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  1. I have 28K Federals on hand. About 4.66 years worth. I’m hopeful to be able to replenish in a year or 2.
  2. For what it’s worth, Cimarron Jones pistols are very nice, and he is a man to ride the river with.
  3. I have a Uberti 76 45-60. I initially trimmed 45 70 brass using a mini chop saw from harbor freight. Found a 3D printed jig. Easy-peasy to cut down. I later found 45-60 brass at Grafs. It’s fairly expensive, 2.20 each. I can’t tell the difference in my rifle. Now I use the 45-70 cut down for BP and the 45-60 for smokeless. my pet load is 12.0 Unique and a 305grn Bear Creek Bullet. Accurate out to 300 yds.
  4. If say no call as the “broke gun” declaration changes things. Unless going down range being the reason for the vertical staging. certainly no competitive advantage, especially eating the 3 misses!
  5. On my 550, loading rifle rounds, I shake each one by my ear as I box them up. I’m not saying I could tell a grain difference, but can certainly tell if it has powder in it, and I suspect I could tell a double charge, but I’m not intentionally loading one to find out! I do have a RCBS lockout for in my 750.
  6. 550 is a dandy press. I load 45-70 (2 different loads) and 38-55 on mine. 3 toolheads so changing calibers is simple. I only have 2 powder measures, so one is for 38-55. The other for 45-70, I just change the powder bar out do I don’t have to adjust the bar every time I change from trapdoor to sharks loads. The manual indexing does have some advantages, and it’s really pretty fast once you get a process that works for you. the 750 is also excellent. I use mine for 38SP, which is what I shoot the most of. I can really crank them out. I had a 650, bought a 750 and sold the
  7. God ole Cajun boy fishing guide was known to always bring in a limit of fish for his clients. Game warden heard gecsss using dynamite. Game warden went undercover, booked a trip. Sure unify, got to a likely spot and old Boudreaux reaches under his seat, light a stick and throws it over. KABOOM! Fish floating everywhere. The game warden pulls out his badge, Thelma Boudreaux he is under arrest for dynamiting fish. Boo calmly reaches down gets another stick, lights it, tosses it to the game warden and asks if he is there to talk.....or fish?
  8. Johnny Meadows also does excellent work on Bakails.
  9. Stoeger is entry level i upgraded to SKB from a Bakail. Considered a sharptail and a Charles Daly. Not enough data points on them yet.
  10. Stay at the Irma in Cody. We had the “Buffalo Bill” suite.
  11. MEC sizemaster. I got a pacific progressive at an estate sale. Once I got it up and running sold the size master. Wish I had kept it for BP. I picked up a Lee Loadall that works, but the sizemaster was waymobetta.
  12. RCBS lockout for me. It caught a 22 case in a 38 for me once.
  13. I had mine taken out for 2 reasons 1) by virtue of being a transfer bar, it transfers energy from one face to another. That takes added energy to start with as the Tbar absorbs some of the energy. Need a stronger hammer spring 2) if a part is going to break on a Ruger, it’s most likely going to be the Tbar. Thanks to Jimmy Spurs, Mine are gone, don’t miss them!
  14. Planning my trip. When will the long range be? What is the typical course of fire for long range? really looking forward to my first Land Run!
  15. Johnny Meadows does great work on Bakails.
  16. I gave a pretty good supply laid in. This is excellent powder for 45-70 with heavy bullets. I shoot a 535 grn Bullet with 25 grns 5744 in my Sharps. great load!
  17. making MUCH MORE revenue producing ammunition thats it in a nutshell. Until demand for ammo eases, components, especially primers will be in short supply. If you were selling ammo would you rather make .01 on a primer if .10 on a loaded round? (May not be that simple, but rest assured they make much more on ready to shoot ammo than they do on components)
  18. I can’t sell you any 45-60 reloads. But..... I did find 45-60 brass at Grafs. Pretty spendy tho. I have 60 cases. And about as many cut down 45-70s. Really no discernible difference. I use 305 grn bullets from Bear Creek. 12.0 Unique. Harbor Freight has a nifty mini chop saw. I think mine was 29.95. Works well for cutting the brass down. I even found a guy that sells 3D printed jigs for holding the case while cutting down. Easy-Peasy!
  19. Carrying over my registration from last year. I couldn’t make the fall match. Looking forward to Land Run 21!
  20. Like many, I have 6. Load them up the night before. Gives me one more chance to check for split cases and high primers. Then it’s simple. To the loading table, don’t have to worry about counting rounds going into rifle. Load up, slip block in hip pocket, (no trips back to cart with ammo boxes) ready to shoot. Only way to go! and Missouri Marshal is great guy to work with. Gets work out quickly, sends an invoice with note if satisfied send payment. (And I’d be willing to bet he has never been stiffed!)
  21. 38-55 is a great caliber. It was developed for target shooting, back when that was the National pastime instead of baseball/football! 375 seems small for a 38-55! I use minimal crimp in my 38-55 HiWall. Heaviest Bullet I can shoot in it is 310 grn. 1/18 twist. Yours should go a tad heavier. I have some 345 grn bullets but they would not stabilize. If you want them, pm me your address and I’ll send them to you so you can try them out. They are SPG lubed as I recall, so can go smokeless or BP. for my smokeless loads I like Unique. My most accurate load is 260 grn
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