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  1. 21 hours ago, Ramblin Gambler said:


    How are those standing up?  Maybe the broom has a hand on it, but I don't think an AK will naturally balance on it's flash hider. 


    He shoved it into the hole that he accidentally shot into the floor earlier. :ph34r:

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  2. 18 hours ago, polishcappers said:

    Hello Dutch, I just counted all US orders we shipped so far (we started in march 2017 two years ago) and it is 257 cappers which is c.a. 45% of our total number so far. We are shipping now 1 capper per day in average and this trend is increasing since few months.



    That's very impressive as well!  

    I have had mine since August of 2017 and still love it!  I think I was one of the first ones in Ohio.

    Very well made, works flawlessly and always draws attention at the loading table! :P

    May your success continue.

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