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  1. I have a 76 in 45-60. Kelley sights.  I like the 305 coated bullets from Bear Creek. 12.0 Unique. I’ve shot it (successfully!) to 300yds. I hope to go to a 400 yd range soon. 

    I load the bullets just a tad longer than the crimp groove, Lee factory crimp die (made for 45-70) I just kinda kiss it a bit. works well for me. 


    I was able to find 45-60 brass, but also have cut down 45-70. 

  2. On 6/28/2020 at 3:02 PM, J-BAR #18287 said:

    The Shooter's Handbook has a list of Match Disqualification Penalties on page 22, which includes

    • -  Any discharge at the loading or unloading areas.

    It doesn't say "accidental" discharge, it says any discharge.  I checked this with PWB a few years ago, and he told me that if I had completed a stage and taken my guns to the unloading table with one of my percussion revolver chambers still charged, I could leave it charged and try to shoot it out during the course of fire on the next stage.  But if I wanted to recap that troublesome chamber that did not fire before the next stage, I would get an MDQ if I shot it out at the unloading table, in accordance with the above rule.  He also told me that the Timer Operator did not have the authority to waive the rule and allow me to shoot the chamber clear from the unloading table.  To shoot out the chamber, I would have to get the TO's permission to return to the stage, cap it under the TO's supervision, and shoot it there.


    So maybe it's time for an update from PWB.  Has this changed?  If not, we should not be encouraging shooting out a troublesome chamber at the unloading table.  The shooter will earn a Match Disqualification under the present rules.

    I don’t often shoot C&B guns. Just at Plainsman side matches a couple of times a year. So have been reading this with interest, plus, I was there, but on a different posse so not a witness 


    I have seen, and have done, exactly what you say we ought not do, re-cap and fire at ULT, but always with TO permission. Typically between shooters. I suppose could come back to stage to do it, but I see no great harm in asking permission, TO acknowledging and watching while I did it. Did exactly the same thing with a cartridge that got jacked out. Upon examination it had a lite primer strike. I asked TO permission to attempt to fire it, he agreed. Loaded and done in 10 seconds. 

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  3. 22 minutes ago, Irish-Pat said:

    I got mine years ago. I fired one Barrel of my double barrel to shoot a target I had missed to to keep a clean match going. I went to shuck the other shotgun shell to save it and accidentally fired it over the berm.  From now on I always fire it out the barrel and don’t worry about trying to save one shotgun shell. Irish ☘️ Pat

    That’s probably not a bad idea. Had a Pard shuck a live round, it hit a pebble or something and BOOM! 

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  4. Many folks like the longer forearm on a 24” rifle. They can grasp the forearm at the end and “pull” the rifle into their shoulder.  

    I know a guy had one cut down, new dovetail etc I think for $175. (Larry Potterfield says cut the dovetail first!) 

  5. For my HiWall I like a 265 grn Bullet with 10.0 unique. If I need a bit more knockdown I use a 310 grn Bullet, still 10.0 Unique. But not quite as accurate. 

    for lever guns I use a 245 or 255 grn Bullet with 9.6 Unique. 

  6. 32 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Oh yeah, it was a rule...just ask Joe Darter about it as we had some interesting discussions about the history of THSS.

    Must have been before my time. This was my 7th Trailhead, I’m pretty sure they never had a rule like that in my time. 

  7. 26 minutes ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    I find this unfired SG Shell discussion to be quizzical.


    One time, a shooter shucked an unfired SG shell. I tossed it to him and he told me to never do that as it could hit a rock and fire. I said, "okay."


    What else does one say when confronted with logic like that.


    At least this club's rule has some logical basis, despite not being likely or mainstream. By not mainstream, I mean I've never seen that being a rule anywhere.

    I do know a guy who shucked a live round and had it go BOOM when it hit the ground. Not being chambered it did no damage (other than to his shorts:blush:) so it can happen. That being said, he still shucks live shells, as do I. 

  8. 12 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Good to hear that they eliminated the "Can't move with a revolver in hand" rule.

    I don’t recall any prohibition against moving with revolver in hand. I do remember them having a rule about Ps. If a shooter aimed at wrong target and missed it, it was a M & a P. Glad that one is gone. 

    THSS has listened to shooters and have made changes. They hope to host the State match next year. I hope they do!

  9. 3 hours ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Did they play by ALL SASS rules or did they still incorporate their own club rules?



    Safety briefing said all sass rules applied. Only “extra rules” were for THSS categories like Cody Dixon, Sharpshooter, or their version of Wild Bunch, which is slightly different from SASS WB in that they incorporate a 1900s era DA revolver as well as a 1911. 

    was an excellent match.  They have been working hard on range improvements and it shows. 

  10. 6 minutes ago, Wyatt said:

    TO has absolute and final word. Can not even be overturned by the match director 

    Absolutely TOs call.  Not arguing that. But the shooter was most definitely double cocking, and I had twice in that one stage where I could not distinguish 2 shots (was a double tap sweep) and could not see 2 shots hit target. I’m sure the TO called what he saw. But I’m also sure they were simultaneous shots (or so close cold not discern)


    another match I was at, early in my shooting career, I saw a GF given a miss for this. I was not counter, but I clearly saw the 2 shots hit the plate, then the last shot of the string hit last target.  After much discussion a miss was awarded. Even after everyone agreed there were no misses. (Had a good berm behind targets, misses generally easy to see).  The GF was somewhat peaved, as he was given a miss he did not have, but in reality, if a penalty was due, should have been a P.  

    nobody wants to give penalties. But if they are earned it is what it is. Personally I would remove this rule from the books. Too subjective. 

  11. 40 minutes ago, Tequila Shooter said:

    I heard tall tales from a guy who'll remain nameless that they stopped shooting GF because they were so fast the spotters called a miss on more than one occasion.  I guess it could happen, but.... 

    it’s not a miss, it’s a P

  12. Was great to be out shooting again!  Seemed my pistol sights disappeared over the last couple of months. Too many misses! 

    some other things I noticed. We had 3 SDQs at our match for various reasons. 

    One shooter left the LT with loaded pistols in holsters. 
    One shooter dropped a empty shotgun while shucking

    One shooter holstered a cocked pistol. 

    While it’s easy to say “it’s just a monthly match” or whatever, it’s important that we follow the rules and give the proper penalty when earned. 

    now, onto the next match and more fun!  Shooting Trailhead next Saturday, first 2 day annual in a looooong time!  

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  13. I have a marbles Windage adjustable sight that came with a 336CB 38-55 I recently purchased. For my game (Cody-Dixon) I prefer a full buckhorn. Just works better for me. 
    the holes do appear to be more than 7/8” apart. If you are interested I’d sell it for $100 shipped. If it fits and works, send me a check. If not, return the sight to me. 




  14. I did a little test. 130s vs 105s in my pistols. My pard loaded and timed me. I did not know which I was shooting. On average, about 8/10s of a second faster on a 10 shot sweep. May will day 8/10s isn’t enough to worry about, but 8 seconds in a 10 stage match Is huge! 
    I load 3.2 Bullseye in both. I tried reducing the powder, but found I missed “feedback” from the guns. 

    I also tried the 105s In my rifle. While they fed fine, found that I did not like the feel of them. 

    now I shoot 105s in pistols, 130s in rifle. Both with 3.2 bullseye. Only adjustment I have to make is about a 1/2 turn of Bullet seating die. 

  15. I wonder, in the history of jurisprudence, has the judge and jury been all set, plaintiff has presented his case, made a sound reason for suing. Then defense lawyer steps up, pulls out a paper from his briefcase and says  “judge, I have a release, signed by the plaintiff” judge says “oh, a release....case dismissed” 


    releases are a waste of paper. There are some reasonable precautions that can be taken. But releases, gloves, telling folks don’t touch your face is pretty worthless. Spraying timers, other common surfaces might be of minor benefit. 


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  16. 19 minutes ago, Captain Clark said:

    This issue is where you apply the ROIII learning ( common sense) . C&B shooters aren’t in the habit of dropping the hammer on nipples that are already fired and peening the nipples. The OP says the shooter was using both hands to advance the cylinder which sounds like a methodical slow way to get back to the cap. In my mind, that’s allowed  in this instance.
    No reason to be a hard azz at this point, No call IMO. 
    Interesting scenario still.


    I knew that was his intention. Just trying to clarify in my mind how to apply the rules. As I said, I saw no safety issue, and no call was made. 

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  17. 1 hour ago, Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 said:

    When it has happened to me, I have just put it on half-cock, and rotated the cylinder with my off-hand.
    Honestly, I'm not sure about cocking & decocking to get the cylinder in the correct position, so I will watch this post to here what others (particularly Palewolf) have to say.


    I shoot plainsman side matches a couple of times a year. Ive done exactly that. 

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