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  1. It is interesting to pause this video along the way and see all of the westerns that were popular in the late 50's through the mid 60's...
  2. I'm guessing that the fish tail is not as heavy as it looks...
  3. If you ever have a squib in your double barrel shotgun, a 45-70 cartridge is a good thing to grab and toss down the barrel to clear it.
  4. Probably more than we truly want to know about!
  5. I shoot 45 Colts in a Bond Derringer at one of my club's side matches, and load a 200 grain LRNFP over 4.6 grains of Trail Boss. Easy and fun to shoot.
  6. You have been know to overthink things sometimes Alpo...
  7. It's the next thing to cause mass panic in the month of June... (sarcasm)
  8. Oh, yeah, let me have a few drinks and then try to figure THAT out!
  9. Reminds me of the problem we had with a decorated jumbo cookie we ordered for our son-in-law...
  10. I literally wiped off my phone trying to get the damn thing off!
  11. He shoved it into the hole that he accidentally shot into the floor earlier.
  12. Now, that's what I call one talented duck!
  13. If you wish to confirm that, please visit the Helen Keller Simulator Site HERE: https://helenkellersimulator.org/
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