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  1. 7 hours ago, Tennessee williams said:

    Border town? What's the cap?

    I’m speaking unofficially regarding BT, but it’s 3 flights and it was capped at 350+? Last year. @Too Tall Bob he will have the official answers soon I’m sure.:)

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  2. I’m fortunate to own both a very nice SKB 200e (Japanese) that was done by the late Goatneck Clem and a Longhunter CZ Sharptail. The SKB is a pure joy to fire and handle with no issues whatsoever, but……I am addicted to the Sharptail which is a faster firearm for me. Ive never been able to understand why it has become my favorite, but everybody has one in their life. Yes they are both mechanical single trigger with a mid-rib bead. I haven't  ever noted any shoddy parts in my CZ and it has been reliable since the 1st day! :)

  3. On 6/2/2022 at 10:03 AM, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    The local Sportsman's Warehouse got in a batch of primers of every size on Tuesday.  CCI and Federal.  They were limiting sales to two packages of 100 per customer.  They were $5.19 per hundred which works out to $51.90 per thousand.  Cheapest price I have seen in a while.  Went back the next day and they were pretty much gone.

    Bought Federal large pistol match primers at local Sportsman’s Warehouse today ( Saturday)……. Limited to 200 per customer per day. They had plenty, plus a LOT of small rifle, encouraging!

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  4. 2 hours ago, Painted Mohawk SASS 77785 said:

    From Down -Under we lost a beautiful couple who travelled to the USA many times.


    Odd Shoe Kate RIP 2014

    Little RiVer Scout RIP 2021


    I Shot with Little River Scout and his wife at EOT. I still have the Aussie bandana they gave me. They were great folks. 

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  5. IMR SR 4759 till it's gone then switching to Accurate 5744 for cowboy loads. IMR 4198 for hunting loads.

    +1.....SR4759 for my roller and Marlin with 300 gr cast, 4198 for heavier bullets. When my supply is exhausted soon, am switching to 5744 for all weights. My favorite sub is APP.

  6. This is a symptom that can come from of an over length hammer spring contacting the back of the hammer in front of the hammer bearing ( roller ) often times. I have only broken one Colt hammer spring, but it was a 45 Colt 1878 (artillery model )manufactured gun. It broke about 10 years ago, guess a 130 year life span is all they are good for!

    If your breakage is at random points and the spring has been thinned along its length, this can be due to the grinding being done cross wise to the length of the spring rather than longitudinally and the finish polishing not removing the grinding marks which create stress risers. It's something to look for! Hope you update us when you find the cause!

  7. Certainly no inside reaming is needed to shoot in revolvers. And I can't see where it would be needed in rifle either, as the .45 Colt chamber dimensions are VERY large.


    Chop saw and a jig to get close - then a case trimmer to get right on (0.898"). And a mouth deburring tool to take of the burrs!



    MUCH less recoil loading a 160 to 175 grain bullet, which is now fairly easy to find! I've used both of those powders. Crimp tightly.


    Good luck, GJ

    +1...... have made a few { hundreds } cases to supplement my 1,000 plus factory, and what GJ says is good advice! I am now playing with the 155gr cast bullets and 160 along with APP and Black MZ as well as Trail Boss, and 700x. They run through my Dillon with no problem, and like a heavy crimp! Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

  8. I shot it. It was usually 10 rifle, (9 on a couple of stages), 30 pistol and, very annoyingly, 6 shotgun. My 97's are all unmodified from the way they were made, and none of them holds 6 rounds.


    To have a stage convention that requires you to modify your gun if you don't have one of the random ones that hold six from the factory is not right.


    To be honest, if I ever make it back to EoT, I prolly won't bother with Wild Bunch again for that very reason.

    Well.... don't use those modern length shells, there are many 2 5/8 and 2 1/2" options to make the gun hold 6... I know from first hand experience with a particular 97 and my LC Smith hammer gun with short chambers and STEEL barrels. The shorter length shells have worked well for me many times, EOT included!

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