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  1. Every time you cock the hammer the firing pin moves from one barrel to the other. You could theoretically look at which firing pin is exposed and manipulate the hammer until you got it set to fire a particular barrel. It is not an over/under shotgun. One barrel isn't full and the other modified. It does not have a barrel selector switch. Out of curiosity what possible difference would it make which barrel fires first?

    I'm more or less in agreement with you on which barrel fires first at a side match. Doubt it matters much.


    I did have a Bond in 45/410 I could see where you might want to select if you had 45 on 1 barrel and 410 In the other, for defensive purposes.

  2. Looks like I may be in the market soon for a Hiwall. I think they might be the best looking singles shot rifle around. I already shoot 45-70, so that probably makes the most sense as I already have the components, but also considering a 38-55. Probably wont shoot it over 500 yards. Any thoughts on maker, caliber, sights, trigger(s) etc?

  3. when shooting falling plate racks, don't wait for a plate to fall before going on to next plate. go back and pick up any still-standing plates. on a in-line rack, where a plate has to fall to expose the next plate, just keep on shooting. if the plate is not all the way down just hit it again. Just be mindful that you have to have at least 1 bullet for the very last plate!

  4. I ordered fed primers from Cabelas in June, they said they would be back-ordered when I placed the order) They sent me an email asking if I wanted to keep the order active in August. I said yes. Primers arrived in October. I was glad to have them! I felt they acted honorably, told me they were back-ordered prior to my purchase, checked to see if I still wanted the order to remain on back order, and finally shipped (at a very good price, 26.99/K!)


    I have plenty on hand now, but when I get below 10K I'll probably order from them again.

  5. Like you, I did not think I had time or knowledge to reload. I bought ammo from Georgia Arms, Ammo to go etc. then figured I would learn how to reload. I bought a Lee Loadmaster progressive. 1/3 the cost of a Dillon, and loads just as good ammo. Its not as hard as you might think. just take your time and read, watch U-Tube videos, and find a mentor. one of your cowboy pards will be glad to help you.


    I also have a Lee Classic Turrent that I load every except 38sp on. They are cheap, easy to run, and I can easily do 150+/hr on it. I can do about 300/hr on my loadmaster.


    check out this kit, it has everything your need to get started.




    I found I enjoy loading, and there is a lot of satisfaction in shooting your own ammo. My cost for 38sp, excluding case, is around .10/round. most expensive part is the bullet at about .06.

  6. about 3.05 shells more per lb of shot. = 76.25 per 25# bag.


    of course, if you have to make up a couple that you might have otherwise knocked down.....


    I've been loading 7/8oz. I have a load I'm happy with, so I doubt I'll change.

  7. I like Red Dot, 7/8 oz shot, claybuster wads. cost is about 4.50/box (not counting my time) so yea, I save a few $$$$ probably 18-20/month. not a huge deal, but in 2-3 years pays for a gun!

    plus, I get the satisfaction of loading my own ammo.

  8. I certainly lose more than I split. I've been loading 44-40 in smokeless and BP for 3 years or so. I bought 500 new Starline, probably loaded them 3-5 times each. no splits. I noticed that

    my brass box was getting low, so I ordered another 500 rounds last week.


    I mostly load 38sp, I have a variety of cases, about 10% nickel. I find way more split nickel cases than I do brass cases. I have about 2500 cases, I've probably loaded them on average 10 times each. I have noticed over the past couple of months that I've had a few more split cases, so may be getting to the end of that batch of brass' life. I have another 2500 ready to go!

  9. Not exactly HSTN, but the Plum Creek club shoots 1st Saturday, near Lockhart.


    Texas Riviera Pistoleros shoots 2nd Saturday, near George West (Between San Antonio & Corpus) If you come for the match, I'll pay your entry, and feed you after!


    THSS shoots in Columbus 3rd Sunday, I think.

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