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  1. Rooster you turned out to be a hellva good pard. Thanks for the good words! Have a HAPPY HAPPY & a MERRY MERRY. Prescott
  2. If you go to Taylor's or Cimarron's site you will find that this rifle starts at approx. $1500.00 and goes to $1700. This is a beautiful rifle and lots of fun to shoot as well as coming in a cartilage that's easy to reload and easy to get. This is a rifle for the partner who likes to dress the part and has fun in the shoot it's self, not really a gamers gun though I have seen gamers use it and do well.
  3. SOLD PENDING FUNDS WTS 1860 Henry in 45 Colt (LC) Imprints on rifle: NAVY ARMS CO. UNION CITY NY MADE IN ITALY CAL. 45 LC CAT. 2351 PROOF MARKS A. UBERT I- ITALY R SERIAL # 25+++ Ladder fold down rear sight Stock no short stroke Rifle butt leather cover. Lever leather cover Some scratches on cover plate. Please see pictures. 1st I'll take it posted on this site gets it. Shoots well, hate to let it go but life has a way of messing with you. $1000 + shipping Will ship anywhere your FFL will accept a shipment from an individual. No trades. Will only ship to FFL
  4. Why take it to a gunsmith? This is a job you should be able to do yourself. Cowboys back in the day would fix their guns out on the range. It's a pretty simple gun to fix unless you start or have it short stroked. I'll help you understand how the gun works. As for the different spoons, I found out at least for my 45 Colt that even though my model calls for the spoon with the large spoon I order the one with the small screw. The screw goes through the hole just fine and screws to the spoon. This way all my spoons will fit all my '66s and don't have to fiddle around to find the
  5. Did you get my PM asking how much I owe with shipping?

    Prescott Palmer (Eric Teichman)

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