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  1. ...I have beaten a fellow shooter on 7 of 10 stages , had two less misses ,been less than 1/2 second slower than him on 3 stages and 63 seconds faster on total time and he beat me in RANK Points !!!!

    I guess he was more CONSISTENT than me, in being slower shooting and missing more ...


    If this is the Consistancey that rank point rewards ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Then RANK really is a Great discription of this method of scoring ...


    Jabez Cowboy

    Jabez, I'm kind of with you, I think TT is the way to go. But, aint nobody asked me (or likely to! ) I've been looking at this issue with somewhat of an open mind, since I aint likely going to win any matches either way, its somewhat easier to be objective. I would be interested if you could post or PM me the detailed scores in theis match, so I could look at them and see how this could happen. Seems pretty unusual, and I am in agreement, 63 seconds slower, with more misses, yet ahead in rank points makes no sense!

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