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  1. I think he is talking about loading, not ejecting.
  2. Don't get one! I never had a jam till I got one. LOL
  3. I don't want anything hitting the tab on the face of the bolt that holds the cartridge along with the extractor because they can break off. Put a cartridge (dummy round) and see if it hits the tab.
  4. My theory of what happened is the trigger was not pulled when the gun was in battery. Shooter levered the gun with the live round being held by the extractor and being pulled out of the chamber. At this point as the bolt is moving to the rear the firing pin extension contacted the hammer pushing the firing pin forward and ignited the primer. It is hard to tell if the hammer ever fell but it sure looks like the bolt is opening when it goes off.
  5. File the lifter arm not the lever and check the timing with a cartridge not the carrier. make sure the cartridge does not hit the bolt tab on the face as it comes up.
  6. Wear it like it is, authentic! I'm sure that happened back in the day and what did they do. I bet they didn't throw it out!
  7. Flash


    Waste of time in my humble opinion.
  8. That has always been my misfire problem. After changing out pins and trying to figure out what was causing it, finally realized it was an ammo issue!
  9. I joined in May of 2011 my number is 92229 if that helps. I think a couple of years later it went over 100K
  10. Here is another old thread with links to sweeps. Sweeps thread
  11. Flash

    TG Wire

    Is the club still SASS affiliated? If so maybe you should call and ask what is up.
  12. Flash

    TG Wire

    Are you a TG? And if so has the club you are TG for let SASS know?
  13. This one does https://youtu.be/K0r0l5MRNaU
  14. Here is another video of the Rossi m92 disassembly and reassembly. Rossi m92 dis and re
  15. This is usually the hardest part and this is a good video on how to get it back together. Rossi 92 reassembly
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