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  1. My great uncle was a market hunter. Here is a Ducks Unlimited article about him. It tells a lot about the history of market hunting. The pdf version may be easier to read, download and open. DucksUnlimitedUncleFlorine.pdf
  2. You can tell if it is a retractable firing pin by looking to see it the pin sticks through the recoil plate without the trigger being pulled. Pull the trigger and drop the hammer while holding the trigger and the firing pin will now peak through.
  3. The new system is the hammer mounted retractable firing pin.
  4. Don't pump your arms and stay away from double cocking because if you have any spit pistols double cocking will get you in trouble. Try to learn to cock one gun while shooting the other. Those are the things I worked on when I first started out.
  5. Mine does that when the brass splits. That is the only time.
  6. I shoot the same 200 grain bullet I shoot in my .45LC for CAS. Make things very simple to keep up with when reloading. RNFP Works great!
  7. I would have to agree to disagree when the loads shoot in all the other guns at the range that day. I would call that picky. So you don't. I do.
  8. So...you are confirming what I originally stated,. It was picky about what ammo it used because the ammo shot in all other guns we tried it in but not the Ruger.
  9. Yes, it was reloads that were giving him trouble. His gun would jam with his reloads for Wild Bunch. The funny thing was that I could shoot his ammo with no problem in my Springfield Mil-Spec all day but his Ruger would jam like crazy. So he sent it back to Ruger and when he got it back it did the same thing so he sold it and got something else and is shooting that now with no problem. So....
  10. I got a buddy that tried to use the Ruger SR1911 for Wild Bunch and it was real picky about ammo. He ended up getting something else. I love my Springfields!
  11. As a "Gunfighter" yes, I have a left and right gun if for nothing else to know which one gave me trouble if trouble with the gun arises. But I do custom fit my left gun to my left hand and right to right hand. Some pistols have sharp edges on the trigger guard for example and I will knock that edge off for that gun for that hand. I don't have to make the edge go away for both hands. Like I said it is really to know what gun has a hiccup or problem, I will know by what hand it was in.
  12. Out of the two choices the original grips.
  13. Nope. The minute a BW shooter pulls both guns and cocks one he is shooting gunfighter and the guns can't be re-holstered for later use, it can be staged but not re-holstered.
  14. Well I have apps that open Power Point files and convert power point files but I can't access the file. This is what I get.
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