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  1. Oh did I mention the looks I get carrying a revolver and a spare mag?
  2. I’ve got vaqueros in 45 acp. When I get the bug to carry it I have a Glock 21 mag that use use like a pez dispenser. I smoothed off the rear of the feed lips so it doesn’t destroy my thumb. Works very well. I managed to get off 12 rounds in 16 seconds. Not super practical but fun and cool.
  3. its really simple. if you don't want the Police in your neighborhood, stop calling 911. Oddly there were 300,000 calls for service in my City last year (Pop. 200,000). Apparently someone wants the Police...
  4. Not exactly your dream rifle but pretty close. it fits the bill for MY dream rifle!
  5. 3.75" barrel, blued finish. Trying to make a pair of the one I have. Thanks, MK
  6. I just got one from Longhunter and it is spectacular. I recommend asking him to do the work rather than trying yourself. It’s a new design inside and chamfering Or honing the chambers Too Much could destroy the gun. You just can’t put metal back on.
  7. Slick, is the navy yank steel or brass framed? Pietta web site says it’s steel but your pics look like brass. If it’s steel, I’ll go $200 shipped MK
  8. I've been shooting moly coated and heat set coated bullets from LPL Bullets. Easy to load, easy to shoot and less leading. LPL Bullets are easy pards to deal with. Order on line and get shipped right to your door. Sam and Marissa run the show. For SASS shooters by SASS shooters. Check them out . Lplbullets.com
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