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  1. Let him finish and offer reshoot. 

    remind brassers to not be so overzealous in their duties!


    If shooter fell or was really impeded it’s easy to take the reshoot. its a risk to take a reshoot for a minor delay. I’ve seen a guy have a decent,clean stage. Maybe lost 2 seconds due to an impediment. Takes the reshoot, Miss and a p! 
    in some respects I think in that situation the shooter should be allows you take to better of the 2 times. 

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  2. My fist state match was in 2013. I’d been shooting 8 months or so. I knew I had zero chance of winning anything, so I decided to shoot clean. Last stage of the match were “hells bells” gas cylinders with bottoms cut off. Only about 6” wide. I was clean to here , but those things looked like toothpicks! I was shaking like a dog passing a peach pit! I bore down, shot it clean. I was (and am) very proud of my clean match pin from that match


    go to your state match. Have fun. Meet new people. Buy from vendors. Study the top shooters 

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  3. SDQ! Muzzle clearly breaking the 170! 

    I bet that was exciting! :o glad somebody got a good pic. I bet shooter gangs that up in his man cave! 

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  4. I have an original 73 Carbine, made 2nd qtr of 74. Of the correct serial number to be considered a “Custer” rifle but no provenance. It’s a good shooter. I have found it likes 405 bullets with full case of APP powder. A reduced load or lighter bullet it is not accurate. I enjoy shooting it. It is a bit of a thumper! 

  5. Acquired this a couple of years ago to hang in my man cave. Unfortunately the Mrs said NO.


    been living in a box in my garage ever since. Decided it needs a new home. 

    Very good tanning job. Fur is tight, no odor. Was a head shot, so one side of head I’d mangled. Ears are intact. 

    thinking $50 shipped. 

    get permission from wife first!




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  6. As fate would have it, I loaded about 50 38-55 tonite with no primer. I’ve never had my 550 primer system act up. Still not sure what the pro was. Pulled it apart, cleaned it, working fine now. I guess some gunk fouked it up somehow. 

    Gonna give the PileDriver a workout. Definitely want the hose instead if the cup tho. 

  7. 1 hour ago, ShadowCatcher said:

    Interesting device, good timing, as I may well be pulling some .45 loads apart.  Looked at the collet type that work in the press, but they're generally not so good for pistol length bullets, and the hammer type can damage the lead rounds (not that I'm saving them). 


    Just came across this and almost bought it, but I'm going to use my slip jaw pliers first to test the idea out.




    I tried a grip n pull. No bueno. Your results may vary! 

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  8. If you are like me, you have a box full of rounds that aren’t quite right for whatever reason. If you want to recover components you have to use an impact hammer or collet- puller. Neither of which I have had much luck with. I’ve whacked those hammers until they broke and still not gotten the Bullet out. 
    Read about the FA Pile Driver. Decided to try one out. ($50 on Amazon) it works well. I’ve tried 38sp, 38-55, 45-70.  An occasional one took two tries. The components wind up in a cup. Also has a hose attachment so you can dump it to a jug as the cup will fill up pretty quickly. 

    works as advertised. Now I have a box of bullets to pull apart!



  9. I use a Frankfort Arsenal vibra-prime. I dont load into their tubes then transfer to Dillon tube, I took the end off Dillon tube and load it direct. You may need to polish off some rough edges in the feeder hole in the tray, then get the angle just right and they run down the tube like ants into a hole. Just takes a little experimenting. 

  10. Slick i was hunting some. My local academy gets ammo in on Tuesdays. I watched the website. Said available, limited to 3 boxes. I bought it, curbside delivery. Blazer brand. Normal price, about 12/box of 50. 

    just find out when they get their ammo  and haunt the website. 

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