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  1. I’ve had the same issue on my 650. Took it apart, back together about 4 times. Changed the spring and good to go. 

    I don’t like the priming system on the 650. My 750 shipped today. I’ll get it set up and will have a 650 for sale soon! 

  2. Texas state long range is 50, 75, 100, 125 as I recall. I shot and was 2nd by a couple of seconds  last year with my main match rifle, 38SP ammo. I move my sight elevator to about 1/2 way. Shoot low on closer targets, dead on at 125. If you want to win you have to be pretty darn quick, shoot clean. Not enough time to really line up tang sights. Just cover it up with front sight and let her rip! Just takes some practice. 

  3. 38-55 is a great caliber. It was developed for target shooting, back when that was the National pastime instead of baseball/football! 

    375 seems small for a 38-55! 


    I use minimal crimp in my 38-55 HiWall. Heaviest Bullet I can shoot in it is 310 grn. 1/18 twist. Yours should go a tad heavier. I have some 345 grn bullets but they would not stabilize. If you want them, pm me your address and I’ll send them to you so you can try them out. They are SPG lubed as I recall, so can go smokeless or BP. 

    for my smokeless loads I like Unique. My most accurate load is 260 grn Bullet, 10.0 unique. My experience has been wind really effects them after about 300 yds.

    One range I go to has ram silhouettes at 500 meters. I could hit them, but not always knock them over. I went to a heavier Bullet that will knock them over. I also got a Sharps in 45-70 that will do the job!  Now I use my HiWall for rangers under 250, and my 45-70Sharps for over 250 yds. 

    length wise, my guess is it really won’t make a huge difference. If you are talking sub MOA shooting at 1000 yds probably would. I’ve mixed them in my HiWall with no real discernible  difference. 

    Don’t  scrimp on sights!  MVA or Kelley are my favorites. 


    I shoot a lot of 38-55 in lever rifles as well. Down in S Texas we have a category “Cody-Dixon” , pistol & shotgun same as main match, rifle caliber rifle with targets 50-100 yds. It’s my favorite category! 



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  4. 4 hours ago, Yusta B. said:


    I really admire a guy that keeps track of primers with Sharpie hash marks on the work bench. Yer my HERO Hoss !!!

    21K small pistol on the Loadmaster, then another 21K since I got the Dillon in June 18 



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  5. 4 hours ago, Pineywoods Jim,SASS#56822 said:

    A Dillon rep at Winter Range suggested I place a 45acp hull on the top of the plastic follower to give it a little weight, and, to clean the tube every now an then as primer powder residue will build up inside and can cause it not to feed as it should.  I did as he suggested and it works well.  

    Mine has a 45-70 case riding on it. 

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  6. On 11/9/2020 at 8:33 AM, July Smith said:

    I shot a monthly last weekend that had stages written in a way to conserve ammo.  Only 5 rifle rounds, and most stages were only 2 shotgun rounds.  While I understand the push for this sort of ammo frugal match, and if that's what the majority of shooters want so be it, but I personally do not plan on shooting another match like that.  I have a 4 hr round trip drive and to show up and shoot only half a box of ammo just doesn't make the drive worth it.  I personally would rather shoot five normal matches than ten half matches, quality over quantity for me. 

    I’m with you 100%. I’ve been to matches where they limit the shooting due to ammo shortage. If I go to a match, I go to shoot! If I run out of ammo then I won’t go. I have 30K primers on hand. Enough for 500/month for 5 years. 

    July, we expect to see you at Texas Riviera Pistoleros matches soon! 



  7. 23 hours ago, Garrison Joe, SASS #60708 said:


    Griff -


    Yes, a 366 can be tough to set up, especially when it's not set to factory settings before starting to tinker. 


    I've set up 2 in the last year.  First one almost made me toss tools.  Second one, by following the manual instructions EXACTLY, and working gradually around from first station to the last, I got running fine in about 3 hours.


    One thing to do right off the bat is slice an opening at the station for powder drop.  It's MUCH faster to set one up that has an opening there, because powder weight can be checked immediately, and a poor drop can be fixed.  And, you can take powder-ed shells off and stockpile a few, and then feed those shells back in to make settings on the wad seating, shot drop and crimp stations (which are the most sensitive stations to get adjusted right).  I've attached a picture of how I modify the shell retaining ring.


    Good luck, GJ

    366 shell removal slot.jpg

    I’m goi g to have to look into this mod. I would like to be able to check the powder drop occasionally. 

    the 366 is a complicated machine. But if I can figure it out anybody can!

  8. 37 minutes ago, Grizzly Dave said:

    You must have a progressive SG press.  I load on a Lee Load All 2 and after about 2 boxes I'm done.  

    Grizz, I started with a load all. Found a MEC Sizemaster for $100. Used it for a year or 2.  Big upgrade. But still a slow process. Then found a Pacific 336 (now Hornaday  336) at a estate sale. Bought it for $175, sold the MEC for $150. It’s a complicated machine, but once you figure it out you can turn out some good shotshells in a hurry!

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Yusta B. said:


    Why - you otter be strung up fer cruel 'n unusual punishment ! Thet poor hull looks frazzled !!!

    We can’t all be rich like you Yusta! Some of us have to reuse things until they fall apart!


    (I draw the line at TP though, not reusing that :o)

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  10. Loaded up about 400 12G this afternoon.  These ought to hold me for a few months! 


    If I calculated correctly about 4.50/box, about 1/2 price of factory. Not a huge savings, but I can’t always find 7/8 oz loads, and I find STS hulls shuck better, so worth the time. 

    I started marking my hulls a long time ago. I can get on average 8 or so loadings per hull. Got 12 out of this one! 



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  11. 1 hour ago, Shooting Bull said:



    I know I'm going to regret opening this can of worms but I have to ask, what call was made?

    To be truthful, I’m not sure. I turned it over to the PM, with the information as I understood it. He discussed with spotters. I apologized to shooter, spotters, PM for making a hash of it. I don’t think the P was assigned. I’ve gone over it in my mind about a million times, trying to think what I woulda-coulda done differently.  In my mind there was a P, But not sure exactly where. 

  12. I have a set of Kelley on a HiWall and a Win 76. Excellent. MVA on a Sharps. Also excellent. (The Sharps came with MVA sights). Both are top quality. I think the Kelley are more attractive, brass and CCH. 


    My Uberti-Win 76 came with Pedersoli sights. I did not like them at all. For me, hard to read and the quality was just not the same. I still have them in a box. Probably ought to sell them!

    Dont scrimp on sights. For 1000 yd distances you are also going to want a front sight with a level. A Hadley eye cup is also nice. You can adjust the aperture according to the light conditions. I have the “magnum” size on my Sharps. 



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  13. 9 minutes ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

    Just to clarify -  the ONLY thing the spotters can actually call are misses.

    And the TO cannot overrule the spotters regarding misses.


    But as it applies to Procedurals, Safeties, etc. 

    There is no "overruling" the spotters as their input is just advisory.

    The TO solicits and considers the input from the spotters regarding these items and then he or she makes the call.

    All penalties outside of misses are assigned by the TO.

    Overruling may have been a poor choice of words. I do know the TO has final say. But if 2 spotters have a P TO needs to be 100% sure, and should explain, why no P called. Some Ps are definitely easier than others! 

    in the situation I was referencing, in my mind a P happened. I’m not sure, nor were the spotters, on which target it happened on. Again, a very fast shooter, shooting a scenario with some options, and he jacked out a couple of rounds. (Which  were reloaded) Plus had a mandatory reload. By the end of it about all I knew for sure  was he was done, no misses, no safeties, and the time. I was pretty sure he had a P, I thought target 3, 1 spotter said target 4, 1 spotter said target 5, 3rd spotter said no P. 

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