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  1. Here is a link to a video of a test done for rust prevention. Test video Here is a link to the article. Test data
  2. Hornady One Shot is really good stuff and prevents rust better than 95% of other products on the market. It is a dry lube so burnt powder does not stick to it as easy. It is all I use.
  3. There are only three types of targets for purposes of scoring. Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun. If you shoot the rifle targets with your pistol they are misses, if you shoot the pistol target with your shotgun they are misses, if you shoot the shotgun targets with your pistol those are also misses. Even if you hit them all.
  4. You are correct that all the targets were not hit but all the targets that were hit were all the right type.
  5. They were all of the rifle type so the answer is yes.
  6. The only penalty is if the pistol is cocked, you lay it down, or you switch hands, unless you are correcting a malfunction.
  7. They all hit rifle targets. All 10 shots hit rifle targets. They all hit the correct TYPE target. What would you like it to say. We can print you your own book just how you like it. LOL
  8. So you want the book to tell you that if you put it down it is not in hand anymore?
  9. It says exactly what it needs to say. Did it hit all the correct TYPE.
  10. No, and if you switch hands it is not still in hand. But it is in hand from when you clear the holster till it is returned to the holster. You can be holding the pistol with the end of the barrel still in the opening of your holster and it is not in hand until it clears the holster.
  11. Target 10 was not hit but he hit all rifle targets so no misses. If he would have shot the 10 pistol targets with his rifle he would have 10 misses.
  12. That is the way I read it. Did he hit all the correct TYPE targets?
  13. Let us try it this way. Ten targets, shoot each one once. Shooter shoots 9 of them then shoots the 9th one again. The call would be Clean with a P. He shot all the correct type target with the legally acquired ammo. He does not get a miss because he didn't shoot the 10th target. Does this help?
  14. The answer is NO. Target type refers to what you shoot it with. Rifle target, Pistol target, Shotgun target.
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