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  1. without applying a protractor, those holsters look to be pushing the 30 degree rule.
  2. I would not stop a shooter because the timer missed a shot. But if it was obviously malfunctioning then I likely would between guns. And yes, look at timer before/as you cover the mic.
  3. Capt bill, I agree that at a monthly with 15 shooters you may get less than ideal TOs. but if a newer shooter is willing to try, then more expereinced shooters should be encouraging. thats how good TOs are made. If they make a mistake, maybe tell them later about it. I dont mind constructive critisim of my TOing. What I dont like is having a shooter complain about "silly" things. too much delay, not enough delay, too close, not close enough, too loud, not loud enough, etc.
  4. there is a lot to do when TOing. its an art as much as a science! With the exception of # 1, may not be in order 1) safely assit shooter with empahsis on SAFETY! 2) assess shooter before stage for shotgun shells, and if they appear "ready" 3) dont ask if they understand the scenario (newer shoters will tell it to you) rather say "when shooter ready give starting line" 4) instructions are gennerally to be on shooters strong side, over his shoulder. I try to also take into account which way shooter will be moving. I dont want to be in his way, so if other shoulder is better, thats where i'll position myself. 5) count the shots! 6) as shooter puts long guns down check for clear actions 7) make sure spotters are identified, ready and attentive 8) know your shooter if at all possible. some are hard of hearing and require a tap when beeper goes off. some need more coaching than others. some want no coaching at all. 9) watch the timer to make sure it is recording shots. 10) after last shot put finger over mic so it does not pick up shots from adjacent stages 11) show to shooter and call time 11) poll spotters. never "argue" for a miss. if a spotter claimes he saw and edger than confirm if you know. if you dont know, dont say anythong, just ask the spotters what THEY saw. 12) assess misses/penalties. Be fair. call what they did. if you are not sure, then no call. if you are sure, make the call. 13) pass info to scorekeeper 14) make sure stage is ready for next shooter 15) NEXT SHOOTER! there may be and probably are other things that TO has to be aware of. its a demanding position. TO should not have to also pick up brass, reset shotgun targets etc. 5-6 shooters really ought to be max.
  5. Hoss

    Sharps Questions

    lots more options with 45-70 Yes, Shiloh & C Sharps are 2 different companies. Somebody had a C Sharps for sale on the SASS wire not long ago. I dont recall if it sold or not. You might want to check it out
  6. Hoss

    WTC. Equipment

    That’s my thought too. Heck of a nice guy. I would hate for him to have a problem down the trail.
  7. Hoss

    WTC. Equipment

    My drawing definitely not to scale. But for argument sake, yes ammo at or below belly button
  8. Hoss

    WTC. Equipment

    No picture, but if you will promise not to laugh at my artwork.... lets assume all all other aspects are within rules, ammo at or below belly button, period correct materials, conform to shooters body etc. and for the record, Im not trying to create a problem for anybody who may use a rig like this. I don’t think there is any competitive advantage or anything like that. Nor do I think I would want to use one. Im just curious. I could see an argument that it is a type of bandolier as it has shoulder support. And given it is tied down, that would not be within the rules.
  9. Hoss

    WTC. Equipment

    Saw something new this weekend. Shooter had a shotgun slide that instead of being hooked to his gun belt or a separate belt, it attached to his suspenders on each side, was horizontal across his body. In all other respects “legal”. Any rule against this?
  10. tried t send a PM, but system said you cannot get PMs. Ive been drooling over your antique pistol I just like these old guns! Is that one actually chambered in 22, or is the the 5mm Velodog cartridge? Have you ever shot it?
  11. I rarely upen carry. really the only time is when i'm going to/from a cowboy match, wearing a tucked in shirt. I carry my pistol in an ISWB cross draw holster, clippeed to my pants as i'm not wearing a belt, and with suspenders have to have suirt tucked in. I really dont want anybopdy knowing I'm carrying. if a situation develops, I want to have options on what to do. Open carry would likley cause a bad guy to focus on me. True Walmart story... Several years ago I was in WM, a little old gray haired lady asked me to get something from the top shelf for her. I did, and gave it to her, asked f there was anything else I could help with. She rather wide-eyed said no and skeedadled like her britches were on fire. i thought it kind of odd. then I realized that by reaching up to top shelf I have exposed my gun. I guess I scared the old gal. I'm a firm 2nd ammendment guy. I think a responsible person should be ablt to carry a gun wherever they want. However, if I saw a guy in "tatical gear" carrying an AR come into WalMart, it would cuse me some concern. True, he has not broken any laws, but I would still watch him like a hawk. These guys that walk around with all that gear on and carying a rifle jsut because they are trying to be cool or whatever dont help us responsible gun owners any. There is a place to carry a rifle, and walmart aint it.
  12. I might. I’ll have to look when I get home. Sent a pm
  13. I callem like I seeum. I like 2 indicators for a miss. see the dirt fly behind the target, no clang, its a miss. I only need one to call a hit. see the bullet hit the target, see the target wobble, hear a clang. any of those are good enough for me. If I see dirt fly I look for an edge hit that may have occured. I'll let other spotters talk me into a hit when I had it as a miss, but I never let another spotter talk me into a miss if I called it a hit. Watching for Ps can be harder. especially for round count stages. If I lose track, mind wanders, out of position, got distracted or whatever i'll say I dont know.....clean
  14. Hoss

    Dillon 550B question

    Well, I think I got it Going my way. Used the alignment tool, adjusted everything, loaded up a dozen rounds. Seems to be fine. I’ll do a more extended loading session tomorrow. I limit myself to about an hour a sitting at the press. Much longer than that and I get frustrated. Hopefully I've got it whooped now. Thanks for all the advice. Now I just have to develop a good routine while loading.
  15. All this PBR talk reminds me of one of my favorite songs! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4N3iVHxP8FQ
  16. We went they Harvey 2 years ago. It made landfall about 15 miles north of my office, which is right on the Bay. Being on the “good side” we had minimal damage. Blew in our shop doors. All of our tugs/barges were fine. But for every mile you moved north could see more damage. Rockport was really devastated. We evacuated ahead head of the storm. Officials called it a mandatory evacuation although they cant actually make you leave. They can turn off utilities which make it hard to stay. We came back day after storm. Had a big tree down in yard, and it pulled power lines down. We’re wiyhout electricity for a few days.
  17. Hoss

    Dillon 550B question

    And the adventure continues! Spent 20 minutes with Dillon guy. We double checked dies, powder funnel, shell plate, locator pins. Readjusted everything. Still damaging cases. He is sending me an alignment tool. Hopefully this will get me on track! When I set my brand new 650 up last year also had to get an alignment tool. Hopefully this will get me squared away! Will update then! Either you will see a YAHOO here or a Dillon 550B for sale on the SASS classifieds!!!!
  18. We had a big construction light tower trailer. Set it up well behind the line. Pointed lights downrange. Targets were easy to see, and shooters were able to see to get around. Inter the match we turned them to light up the parking lot. We had some flashlights and low intensity lights at the loading/unloading tables about 1/2 of us shot real BP. Lots of fire and smoke! So much for night vision!!! it was a BLAST!!!!
  19. Hoss

    Dillon 550B question

    I just put the plastic tab on because it’s so hard to grab them aggravating pins!
  20. Hoss

    Dillon 550B question

    Well finally got around to working with the 550. Solved one problem. My primer seating depth was because some moron put the shellplate on upside down. The manual even warns about this!!! onto problem 2. About every 5 or so rounds the expander/powder drop station will booger up a case. I’ve backed the die of to where there is no flair at all. Would have to hold Bullet on case to feed it into Bullet seating. Still happens. Adjust die down to minimum flair, still happens. And not every time, but about every 5 or so.
  21. Hoss

    Dillon 550B question

    Well, it’s been one of those weeks. Danged old boss expects me to work everyday! I haven’t really had time to mess with it. Probably going to be Sunday or Monday before I get back to it thanks for checking!
  22. I’ve been shooting a square load 1oz shot with real BP or 777. I like shooting them, but don’t find they shuck as well. I did did buy a priming tool to squish the primers in.
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