 101 Tennessee Tombstone 101 Trail Bandit 101 Tullamore Dew 101 Uncle Ethan 101 Yazoo City Gal 101 Arcadia Outlaw 102 Black Jack Lee 102 Colonel Bigfoot Wallace 102 Dead Lee Shooter 102 Hurricane Charly 102 Lil Feller 102 Lil Tink 102 Midwest Hale 102 Montana Colt 102 Purly 102 Shelleen 102 Shiner Bock Bob 102 Slow Jen 102 Tuff Stuff 102 Badlands Bob 103 Cotton Mouth Cole 103 Hanso Lowe 103 Krazy Kajun 103 Midnight Rider 103 Smart * 103 Tuco Forsyth 103 Tyrel Cody 103 Avocatessa 104 Bama Cowboy 104 Lawman Mark 104 Rooster Head 104 Tick Ridge 104 Watersnake 104 Apple Annie 105 Buck O. Billy 105 Cahawba Kid 105 Cardboard Cowboy 105 Chas B. Wolfson 105 Cleve 105 Deacon KC 105 Diamond Jake 105 Diamond L Pete 105 English Tom 105 Ginderella 105 Jailbreak Jake 105 Long Colt Tommy 105 Preacherman 105 Ruff Kut 105 Brazos Belle 106 Crawdaddy 106 Crooked Bullet 106 Doc Roy L. Pain 106 Lucky Lead Pepper 106 Pinky Buscadero 106 PowderMark 106 Randy Saint Eagle 106 Wild Phil Hickok 106 Ara Tiest 107 Ben T. Iron 107 Bogus Jim 107 Carolina Yankee 107 Buslin' Belle 108 Crazy Case 108 Dodge City Dixie 108 El Viejo Lobo 108 Foxplay Squirrely Girl 108 Graver Bill 108 Hopalong Mac McLin 108 Kentucky Drifter 108 Lefty Young Gun 108 Mountaineer Mac 108 Mustang Dave 108 Reno Mustang 108 River City Bly 108 Whiskey Ro 108 Buster 109 Dirt Road Dude 109 Justified 109 May B. Knott 109 Pistoleer 109 Ranger Dan 109 Sunny Girl 109 Blackfish Kid 110 George Emmett 110 Jodi Coyote 110 Max Payne 110 Napa Belle 110 Napa Sidewinder 110 Ophelia Payne 110 Poncho 110 See you at the match.
  6. Max did not get the PM or an email.

  7. TS When did you send in the request? I do not have an email from the web page for you. What size rig do have. All that is left right now is 30 amp spots. 

    Give a call 256-527-8755

    1. Tequila Shooter

      Tequila Shooter

      I just tried to call, went to voicemail.  Call me at 361-244-0158 



  8. Yes the Ruger Red Label is still available.

  9. Decided to copy from the pm Incase you are hav8ng problems with the pm

    Hey Dutch Al

    I am interested in the 38-55.

    I have a couple of questions.

    JES did the rebore is it the standard .366 and .376 rebore?

    Rear sight was mounted by who? Is it lined up straight? Can I get a picture of the sight mounted on the tang?

    Has there been any other work done on the rifle? Springs,  work etc.

    Does it function 100%? Feed, go bang every time etc.

    What kind of accuracy did you get out o the rifle?

    Lastly would you ship it for your asking price? 

  10. Thanks for the offer, I am going to let ride at 400 plus the shipping. If it doesn’t sell in a couple of days I will consider your offer. 

  11. Use B&P 2.5 inch shells, no modifications needed.
  12. I have bought and sold a bunch of things on the wire.. I've only had two deals that went bad. One was buying an 1897 Winchester copy the gun was not as represented the seller would not take the gun back. Karma truly was a bitch for this fella, he had some things in his life go wrong after that. The second was I paid for a rifle the fella never shipped it I had to get the police involved in that one
  13. There is still stuff to buy. If those boots don't fit all you need is a foot Shrinker.
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