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  1. Some shooters pin this spring so you don't have to press the button as seen in this picture.
  2. If the hammer is down that is perfectly normal. Are you saying that with the hammer cocked it does it?
  3. I use 200 for both Wild Bunch and Cowboy Action. Works great!
  4. I have two stainless models and have never had a problem with the safeties other than when new the safeties were stiff as hell. Is this a new gun and has it always done this or did this happen after disassembly?
  5. Also if you want a convex edge the belt sharpener will give you that Here is a link to the different edges you can put on cutting tools. Cutting edges link
  6. For those considering this option here is a good comparison of the regular Work Sharp and the Ken Onion version. Link to Standard vs Ken Onion
  7. And sometimes you can find better deals on Amazon if you want to buy. Here is a link. Work Sharpe on Amazon
  8. You may want to look at some of these videos on youtube also. work sharp youtube
  9. There is an attachment that can do any type blade but the knife sharpener is limited to the thickness that will fit in the slot;
  10. I have the Ken Onion but as far as I can tell the main difference is the Ken Onion has the adjustable angle and the base unit does not. You should watch some of the videos found on the link to the site and maybe that will help.
  11. Here is a link to the base model base model
  12. Same company, the Ken Onion has attachments for knife makers. Yes the base model is less expensive.
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