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  1. 7 hours ago, Shooting Bull said:

    I'd lean seriously toward keeping them.  We're all pretty sure this "crisis" will end as they always do BUT, nobody knows when.  You may not like Winchester primers now, but if they're the only ones available later on you'll LOVE them. 

    That’s the way I’m leaning! 

  2. 12 minutes ago, Grave Robber, SASS #57546 said:

    Some of cowboys have some of them "ugly black guns" as well. 

    I actually have 4. But I don’t show them off. 
    a 1911 for the very occasional WB match, and everyone ought to have a 1911 anyways


    2 Sig P238s (one for me and one for the wife) these are mini 1911s. I carry one when wearing slacks in a pocket holster 

    1 Sig 365. 9mm my every day carry. I don’t care to shoot it that much, but it is a decent pistol. 11 rounds in a single stack compact pistol. 

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  3. Small pistol primers!


    i couldn’t in good conscience sell them to a cowboy Pard at going rate. But if just the right tacticool guy came along with his ugly black guns I believe I would have to strongly consider it. And for 300/K it would be a no-brainer!



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  4. I have a moral dilemma. I picked up 5K Winchester primers at an Estate sale a year ago, along with a bunch of other stuff. I really prefer Federal primers, and have about 20K on hand


    my question is two-fold. Should I sell the Winchester Primers or hang onto them? If I sell them, should I sell for 35/K, or get going price, said to be as much as 100-125? 

  5. Helping a SASS Pard our who can no longer shoot due to health issues. (Cancer sucks). 

    have Texas Jacks gun belt. Double strong side. 38/357 loops. Marked 38, is 42 to center hole. Very little wear. Shown with a Ruger & a Uberti, both 5.5” barrels. Both fit, Ruger snug but holster would stretch to fit. GUNS NOT INCLUDED!

    good quality leather. $200 shipped. Also has a loading strip. 25 shipped. 








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  6. 14 hours ago, Hellbender said:

    Thanks Hoss!  


    When you do come to Lake Charles you should go by the Market Basket grocery store on Nelson Road - they have just about the best boudin for sale in their deli that I've had.  And if you like boudin balls, go farther to Billy's Boudin and Cracklings in Scott LA just before the Lafayette exit on I-10.  They are the absolute best!


    See you a Defend the Fort!





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  7. 1 hour ago, John Kloehr said:
    1. Subtract the fastest time from the slowest time.
    2. Divide that number by two.
    3. Add the result to the slowest time.
    4. Compare to your time.


    If your time is greater, then you suck; otherwise you rock.

    If your time is the slowest time, you are still smart enough to skip the math.



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  8. I’m glad we went to total time. But I do like to see where I stack up on a given stage. For those programs that do it automatically it’s nice. But not worth any extra work. 

    one program dies some sort of % scoring. I’m no where near smart enough to figure that one out! 

  9. 12 guage most common.  
    If you shoot 16, 20. Or even 10 G at some point you will forget to bring shotgun shells to a match. May not be able to borrow any! 

  10. I typically buy $100 worth of tickets at most annuals I go to. It’s a fundraiser for the club. I B almost always Ld put at least one ticket in every bucket.  Over the years I’ve won 13 guns (once won 3 at one match!) and numerous other items. I’m thinking I’m ahead of the game! 

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  11. 14 minutes ago, Hellbender said:

    Thanks Hoss,


    I'll save a ticket for you and bring it to DOFP and collect your 10 bucks from you then. Good luck!  Thanks again for your other donation- you were the very first to donate!



    Hope I’m the first to win the guncart! 

  12. I hunted high and low for one. Nobody makes them that I could find. I had to get a machinist to make mine. I made a dummy round that worked, he made the case checker. He did it as a favor, so I don’t think I could ask him to make another, but if you know a machinist he should be able to do it. 

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