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  1. I literally wiped off my phone trying to get the damn thing off!
  2. He shoved it into the hole that he accidentally shot into the floor earlier.
  3. If you wish to confirm that, please visit the Helen Keller Simulator Site HERE: https://helenkellersimulator.org/
  4. We have people at work that are so lazy they choose option #3 !
  5. Who would want to be in there long enough to need Wi-Fi?
  6. That's very impressive as well! I have had mine since August of 2017 and still love it! I think I was one of the first ones in Ohio. Very well made, works flawlessly and always draws attention at the loading table! May your success continue.
  7. I doubt that all those folks really want their emails listed on a public forum. You might want to edit them out of your original post.
  8. I load a 405 grain bullet over Trail Boss, which gets me 1,056 fps out of my Marlin 1895 Cowboy with a 26" barrel.
  9. Loaded with 410 shotshells, it would be acceptable as a shotgun in the Buckaroo class!
  10. Gamaliel Shooting Supply has both the 9 oz and 5 pounder in stock.
  11. Very nice Rye! Would tuning one that old make you nervous?
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