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  1. 10 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    Another down side is you cannot shoot Outlaw with an inertial trigger.

    I actually tested this. No issues. I did hold it firmly. Again, using 7/8 oz loads, low power. Never Chronoed them ( don’t want to shoot my chronograph!) but I would guess <1100 FPS as they feel milder than Featherlights. 

    I'm leaning towards having the conversion done.  

  2. Just got a SKB 200E. It’s been “cowboyized” by a reputable smith. Triggers are still inertial. It fires my fairly light 7/8 oz loads with no issues. What is the main advantage to mechanical trigger, other than not having to worry about trigger reset, which does not seem to be an issue? 

  3. One club that I shoot at regularly has an “outlaw posse”. Shooters wear masks except for when actually shooting. Those that prefer that sign up for that posse. The rest of us are .....slightly...... more careful. But I see a few hugs & handshakes. 

    my personal feelings are you are either gonna get it or you’re not. Masks, social distancing, hand sanitizers etc  don't really make any difference. (I could be wrong) 

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  4. Here is the waterglass I use. I got it on amazon


    when researching waterglass I came across an article about a submarine captain who had a water leak in some auxiliary machinery (not nuclear). He sent sailors ashore in Seattle, by rubber dingy, in civilian clothes with orders to go to hardware stores and buy all the waterglass they could find. Bright it back to boat, poured it in engine, fixed the head! 





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  5. I got the liquid waterglass on amazon. A quart bottle. 2-3 lifetimes worth!  I’ll take a picture of it when I get home. 

    I generally use FF powder in shot shells. 

    as for pressure, I have a dowel with a knob on top, I mash it down as hard as I can. Sometimes if my hands are hurting I use a smallish rubber mallet and give it 2-3 whacks. Not very scientific but they work! 

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  6. I’ve only loaded BP or subs. It’s pretty easy. Get cards and wads from circle fly or track of the wolf. 11 guage. 

    knock out old primer with punch over block of wood with hole drilled in it. 


    put primer in. Either with a press or a hand tool available on eBay. 

    powder, equal amount by volume of shot. 3/4 oz  shot, use same dipper for powder. Over powder nitro card. Then fiber wad. Pack it down with a dowel rod. Then shot, then about 1/3 of a fiber wad, then overshot card. I’ve used elmers glue & hot glue, but I like waterglass better. I use the piece of fiber wad on top of shot to help hold the shot in. Not really needed but helps. 

    Pattern your load. If you are making a donut either increase shot a tad or decrease powder. 
    ive found APP does not knock down targets as well as 777 or real BP. 

    This is hand priming tool





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  7. I’ve shot 7 monthly matches and 4 multi-day annuals since September. Was getting a little pooped! We had a WB/cowboy match today. I decided to shoot Buckaroo.  Unfortunately I forgot my 410 at home, so had to borrow a 12   Gauge but those are Buckaroo legal!  It was fun to shoot the little guns. I shot a Ruger single six, a Colt Frontier Scout, Winchester 62A, and a Henry Golden boy. It was a lot of fun. I had a shotgun not go down, told everybody Buckaroos did not have to knock them down :D


    try it sometime At a monthly match. It’s a lot of fun. 

    Hoss the Buckaroo (my wife says I act like a 9 yr old all the time anyways!)



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  8. 2 hours ago, Happy Appy said:

    Hoss call Jason at Broomstick Arms about the Charles Daly coming out of Turkey.  SKB is moving to Turkey since that one factory is doing such a good job.  They are hard to get but he did one for me and when someone picks up mine to help me at the line I hear them say wow.  Happy

    I’ve thought about those as well. 

  9. I’m kinda wanting an SKB. Slicked up and cowboy ready. Definitely want a mechanical trigger. Prefer splinter forearm, but like the engraved nickel on the 200 too, so I guess interested in a 100 or 200. Obviously my preference would be FTF anywhere in south or central Texas. 

  10. Just bought one at a gun store. Belonged to a kid that worked there. I think he wanted a Glock or something.  He had it marked 500, then 400. I asked him his best price, I was out the door with a holster for $300. I felt like I stole it! 

      In 22 Mag. I’ve found a 22 LR cylinder for it already! Nice pistol. 


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  11. 15 minutes ago, Hellbender said:

    So you're shooting pocket pistol this time?  Oh well, winnings not everything - I'll just have fun then ;)

    And don't forget to give me $10 for that Yul Lose raffle ticket I've been saving for you all this time :D

    It ain’t over till it’s over! Last 2 matches I loaned pocket pistol and a LR rifle out. Got beat both times with my own durn gun!


    im going to wait until after the drawing  to pay up :D

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  12. One of my favorite places to shoot is Fort Parker. I’m a history buff and this place is special. it’s The fort that Cynthia Ann Parker was kidnapped from by the Comanche Indians. She was later the mother of Quanah Parker, a famous Comanche chief. 
    long range is shot from the fort Blockhouse, thru little gunports. It’s really interesting!  You can see/read about the fort here. 




    this match is a major fund raiser for the Fort. We need to keep this piece of Texas history alive. If you’ve never shot there, I recommend it! 


    my guns are packed, I’m going to shoot LR, single shot and big bore lever as well as pistol caliber, both BP and smokeless. I even brought my plainsman guns for the plainsman side match, as well as pocket pistols and derringer. 15 guns all together :D 


    looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and shooting my last multi-day annual of the year. Can’t wait! 

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