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  1. Tin Star…….They used to give it away as shooters prizes at a couple of EOTs years ago. I’ve still got several pounds left waiting to fertilize the garden. Loaded it in 45 Colt, temp sensitive and dirty at any powder level from mild to wild no matter the bullet or crimp! It was Overpriced and underdelivered in my experience!:mellow:

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  2. 56 minutes ago, Tex Jones, SASS 2263 said:

    I have seen things like that occurring, but who do you believe, the shooter or the reporting individual?  Especially difficult if the shooter is well known and no one backs up the reporting individual because they "don't want to get involved".

    At EOT I was TOing a very competitive shooter that was at the time challenging for #1 in his category when he experienced the proverbial “ train wreck”. It was unfortunate but happened. The shooter was definitely rattled but dignified when he signed off on the time considering his dilemma. Imagine my surprise when much later that day my posse Marshall and scoring officials tracked me down for further discussion as the shooter had protested the officiating and time posted for that particular stage. The co- match directors listened to mine and posse Marshall’s recollection of the event and backed me up as having made the correct call! The MDs did that right thing no matter the notoriety of the shooter and the lack of mine. The experience served me well a couple years later when having to handle a similar issue as the state match director. TOs aren’t always going to be perfect but MDs have to choose PMs carefully and support their decisions based on facts, regardless of the shooters abilities! 

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  3. @Westbound Reb there isn’t a one gun suited for all long range side matches as there are usually various categories in a match. Your current rifle will probably do well for Long Range main match rifle competition. There are categories for single shots, lever guns both in smokeless and black powder. You’re also going to see multiple calibers used, with 45-70 probably the most plentiful. Trapdoors, rollers and break open singles all have their own following as do the big bore lever guns! Sometimes BAMM gets thrown into the long range mix as well. Enjoy your adventure down the long range trail :)

  4. 11 hours ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    It depends on how the stage is written, if it says holster pistols then you holster pistols whether it's the last guns you fired or not. 

    Reholstering is actually what happens whether pistols be 1st, middle or last, based on SASS stage conventions. There is no other way of completing a stage without incurring a penalty otherwise, unless stage was written specifying the return of pistols to where they were originally staged ( gun buckets, table, window sills, etc..) in the stage description.

  5. The Jr series are great machines. With proper setup and reasonable maintenance the ammunition quality is top notch. The sizing ring on my 3- 12 gauge machines do a good job as the loaded shells will always pass through a shell check. I don’t have a shell checker for the 16 gauge, but it really isn’t needed IMO. 

    When my 41 year old Junior wears out, maybe then I’ll look into setting up a progressive :lol:

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  6. 2 hours ago, Painted Mohawk SASS 77785 said:

    From Down -Under we lost a beautiful couple who travelled to the USA many times.


    Odd Shoe Kate RIP 2014

    Little RiVer Scout RIP 2021


    I Shot with Little River Scout and his wife at EOT. I still have the Aussie bandana they gave me. They were great folks. 

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  7. IMR SR 4759 till it's gone then switching to Accurate 5744 for cowboy loads. IMR 4198 for hunting loads.

    +1.....SR4759 for my roller and Marlin with 300 gr cast, 4198 for heavier bullets. When my supply is exhausted soon, am switching to 5744 for all weights. My favorite sub is APP.

  8. This is a symptom that can come from of an over length hammer spring contacting the back of the hammer in front of the hammer bearing ( roller ) often times. I have only broken one Colt hammer spring, but it was a 45 Colt 1878 (artillery model )manufactured gun. It broke about 10 years ago, guess a 130 year life span is all they are good for!

    If your breakage is at random points and the spring has been thinned along its length, this can be due to the grinding being done cross wise to the length of the spring rather than longitudinally and the finish polishing not removing the grinding marks which create stress risers. It's something to look for! Hope you update us when you find the cause!

  9. Certainly no inside reaming is needed to shoot in revolvers. And I can't see where it would be needed in rifle either, as the .45 Colt chamber dimensions are VERY large.


    Chop saw and a jig to get close - then a case trimmer to get right on (0.898"). And a mouth deburring tool to take of the burrs!



    MUCH less recoil loading a 160 to 175 grain bullet, which is now fairly easy to find! I've used both of those powders. Crimp tightly.


    Good luck, GJ

    +1...... have made a few { hundreds } cases to supplement my 1,000 plus factory, and what GJ says is good advice! I am now playing with the 155gr cast bullets and 160 along with APP and Black MZ as well as Trail Boss, and 700x. They run through my Dillon with no problem, and like a heavy crimp! Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

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