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  1. can't be adjustable. lots of folks use a rubber pad, if its not "period" they put a leather cover over it. I have a rather ugly slip on pad on my Marlin 1895 45-70. sure tames the recoil, but it hurts my eye to look at it. I put a leather cover over it!

  2. I'm about an hour south of Abilene. (Brownwood). Thank you so much for the offer, but 2.5 hours one way is a bit far for me right now. I really do appreciate the welcome everyone!

    2.5 hrs is nothing! I'm further than that from a lot of matches I go to Check out the Texican Rangers near Fredericksburg, and the Tejas Caballeros in Blanco. They may be a little closer.


    Anyways, welcome to the game. You are in for the time of your life. Look forward to seeing you down the trail.

  3. From the handbook


    A pocket pistol is a small frame, fixed sight, pre-1900 design revolver having a barrel length of four inches or less. Pocket pistols must be .31 caliber or larger. Model ―P‖ Colts and clones and revolvers with swing out cylinders are specifically not allowed regardless of caliber, frame size, or barrel length. Pocket pistols may not be used as or converted to main match revolvers.


    So yes, 31 cal would be legal. I only shoot BP subs in mine, usually APP. Most of those old guns were made in the BP era, and really can't stand up to the pressure spikes of smokeless powder. I really enjoy shooting my pocket pistols, it's neat shooting g 100+ year old guns!

  4. I think some of you guys missing the part where Hoss didn't want to spend a lot of money on a scope. Kowa and Swarovski are $1500 scopes.

    yea, I ain't Jim No Horse with mountains of money to spend!


    I guess my question is can I get a usable scope for <200?

  5. Been dipping my toes in LR shooting. Likely going to need a spotting scope. Not going to spend big bucks, but what is about the least I can get away with? Anticipate out to 500 yds.

  6. I've had 2 SDQs once for moving with a loaded closed shotgun, another I tripped and fell and dropped an unloaded shotgun. both earned and deserved. the dropped gun or moving are easy, nobody should get their nickers in a twist over that. the more subjective ones, breaking the 180 etc, are a little tougher. usually if somebody breaks the 170 its only for a second, happens fast, and if your angle is not just right, then its a hard one to call. they are easy to see on videos, but harder in real time.

  7. Nothing but good experiences. I've bought and sold guns & gear. Never a problem.


    The only thing I don't care for us if a seller requests PayPal (for gear, not guns) and ask that I send it as just money to a friend, instead of paying for an item. If you use PayPal services you ought to pay for them!

  8. Great day! Great range! Only going to get better. Thanks to Judge Menday Coming and his bride for allowing the Cabs to rebuild there. They have done a ton in just a few months. Lots more room for development. The property is beautiful. You owe it to yourself to go check it out.


    Even got to visit with Jim No Horse. Was good to see him, plus I like shooting with him, that way I don't have to worry about finishing last!

  9. The one thing I don't like about them is they are slicker than snot on a doorknob. I didn't necessarily drop them, just harder to manipulate. I guess if I were using a bullet feeder I might like them more.


    I don't care for the red or pink ones. The ones Colorado Jackson sells are a very dark grey.

  10. I didn't find any SASS rules for Cody Dixon & I know of a club here in Tx that allows them so I think it's up to the individual club.

    You are correct in no "official" SASS rules for Cody Dixon. My understanding is this category was started by the good folks at the Texas Historical Shooting Society, and they made the rules. I have heard some clubs do allow H&Rs. As you said, since its not an official SASS category each club can make their own rules. I have found that the clubs I shoot C-D at use the THSS rules.




    C-D is my favorite category to shoot. Just something about the thump of that big bore rifle. I use a 45-70 Marlin 1895. I have a H&R Buffalo Classic, but it is not legal (at least at THSS) I just bought an 1885 HiWall in 38-55, it would be a "legal" C-D single shot rifle

  11. Found my HiWall, hope to pick it up Saturday. I got a deal I could not resist on a Uberti 38-55. I've ordered brass, bullets dies etc. Can't wait to shoot it! And yes, I've started dreaming about a 40-65.......


    I have been sight shopping. Narrowed down to MVA or Kelley. Kelley cost a few bucks more, but they are nice looking! I know MVA sights have a great reputation, anybody have experience with the Kelley sights?

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  12. Sounds good! Will we b

    Here's the scoop folks. The outage from google starting about 4-ish days ago seems to be the result of what may be a new attack vector. A URL in the sass mercantile was reported as being in violation of the DMCA, and affected the whole site when accessed via http://www... which brings the next point. There are many issues with the current site and forums, including different pages when accessed via http VS https. We are tackling these issues as efficiently as possibly, but the permanent solution is to launch a new site and new forums that will address the issues with both. This site is nearing completion. There are only a few pieces left to be addressed before it is ready. We will let everyone know a few days before the new site is ready to launch. There may be an outage or two between now and then, but rest assured that we are well aware of the issues with the existing site and forums, and are working rapidly to permanently resolve all of them.

    Sounds good.


    Will we be able to post pictures direct?

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  13. Same here. Just not too sure if I'm going to C&B or cartridge the pistols. I'm going to start loading cartridges this weekend and see how they do. Rifle choice will depend on the outcome. If I end up C&B, then the rifle will most likely be my 1860 Henry. Shotgun will be hammered.

    What are you thinking about using?

    1860 Henry and 1875 Remington's in 44-40. Or my 66 and Rugers in 38. Maybe all of them!

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