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  1. Prefer Pacific Northwest where I can deliver to your FFL. Will consider shipping. Message for more details. 2-5&1/2 38/357 NMV con ser #s factory case hardened Jimmy Spurs “Full Race Gun Package” 1200.00 CZ double 12 GA W/action work 650.00 Win97 12 GA 1918 vintage. Race ready for WB 500.00 Uberti 78 45 colt. 1175.00 super short stroke and action work Pioneer Gunworks Uberti 78 357 Case hardened octagon barrel. Super short stroke by PGW. 1200.00 Uberti 78 357 blues round barrel. Super short stroke by PGW. 1200.00 Browning 12ga SXS by goatkneck clem. 600.00 Uberti 1873 peacemaker pair. Case hardened 7& 1/2 inch barrels. Action work by Longhunt. 900.00 two guncarts much cloths for xxl man lots of leather Ponsness Warren 800 plus 12 GA reloaded. With extras. 500.00.
  2. Trump did it. Told Obama to release them from his garage or he would grab him by the p-------
  3. I shoot 2 different loads. bp and smokeless. two different color of 100 count boxes. stack them freshest on bottom in safe. Write nuthin. I just want to shoot. Never get them mixed up.
  4. I use APP FFG. Not true black, no flame. Use only moderate powder loads as they seem to produce plenty of smoke as illustrated in this video. https://youtu.be/ZxnjaM8zKeI
  5. I kinda sorta opened a can of beans with that original question. Just Sayin
  6. Is the Uberti 1873 Cattleman Black Powder Revolver legal for plainsman?
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