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  1. Can I ask why it needs refinishing? All my guns were real pretty when I started out competing with them. Now not so much.
  2. I use 5.2 TB Federal Large pistol primer and all are very consistent, also using a 200gr. I would weight the powder in a few to see what is going on. Obviously you are getting different amounts of powder.
  3. Wild Bunch is not part of Cowboy Action shooting except for side matches. I thought I would mention that since this is not the Wild Bunch forum. You can find the Wild Bunch forum here. Wild Bunch forum
  4. More info here: Wild Bunch Wild Bunch rules
  5. Yes, traditional (fixed, one handed) and modern (adjustable, two handed)
  6. Those pesky cinder gravel! Glad you worked it out!
  7. Don't tighten the hammer screw so much.
  8. I have one of these and it sharpens things too. https://www.sharpeningsupplies.com/Work-Sharp-Ken-Onion-Edition-Knife-Sharpener-P505C68.aspx Actually you can make knives with it too if you want. With this attachment. https://www.worksharptools.com/product/elite-knife-sharpener/
  9. Here is a video that may help you get it open if you have not done it before.
  10. It is a pretty simple design and once you get it open you will see the trigger springs and hammer sears and should be about to tell why it is not working hopefully.
  11. Take the stock off and take a look at the innards.
  12. The trigger may be stuck. The hammer sears are right next to each other and one may be rubbing on the other and not functioning right. That is the first thing that comes to mind. Is this a new gun?
  13. I think he is talking about loading, not ejecting.
  14. Don't get one! I never had a jam till I got one. LOL
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