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  1. I shoot Cody Dixon which is with a rifle caliber rifle, at further targets. Had a match where last rifle target was a chicken, swinging in 2 chains. I shot it clean, a counter said 1 miss. I asked what did I miss, she said the chicken. I replied you mean the one still swinging from when I hit it with a 45-70? She looked and said “oh-clean”. Not sure what she was thinking! another time I had 1 counter say clean, another said 1 miss, 3rd said he wasn’t sure. TO said I don’t know what to call. I replied I do, it’s clean! Nothing wrong with asking. But can’t be argumentative.
  2. I’ve heard of one very accomplished shooter who will ask what he missed. If spotters cannot agree then he claims should be clean. Often especially with the faster shooters, it’s hard to say which target. When they unload a rifle in <3 seconds it can be hard to say exactly which shot you saw dig into the berm! For me, I pretty much need 2 indicators that it’s a miss. Dirt splash on berm, no target wiggle, no clang. any one of those qualifies as a hit. If I really have to ask myself “was that a miss” then BOD to shooter. I have to be 100% sure. If I call a miss, and another spotter points out an edger, I’ll change my call. I can be convinced to change a call from miss to hit, but I NEVER change from hit to miss. as a TO, I ask spotters what they saw. I ask them to not look at other spotters calls. Just call what you saw. That’s why we have 3. I also think if you totaled up incorrect calls, in the end shooter comes out ahead. Of course, if the miss call was made at a bad time, say a state match, it can cost you a buckle! Counters need to really try to pay attention and do their very best. Not only for the shooter on the line, but out of fairness to the rest of the shooters at the match.
  3. Only thing I can play is the radio!
  4. Probably more important than the pistols is shotgun. If she needs a shorter LOP then get her one. Don’t make her shoot yours because “it’s just the shotgun”. When my wife was shooting she struggled with the shotgun. Tried a cut down 97 and it was much better. I had the stock cut down on my 97 and it was nuch better for her.
  5. I usually shoot BP at our 5gh Saturday matches. 44-40 pistols, 1860 Henry in 44-40 and 10G double. But I’m summertime they are too heavy and too hot! ive been threatening to shoot Buckaroo with 22s and a 410. May just do it at our August 5th Saturday match.
  6. I picked up a nice 62a a couple of years ago at a gunshow. He had it marked for $1100. I traded a 45 ACP rock island NIB That I won at a SASS match & 300 For it. I would put my gun at 80-90%, but that’s pretty subjective. It’s an excellent shooter! It will hold a bunch of 22 shorts! I got tired of pumping it before it ran out of bullets! For what it’s worth, I can shoot it faster and more accurately than my Henry Golden Boy. (But my Pard Verdadero can outshoot me with his Golden boy every day of the week and twice on Sunday!) the true gallery models have a triangle shaped loading port and are worth more. the Marlin 39As are also excellent 22s. I’ve been on the prowl for one of those as well.
  7. We have safety meeting 0845, hammers down 0900. We shot 6 stages Saturday. Broke foe a watermelon break after 3 stages. Finished right at noon. I’d be ok with starting at 0800, but I’m a morning person. we have a couple of shooters that are habitually late. Our policy is if you are not there by 0845 then you don’t get a score for first stage. Enforced policy this past Saturday. When I told shooter he said “I was here, I was in parking lot” getting my gear unloaded. (He was not on the range until after a couple of shooters had already shot first stage) I told him he had missed the announcements and safety briefing. Being in the parking lot didn’t count. He was a little miffed. But as I said, always late, have to get him assigned to a posse, get his fee collected etc. folks ought to have the common curtesy to be on time. (And yes, I know flat tires or traffic slow downs happen, but not every match!)
  8. Ah the joys of Little League! ida let it go as well. But I might have told him it’s against the rules for an adult to warm up a pitcher.
  9. Sharpshooter and Cody Dixon both Throw a different degree of difficulty. Believe if it not. Every time I have shot sharpshooter I wound up engaging the wrong set of targets at least once in the match. Unless the TO, spotters or whomever catch you, it’s 10 misses not a P! That’s why I don’t shoot sharpshooter any more. But as I’ve said, Cody Dixon is my favorite category. I just like it. Are my stage times as fast? No. Typically 7-10 seconds slower. My pistols & shotgun I shoot pretty much the same, so the biggest difference is rifle, it just takes a tad longer to lock onto the target. So yes, it is more difficult. But I like it. Some like shooting BP. Yes it’s more difficult than smokeless. Going to be a tad slower. Shooting frontiersman adds another layer of difficulty. But every competitor works his guns as fast as he can. Maybe I ought to try BP Cody Dixon!
  10. I love shooting Cody Dixon. If it’s offered, I’m shooting it. By far my favorite Category. I’ve tried sharpshooter, but don’t care for it as much. I think last year at the Texas State Match Cody Dixon was one of the larger categories, 13 shooters in lever, 11 in single shot. (If my somewhat feeble memory serves!) at any rate, a popular Category. I practice (not as much as I should), think about stage lay-out, try to think of ways to “game” the stage. I want to do my very best (safely & within the rules) I’m not trying to make any statements about target distances or how fast other shooters are. I just play the game I prefer.
  11. I’ve got a strong case if the wants for a 95. Probably in 30-40 Krag or 405. (Big Medicine!) Climbing Lyman sights. Had a nice one in my hands but the $5500 price tag was too steep for a rifle I would rarely shoot. But.... after I win the Lotto tonight I’ll be making a trip to Collectors Firearms in Houston.
  12. I never had any trouble with my Uberti-Win 76 using cut down 45-70 brass. I used a mini chop saw from Harbor Freight. I did find true 45-60 brass at Graf & sons. A little spendy at 2.10 per. But heck, can’t take it with you! https://www.grafs.com/catalog/category/categoryId/3945
  13. I have a 76 in 45-60. Kelley sights. I like the 305 coated bullets from Bear Creek. 12.0 Unique. I’ve shot it (successfully!) to 300yds. I hope to go to a 400 yd range soon. I load the bullets just a tad longer than the crimp groove, Lee factory crimp die (made for 45-70) I just kinda kiss it a bit. works well for me. I was able to find 45-60 brass, but also have cut down 45-70.
  14. 10 grns Unique will do the job quite well.
  15. I don’t often shoot C&B guns. Just at Plainsman side matches a couple of times a year. So have been reading this with interest, plus, I was there, but on a different posse so not a witness I have seen, and have done, exactly what you say we ought not do, re-cap and fire at ULT, but always with TO permission. Typically between shooters. I suppose could come back to stage to do it, but I see no great harm in asking permission, TO acknowledging and watching while I did it. Did exactly the same thing with a cartridge that got jacked out. Upon examination it had a lite primer strike. I asked TO permission to attempt to fire it, he agreed. Loaded and done in 10 seconds.
  16. Hoss

    First MDQ

    That’s probably not a bad idea. Had a Pard shuck a live round, it hit a pebble or something and BOOM!
  17. Many folks like the longer forearm on a 24” rifle. They can grasp the forearm at the end and “pull” the rifle into their shoulder. I know a guy had one cut down, new dovetail etc I think for $175. (Larry Potterfield says cut the dovetail first!)
  18. Hoss


    For my HiWall I like a 265 grn Bullet with 10.0 unique. If I need a bit more knockdown I use a 310 grn Bullet, still 10.0 Unique. But not quite as accurate. for lever guns I use a 245 or 255 grn Bullet with 9.6 Unique.
  19. Must have been before my time. This was my 7th Trailhead, I’m pretty sure they never had a rule like that in my time.
  20. I do know a guy who shucked a live round and had it go BOOM when it hit the ground. Not being chambered it did no damage (other than to his shorts) so it can happen. That being said, he still shucks live shells, as do I.
  21. I don’t recall any prohibition against moving with revolver in hand. I do remember them having a rule about Ps. If a shooter aimed at wrong target and missed it, it was a M & a P. Glad that one is gone. THSS has listened to shooters and have made changes. They hope to host the State match next year. I hope they do!
  22. Safety briefing said all sass rules applied. Only “extra rules” were for THSS categories like Cody Dixon, Sharpshooter, or their version of Wild Bunch, which is slightly different from SASS WB in that they incorporate a 1900s era DA revolver as well as a 1911. was an excellent match. They have been working hard on range improvements and it shows.
  23. Hey PBT, you going to be at Trailhead this week? Would love to see you! and if you are loading brass hulls, I have a antique priming tool that works well. I’ll bring it to you.
  24. Absolutely TOs call. Not arguing that. But the shooter was most definitely double cocking, and I had twice in that one stage where I could not distinguish 2 shots (was a double tap sweep) and could not see 2 shots hit target. I’m sure the TO called what he saw. But I’m also sure they were simultaneous shots (or so close cold not discern) another match I was at, early in my shooting career, I saw a GF given a miss for this. I was not counter, but I clearly saw the 2 shots hit the plate, then the last shot of the string hit last target. After much discussion a miss was awarded. Even after everyone agreed there were no misses. (Had a good berm behind targets, misses generally easy to see). The GF was somewhat peaved, as he was given a miss he did not have, but in reality, if a penalty was due, should have been a P. nobody wants to give penalties. But if they are earned it is what it is. Personally I would remove this rule from the books. Too subjective.
  25. it’s not a miss, it’s a P
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