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  1. A friend of mine is writing a book on Texas Ranger JA Brooks. He is 4th from left back row. Has a mangled left hand. 
    is he holding a 73 or a 76?




  2. I’ve bought and tried several different boots Justin’s, Ariats, Earthwalkers, custom made (2pairs) the most comfortable I have found for me are Red Wing work boots. Oil finished leather. I have a pair of lace ups (packer style) and a pair of pull on. These are just basic Wellington’s, not lug soles work boots.  Probably not “blingy” enough for B Westrrn, but ok for everything else 

  3. 15 hours ago, Abilene, SASS # 27489 said:


    Hoss, no need to wait.  That's what plastic is for.  :)



    I just snuck a new Sig in the house. I think she would notice 4 new guns :D

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Eliphalet R. Moderator said:



    The Shotgun Boogie Raffle is rolling over to next End of Trail and the raffle tickets are still available for purchase. This information was included in the April Bulletin email blast, where SASS announced the EoT cancellation and was included in the next two monthly email bulletins.

    Thanks for the update. I figured as much, but never saw the info. 
    now I have to wait another year on my new guns:D

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  5. Was at LGS in Corpus Christi last Friday. They had Federal small magnums in stock. I figured might as well pick up a couple thousand. Until he told me 55/K!  He is pretty bad on price gouging. He did same thing last time we went thru this. But hey, they are his primers, he can put whatever price he wants on them. My choice to buy or not!

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  6. Unless, of course, somebody changed the grips out at some point. 

    For me, I only use real BP or APP in pocket pistols.  These are old guns. The S&W were pretty well made. The Iver Johnson’s  and a few others not so much. 

  7. Well, I decided on a Sig 365MS, picked it up today. I looked at several, and the LGS gad a HellCat as well. The Sig just felt better in my hand 


    Now I have to find some 9mm ammo. I could kick myself, about a year ago I bought an estate sale full of reloading stuff. Included a Dillon 550, that had a 9mm setup. Sold the toolhead, dies, powder measure, conversion kit, 500 new star line cases, probably 3000 bullets. 

    oh well. I’ll find some practice ammo and likely will use factory for  carry anyway. 

  8. For years I’ve carried a 357 Ruger SP101 or more recently a Kimber K6. I just like the simplicity of revolvers, plus carrying a semi auto with one in the chamber gives me the willies. (All though my hammerless Kimber is basically the same thing) I do sometimes carry a Sig  P238 380 when a revolver is just too big to conceal. 


    I’ve been  thinking about going to a 9mm to increase capacity a bit, plus easier to carry additional ammo. I definitely want something with a safety, thinking about a Sig 365 MS. 

    any thoughts on what I ought to be looking for? I’m really not a Glock fan. I know they are good pistols, I just don’t like them! Plus lack a safety. I have a fear of snagging a trigger in my shirt-tail! 

  9. I won a Remington R1 at a match. I don’t shoot a lot of WB, but it has worked well every time. They can usually be found for 5-600. Good gun for the money. Especially when I see guys having failures to feed with their $2000 guns! 


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  10. At 800 yds you are going to need more than a buckhorn or ladder. Even a Lyman tang likely  not enough. You will need a precision vernier-Soule sight with a globe front sight. Even then, 800 yds out of a 95 is asking a lot. Doable, probably, but a challenge for sure. 

  11. Old Fort Parker likely closest, and is a really neat place to shoot. Especially long range side matches from the fort blockhouse. 

    other clubs not all that far. Within 3 hours.

    3.5 hrs is about my max for a one day trip. 7 hours on the road, 3-4 hrs hanging out with my friends,  150 or so seconds actually shooting!  Worth it!

    i do have a great traveling Pard, Verdadero &  I go to most matches together, we solve all of the worlds problems while on the road. 

  12. 26 minutes ago, Goody, SASS #26190 said:

    Bingo! Not the same product, but the same results. I recall when in junior high the fire marshal came out and did a presentation about various fire dangers. The one that stays with me to this day was a demonstration of the flash capabilities of gasoline. He had a clear plastic tube that 6 or 8 drops of gas were added to.  He then took a wand that had an electric spark on and held it above the mouth of the cylinder and pushed the button. Nothing happened. Then the end of the wand was lowered all the way into the cylinder, still nothing. Finally the wand was pulled out of the cylinder slowly with the spark applied constantly. When the proper air/fuel mixture was reached it sounded like a shotgun going off.

    Gasses will only combust when between the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) and Upper Explosive Limit (UEL) when the speaker was to near the bottom, mixture was too rich. As he moved it out once the mixture was between the LEL & UEL it popped. Learned this early in my maritime career, when needing to do welding in or on barges. As a practical matter, we never do hot work on barges if they are in the UEL range. 

    I along with many others, doubt that static electricity will set off black powder. I suppose their is some legitimacy to Sedalia Dave’s thoughts on using a metal hopper that would direct the blast up instead of into face of operator. 

  13. Was TOing for a lady shooter whose goal was a clean match. Probably averaged 50 second stages. On about the 4th stage she had a miss. All 3 spotters and I saw it. Absolutely no question that it was a clean miss. Shooter was adamant that she did not have a miss. I told her exactly which target and where the Bullet went. All 3 spotters concurred. She sulked the rest of the match. I decided to not TO or count for her again. 

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  14. I shoot Cody Dixon which is with a rifle caliber rifle, at further targets. Had a match where last rifle target was a chicken, swinging in 2 chains. I shot it clean, a counter said 1 miss. I asked what did I miss, she said the chicken. I replied you mean the one still swinging from when I hit it with a 45-70? She looked and said “oh-clean”.   Not sure what she was thinking!   another time I had 1 counter say clean, another said 1 miss, 3rd said he wasn’t sure. TO said I don’t know what to call. I replied I do, it’s clean! 

     Nothing wrong with asking. But can’t be argumentative. 

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