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  1. Been hunting a nice 9 pointer all season, the neighbors friend shot it Friday afternoon-lost it- the coyotes had a nice dinner. Bummer!
  2. I was in 4th grade at Skinner Road school!
  3. Congratulations and "Fine Job" on your first shoot. Hang on now for the continued addiction!
  4. It's changed a bit since these pix. I've added a MEC Grabber and in between are threaded holes for ather reloaders and equip. to be screwed down with knob screws. Off to the right is my 5' work bench for gun cleaning etc. The aluminum rail around the bench is for hanging Acro bins where needed while reloading. I built the bench 42" high, so no need for strong mounts to raise the machines. All machines are grounded to a rod outside.
  5. I recommend not posting your phone # or e-mail as this is a public forum. Use PM to communicate.
  6. I think it was back in 2008, Larsen did a great DIY article in the Chronicle on slicking up a Stoeger. It was a 2 parter. I did it and all has been well for 12 years now. Thanks Larsen
  7. Before I started our game I bought my Stoeger new. I polished the chambers with ribbed Federal hull with a bolt thru the primer hole. Chucked in a drill with fine valve lapping compound and spun slowly until the hulls just dropped out by tipping the barrel up. I also wipe all my hull with a rag with Amor-All before loading and have only had a couple hang up in 12 years.
  8. ^^^^ That looks like it would be handy if cutting 'em down
  9. I thought so too!! Then noticed he wasn't screaming and his hair was somewhat combed.
  10. One of the guys that worked for me in the phone company was out for 6 months due to a rotator cuff surgery. Just before he was to return the Doctor gave him a slip for a few more months. When I checked up on him one day, which apparently wasn't legal, he was running a "Painting business" on the side! The union kept his job for him as I was "harassing" him while he was out sick. Go figure.
  11. Several years ago up here in Vermont the State Police had new door decals made by the prison folks. After numerous had been installed on the cars, someone noticed that one of the COWS in the picture had been changed to a PIG! They had them all replaced but I think they should have kept them and had a sense of humor about it. The critters were pretty small in the decal.
  12. My wife would fall asleep all the time, except her head went backwards! The looks from other drivers were precious. For some reason when a person starts sleeping in or on my vehicle it makes me sleepy even if I can't see them.
  13. I use 3.1 cc of 3F real BP, a pink wad and 1 oz. of #8 in all different hulls. Mostly Fiochi pre-primed (with a roll crimp) or AA w/ fed. 209A primer. With a substitute you would need less to avoid compression of the powder. They knock 'em down.
  14. Yikes, about $175 for a 6 stage match. Plus hazmat I presume & SG shells. I couldn't afford to play the game much!
  15. Ya just can't figure some folks. I had a Pard swipe a SG shell from me. When I confronted him nicely, he admitted it and still didn't give it back. Go figure.
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