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  1. My original shot high too. I was shooting a 330 grn Bullet. I even changed the front site. But it was not quite “right”. 
    grried a 405 grn Bullet and it works fine. It does shoot high and right. At our distances I aim at about 1100 and hit center target

  2. Started packing up ammo and whatnot today. Looking forward to a great match. Really looking forward to their long range side match. They have a great long range setup. Knocking those rams off the rail at 500 meters is a thrill!


    Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new people friends.

    Who else is going?

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  3. I would like to state, for the record, that my Rugged Gear Deluxe 4 gun cart is the exact model Wyatt Earp used to tote his guns & gear to the OK Corral & back :P


    im not pimpin for the HBB, my question is why wasn’t it mentioned in the gun requirements listed in catagory specs on pg 6-7? Only place it’s mentioned is way down on pg 39

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  4. 1 minute ago, The Verdigris Kid said:

    Because the HBB is not a replica of any of the approved rifles, it is a modern take on a lever action. It looks nothing like earlier rifles.


    I’m not arguing for allowing HBBs. but a Vaquero is not an exact replica either. 


  5. I know Henry Big Boy rifles are not allowed in Classic Cowboy. But...it would appear the SH no longer specifically prohibits them, unless they don’t consider it a replica ( neither is a Ruger Vaquero)

    seems like the HB used to have very specific wording on HBBs. Am I missing something? (And yes I know no self respecting CC would shoot a HBB!) 


    Classic Cowboy/Classic Cowgirl Category
    Classic Cowboy/Classic Cowgirl category carries rules and guidelines for both costuming and firearm/caliber usage.
    Firearm Rules:
     - Any main match fixed sight revolver may be used.
    - Revolvers must be shot Duelist or Double Duelist style. See Duelist description
    for required shooting technique.
    - Rifles: Any 1873 or earlier manufacture SASS legal rifle or a replica thereof (e.g.,
    1866 Winchester, 1860 Henry, 1873 Winchester).

     - Revolver and Rifle Calibers: .40 caliber or larger, rimmed cartridges. Examples include, but are not limited to, .38-40, .44 Special, .44 Russian, .44 Mag., .44-40, .45 Schofield, .45 Colt, or .36 caliber or larger cap and ball.
     - May use any SASS legal ammunition as long as it adheres to the above caliber restrictions.
     - Shotguns: SASS legal external hammer double barrel, single shot, or lever actions. External-hammer double barrel shotguns must have manually
    Copyright© Single Action Shooting Society, Inc. 2021 Version 25

    functioning hammers. Faux hammers and hammers that are cocked internally are illegal.

  6. While there may be a bit of an advantage, as Joe Cross said, it’s easy to practice but things go south when that ole buzzer goes off!  I suppose if there was a really challenging new sweep, or one with several ways to shoot it, some practice might be helpful. 
    i know people who study the shooters booklet figuring out stages. I rarely do more than just a quick glance. I can’t remember them that long anyway!

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  7. Henry Big Boys are legal except for Classic Cowboy. 

    just because you can does not mean you should! They are fine for hunting, or slow plinking, but if you try to run one fast it ain’t gonna work. And like Garrison Joe said, prone to start spitting out their innards. 

    save your money. Best rifle for the game is a 73, then a 66. Then Marlin, then 92. 
    I have an 1860 Henry (not same as a Big Boy) . Kinda fun to shoot every once in a while, but not overly practical either. 

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  8. 50 minutes ago, tacobill said:

    Check out this item number on Gun Broker 893740463

    It may be what you are looking for.

    Snuffy that would be an excellent kit. You won’t need the roll crumpet tool for brass hulls, but it’s neat to have. Otherwise every tool you need is there. 

  9. 11 hours ago, Yellowhouse Sam # 25171 said:

    Sorry.....I don't have one or at least I cant find it.   Check the marlin forum like Buckeye Pete suggested.  Worst case you could make one by drilling out the center of a white nylon or such rod and inserting a black one.

    Thanks for looking!

  10. 6 hours ago, Crazy Gun Barney, SASS #2428 said:

    Hoss, that is a very generous offer that I might take you up on. After my bullets show up , if I still haven’t found some dies I’ll give you a call and we can work out a plan. 


    Just let me know. I’ll check my stock of 32 SW and load up a few just in case. Need some for the upcoming shooting season anyway. 

  11. I’ve got a set of Lee 32SW dies. I don’t want to sell them, but I’d likely be willing to loan them to you for a month or so. Give you a chance to load up a box or 2.  I’ll need to check my stock on loaded 32, may have to load some before I send them. 
    let me know if you can’t find a set to buy. 

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