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  1. Hi Warden, I doubt it. The 87 & 01 have different size frames.
  2. The 2 piece lever was added to keep the lever up and closed until the shooter wanted to open it. The 1 piece 87 lever can pop open once the gun has some wear on it and the action gets a little loose. The safety on an 87 is what looks like a fishhook barb on the back side at the bottom of the trigger. That goes into a small hole when the lever is closed. A properly tuned 87 will not fire until the lever is completely closed. ( Talking about real 87s and the Chiappa and Cimarron copies not the IAC or CAI copies.)
  3. If any part of the shell is in the chamber and the shooter does not have one hand touching the gun it would be a SDQ . As long as the shooter has one hand on the gun there is no penalty no matter where the shell is.
  4. Procedural for shooting at the wrong position and if the shooter did not reload round he fired into berm 1 miss. Shooter could have hit an available pistol target with the 6th round at the 1st position and avoided a miss. Second option is to fire round into berm, then reload load 1 round and hit proper type of target at the second position.
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