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  1. I’ve shot at several clubs that offer “sharpshooter”  category, which is what you described. Those that offer Cody Dixon use those rifles targets, in the 60 -75 yd range.  A very few are a little further. some are closer, just depends on what the range limitations are. It’s a fun category. Have to do more aiming for sure. It’s a good category for those who prefer to take their time and aim instead of point. Many prefer this to seeing how fast you can manipulate your guns.  (And I’m in no way putting down the fast championship shooters, they got that way by practice and hard work) As I’ve said, I may not be able to “run and Gun” but I can “amble and aim”! 


    I'm generally about a Top 1/3 shooter. Never going to win top overall shooter. I’ve shot a few 10/10/4  stages under 20 seconds, but low-mid 20s more my norm. 

    I do enjoy shooting Cody Dixon when it is offered. it’s my preferred category. I’m even going to try Cody Dixon single shoot soon. (Just waiting on the right rifle) 

    there is something in this great game for everyone. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Cat Brules said:



     But, that actually IS NOT, “The Cowboy Way”.  I dislike seeing that term bandied about, when it’s not applicable, as it is here, as as attempt to “shame” people into agreeing to forfeit their prepaid fees.  


    My belief is that, if prepaid fees are made, those fees must be refunded 100%.  

    But, if some people individually agree to a lesser refund, in the spirit of, “If one suffers, all should suffer,” then I believe that Prepaid's should receive AT LEAST  1/2 of their match fees returned NOW and the remainder within 6 months.

    Your opinions may vary, of course, from mine.


    Cat Brules

    Cat, I’ve got to disagree with you. What if there is no money in the club treasury to make the refunds? Do the club members have to pitch in to cover the shortfall? 

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  3. I was/Am signed up for 3 annual matchs, Trailhead, Comancheria Days, Land Run.  two of them have already been postponed, and the 3rd (Land Run) has not made a decision yet.  (hopefully this mess will be quieted down by then) 


    All the clubs that had spring annuals sceduled have very likely already prichased the awards, raffle items, and paid deposits on banquets, meeting halls , paid for upfgrades to ranges, all sorts of expenses.  Now, with the matches being cancelled or indefinilty postponed, they are looking at havng to make refunds for match fees, out of money they likley dont have.  While none of us likes to lose money, please consider refusing a refund.  I think in many cases, refunds are going to break clubs, or at a miumum cause a pretty severe financla hardship.  

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  4. I aquired a Dillon 550, came with a bunch of 9MM stuff that I wont be using  I have priced it at 75% of new Dillon gear.  Much prefer to sell it all together. I'll consider parting it out in a few days if I dont sell it all together.  


    all prices plus actual shipping, or, I can deliver to Trailhead, Comancheria Days, Land Run.


    1) Dillon 9 MM dies $57

    2) 9MM caliber conversion kit $40

    3) tool head $21

    4) powder measure $68

    5) tool stand $19

    6) new starline brass approx 450) $60

    7) 931 (my grandaughter counted them!) 115 grn Hornaday FMJ bullets $75


    Total $340 take it all and I will throw in several hundred fired 9MM brss, and a bunch of plastic boxes, and some other misc 9 mm bullets.  


    As always, first "I'll take it" posted here gets it.  Always willing to look at trade stuff.  Whatchugot? 

  5. 18 minutes ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    I think it may be a moot argument, as it would be pretty hard to prove that it was a backup gun, and if that couldn't be proved then it's SDQ time.  

    You could just ask the shooter. 

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  6. 14 hours ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    So if you use a loading block...would you still not call a miss on yourself?


    How is calling a MSV for the jack out round at the ULT the "Cowboy Way" but not calling a 5 Sec penalty for the unfired round that came out of a loading block/strip/whatever okay?


    Fricken crazy...IMHO...


    But, many of you are correct in that with the "Given" info. the officials can only assess the MSV. 


    So the rest of the philosophical question rests in the hands of all of y'all and your belief that Cowboy Action Shooters are all about the Cowboy Way. 




    most recent case, yes was using a loading block.  Did not jack a round out.  did not leave a round in the loading block.  but I sure as heck was short a round on the stage, only had 9 in the rifle, so I loaded on and went on.  I guress what i'm saying is loading from a  loading block does not mean you cant make a mistake. I have absolutly no idea where that round went.  I do know that I only shot 9, and had to relaod one.  so no miss involved.  I was in no way, shape form or manner tryig to say had I not shot it I wold not have had a miss.  What I am saying, on a "garden variety" miss, (where shooter shoots a round at a target but does not hit it) if the spotters say clean, I'm not argueing with them. 


    If I found a round in my gun at the ULT, yes, I would call it on myself, MSV and possibly a miss)  so if that makes me "frickin crazy", then fit me up for a straight jacket.  I play the game by the rules. 

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  7. I’ve  called a msv on myself. I’ve called a SDQ on myself. If I ever had to I’d call a MDQ on myself. I don’t think I would call a miss on myself  if the spotters had it clean I ain't gonna argue! If they asked me if I had a miss I would not lie, but I’ve had stages where I was sure I was clean and called for a miss, and I’ve had stages where I thought I had a miss and it was clean. I suspect at the end of your shooting career they will just about equal out!!! (Maybe a bit heavy on the “clean” side as the BOD comes into play. 

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  8. Several folks on this thread and many others make the comment “change the spotters” when they miss a call.  Has anybody ever actually done that? (Change our all 3 spotters at once due to a missed call). 
    Spotters  should pay  attention, call what they see. But if I call a miss you can be danged sure I KNOW it was a miss. If another spotter with a different angle can point out a reasonable edger, I’ll give it to them. I NEVER change a hit call to a miss. 

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Marshal Hangtree said:


    So here's another question.  If the shooter realizes he loaded too many, an purposefully jacks the last rifle round out at the end of the rifle string, wouldn't that be a "No Call"

    yes, he needs to jack it out to avoid penalty.  If by chance he accidentally jacked out another round earlier he cannot use the overlaoded roud to make up for it.  (Would be a P and a miss) 

  10. MSV.  

    Ive underlaoded and overlaoded!  (not often, but its happened!)  I use a loading block.  Just last match I underlaoded my rifle.  I would have sworn the block was full, and I put them all in my rifle, and did not jack one out, but rifle only had 9 in it.  I think the missing round fell thru a time/space contimnuim and will likley wnd up in somebodys gun somewere!!!!!


    And yes I triple checked the mag tube at the ULT to make sure the missing round was not hung up in there..

  11. I bought a Hollan for my 2nd safe. And went with mechanical dial. Yes the digital locks are a little quicker. 5 seconds vs 15. 

  12. I’ve seen maybe one shooter shoot a HBB Consistently without jamming issues. He was a very slow methodical shooter. If you try to run it fast it just will not work well. Henry makes a fine rifle. I have a 22 golden Boy. Very good gun. But the HBB is just not a very good choice for our game. they do make one with a side gate now. 

    on a kinda funny aside, last Saturday one of our newer shooters was shooting his HBB. shell hung up, would not eject. He turned the rifle on its side and shook it to get the hull out. It came out, along with various pieces of metal and springs. Everybody had to laugh. I’m sure Henry will make it right, but I think the shooter is in the market for a 73. 


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  13. can't be adjustable. lots of folks use a rubber pad, if its not "period" they put a leather cover over it. I have a rather ugly slip on pad on my Marlin 1895 45-70. sure tames the recoil, but it hurts my eye to look at it. I put a leather cover over it!

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