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  1. I had mine taken out for 2 reasons 

    1) by virtue of being a transfer bar, it transfers energy from one face to another. That takes added energy to start with as the Tbar absorbs some of the energy. Need a stronger hammer spring 

    2) if a part is going to break on a Ruger, it’s most likely going to be the Tbar. 

    Thanks to Jimmy Spurs, Mine are gone, don’t miss them! 

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  2. making MUCH MORE revenue producing ammunition

    thats it in a nutshell. Until demand for ammo eases, components, especially primers will be in short supply. If you were selling ammo would you rather make .01 on a primer if .10 on a loaded round? (May not be that simple, but rest assured they make much more on ready to shoot ammo than they do on components) 

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  3. Question for D550 users. I called Dillon today, but they never called back 


    hypothetically (asking for a friend) if you had the shell plate off your 550 and dropped a live primer in the ram, would it really hurt anything, or us there a way to get it out? My “friend” thought he had it figured out, put some art gum on a rod, figured to be able to retrieve it. Unfortunately the art gum came off the stick. Decided (Er.... my friend decided) to leave well enough alone. The primer is now full of art gum, below the level of the shell plate bolt, and didn’t seem to be creating any problems.  Any reason to try to get it out? Only way I see is to take ram out and I’m not sure that will work either. 

    Hard to believe anybody is that dumb... 

  4. I can’t sell you any 45-60 reloads. But..... I did find 45-60 brass at Grafs. Pretty spendy tho. I have 60 cases. And about as many cut down 45-70s. Really no discernible difference. I use 305 grn bullets from Bear Creek. 12.0 Unique. 

    Harbor  Freight has a nifty mini chop saw. I think mine was 29.95. Works well for cutting the brass down. I even found a guy that sells 3D printed jigs for holding the case while cutting down. Easy-Peasy!

  5. 4 hours ago, MBFields said:

    Maybe could move the Cowboy Chapel to ? The new national championship location? Get enough of us to volunteer to take it down and then put it back together wherever.


    2 hours ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    Kind of hard to differential what various people are talking about.  The "new" National Championship location is in Oklahoma.  But, the Chapel was at the location of EOT which is moving to Phoenix.  If OKC can accomodate the Chapel that would be great.  As a practical matter the cost of tearing down the old chapel, moving the material to OKS and then reassembling it would probably cost more than just building a new one.


    4 hours ago, MBFields said:

    Maybe could move the Cowboy Chapel to ? The new national championship location? Get enough of us to volunteer to take it down and then put it back together wherever.


  6. On 12/9/2020 at 4:06 PM, Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118 said:

    Hey Hoss, 


    Nice shooting with you last year at Comancheria Days last year, had a fun time on the posse, great match. I have 2 SKB's one is set up with mechanical triggers no problems, if you remember I shot one at Comancheria Days last year, a number of times it was not cocking the barrels, I would have to reopen it and close it to get it to fire. It also had been set-up with mechanical triggers. I had that gun switched back to inertia triggers and the cocking issue when away. I sold the gun last year and had another one set-up from scratch by Persimmond Dam with inertia triggers, been shooting it for the last 10 moths no issues. I would stay with the inertia triggers. 




    Enjoyed shooting with you too Bill!

    im leans towards leaving well enough alone and sticking with inertial trigger. 

  7. Like many, I have 6. Load them up the night before. Gives me one more chance to check for split cases and high primers. Then it’s simple. To the loading table, don’t have to worry about counting rounds going into rifle. Load up, slip block in hip pocket, (no trips back to cart with ammo boxes) ready to shoot. Only way to go!

    and Missouri Marshal is great guy to work with. Gets work out quickly, sends an invoice with note if satisfied send payment. (And I’d be willing to bet he has never been stiffed!) 

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