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  1. My wife vacuumed up a primer and it popped. I was actually pretty surprised she wasn’t upset. But now she no longer vacuums the reloading room. 

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Possum Skinner, SASS#60697 said:

    We want to change the game to attract new shooters, but when they can't find guns for a decent price what are they to do?  Yes, maybe a buyer should be quicker, but some people have lives besides watching the classifieds for deals.  And frankly, I think anyone who will go on somebody else's WTB post and buy guns out from under them is not anyone I ever want to do business with.

    Possum, I recently responded to a WTB post on a Marlin 39a. I remarked “you and me both, been looking for one for a while”  later a seller posted some pictures. I replied I would be interested if original poster passes. He did pass, and told me it was all mine if I wanted it. Made the deal. I didn’t feel like I scooped the OP. I made it clear I was 2nd in line. 

    as for merchants snatching up the good deals, yes it bothers me. On one hand, it’s the American way. But, I also think new shooters should get 1st crack at “deals”.
    I even once saw a reseller claim a “free to good home” item. 

    I’ve posted items with 2 prices. Reduced price for new shooters, say sass # in most recent 1500 or so, another price for others. I’d also encourage new shooters to post WTB adds 

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  3. My home club. Texas Riviera Pistoleros  is allowing  22s this year. Nobody has used them yet. 

    I did, last fall at a 5th Saturday match, shoot Buckaroo just for the fun of it!  22s are fun to shoot every once in a while! I may do it again this summer. Even drag out the 410 double.  

    I see no huge harm in allowing 22s, as long as it’s just at club level. 

  4. Me and you both! I’ve been watching at gun shows for a couple of years. Found one, had a pistol grip stock, but straight lever . Somebody had cut a groove in the stock to allow it to fit. 
    another looked good, but had mechanical issues. 

  5. I saw one that had a 8” is so strap attached to the sling swivel point on the barrel. Had a knot in the end. Shooter held the strap in fist, pulling rifle into shoulder. Looked to have plenty of control over rifle. I’m not sure if this would be called a sling or not. I just use the stick. 

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  6. no dog in this fight, just my .02¢ worth....

    I have horn grips on my Rugers. One big benefit is in wet weather, or sweaty hot weather, they get sticky, not slippery! 
    and they are very distinctive. Your guns will stand out on the loading table ! 



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  7. I know I can buy a replacement hinge joint. I’m going to experiment with some sort of plastic bonding glue or epoxy resin. I was just curious off anybody had found something that worked. The hinge is a definite weak point. I’ve learned not to lean on the handle, but others will lean on it. 

  8. 24 minutes ago, Waimea said:

    I can see it says .22 cal on the gun and you said it was a .22 but dang it them holes look bigger than .22.


    I LIKE IT!

    Haha, they do look bigger.  One thing I can tell you, if you ever have a gun pointed at you, them holes look big enough to crawl into! 

    it’s kind of a novelty gun, not a whole lot of practical use, but it’s pretty neat.  And besides, my 401-G appreciates more in value than my 401-K ! 



  9. 32 minutes ago, Hellbender said:

    Thanks for all those answers, pards!  I myself shoot in pocket pistol side matches but I don't reload my own - I use factory loads.  I only reload 38 special with a Dillon Square Deal B so I didn't know much about that Lee 38 S&W die set that was donated to us.  Now that I do know the 38 auto sizing die is supposed to be part of the set, I'll go ahead and put  the set up for sale on the Wire Classifieds to bring in more $$$ for our fundraiser.



    I didn’t know you shot pocket pistols :P

  10. 5 hours ago, Garrison Joe, SASS #60708 said:

    The platen is cast aluminum.  Planning the right spot to put the new screw through the ring - about 15 minutes the first one I did. Slicing the ring in two places with hacksaw - about 10 minutes.  A hand drill and a hand tap completed the job in about 10 minutes. 


    No cast iron in a 366 at all.   Just steel guide rods and dies and miscellaneous parts..


    But, "A man's gotta know his limitations...."  



    I’ll look it over. The ability To pull  a hull out at powder station would be great. 

  11. I bought one at an estate sale. I think the guy may have croaked while loading. Still had unfinished shells in it!


    biggest drawback: you can’t take a hull out once it’s past station 1, unless you unhook indexer and back them up. If you have a fouled hull at wad setting station far easier to just keep a knife handy and cut the shell in 1/2 and let it go around.


    You will spill powder and shot. Just live with it!

    I got a spring loaded aftermarket primer pin. It will automatically adjust primer setting if you change hulls. I load about 90% STS, a few AA. doesn’t matter.


    I cut a hole in my bench, drop finished shells into a bucket. It is a fiddly machine, but once you get it going it can really churn them out. I usually do 4-500 at a setting, in a couple of hours. 

    I would not recommend trying BP with it. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator said:

    Congratulations Hoss. Nice little Sharps replicas.  I think I bought mine when they first were introduced at a SHOT show (about 1991).  I carry mine in my Jeep with rat shot in it for snakes.  As I remember one of the machinist that was in on making these was a good IHMSA competitor from around Harlingen. (BTW, Chuck now is excellent gunsmith for old Benjamin pellet guns, just recently had my 1956 model repaired by him.)  Bet I know where you got that one if recently purchased.  Mine has serial number 12XX.

    Do you know anybody in Delaware? 

    one of the neat things about the SASS classifieds is you can find most anything there, and I’ve never had an issue buying or selling a gun or other item on the wire. Cowboy shooters are honest folks! 

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  13. 8 minutes ago, Totes Magoats said:


    I have to come all the over here to the wire to find out you got a cool new gun?  I thought we were buddies!?!



    I was trying to keep it a secret so you would let me write the side match scenarios for our upcoming annual match in December. :D

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